How tall is Patrick Swayze ?

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Patrick Swayze height: 5ft 10.25in (178 cm)

American actor known for roles in movies like Dirty Dancing, Ghost and Point. In the book 'The Time of My Life' he said "At five-eleven and 180 pounds"
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the shredder says on 27/Mar/15
Rob , what made you give him the .25 over .5 ?
[Editor Rob: from all I've seen I think a strong 5ft 10 is a good enough fit.]
CDS says on 25/Feb/15
I would put him at no more than 5'8.5"-5'9" (maybe 5'9.5" peak??). He looked a half inch to an inch shorter than Billy Bob Thornton in "Waking Up In Reno", who I'd put at 5'9.5"-5.10" max. He may have lost height by then as Rob states below. If his peak height was 5'9.5", maybe his own 5'11" statement was in shoes (rounded up)-?? Also, I thought in "To Wong Foo...", he looked about the same amount taller than Wesley Snipes as 5'9.5" Woody Harrelson did in the films they worked together in.
Mooch 4 says on 23/Jan/15
5'8" at the most.still a good dancer and fit.
Julian says on 23/Jan/15
178 cm/5',10'', no higher than that.
Bogie says on 27/Dec/14
Why the 0,5 inch upgrade Rob?
[Editor Rob: that's a couple of years old that change. I beleive he's a guy who did lose a bit of height in his late 40's. He did have more injuries than most normal guys that age.]
the shredder says on 23/Oct/14
Danimal just because he was listed 5'9 and 5'10 does not make it a fact he was that height.
the shredder says on 16/Oct/14
Rob , do you think he looked less than 180 lbs in the 80's , it seems more like his football days when he was buffed up.
[Editor Rob: yeah at times maybe more 170 than 180.]
Danimal says on 14/Oct/14
This is too high Rob. He was never over a flat 5'10".

Sad that he's gone. He was a great actor.
The Shredder says on 14/Oct/14
Cowboy boots made him look 6 ' , He looks strong 5'10 to 5'11 in movies.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Oct/14
Yeah he did Rampage, didn't look under 5'11 did he?
Judd says on 14/Oct/14
i think sometimes he wore lifts...i don't buy he was taller than 5'10.5" but in a couple of his movies he looked 6'0
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 13/Oct/14
Swayze looked near 5ft11 in Dirty Dancing and Point Break
Junior says on 2/Aug/14
PLB, my two cents: I used to be a bouncer in Los Angeles in the 1980's. I also, at the time, lifted a lot of weights and took a lot of steroids. In terms of height, what is not mentioned is that it is to a bouncer's benefit to have a longer reach than the drunk he's escorting to the door. So, aside from the sheer intimidation factor of being six inches taller and 100 lbs of muscle larger than the offender, there's the practical factor of being able to reach him (with your arm extended and your hand clasping his neck, and his inability, as a shorter man with a shorter reach, to get a grip on you. Most useful. For the record, I'd peg Swayze at around five foot nine.
PLB says on 31/Jul/14
This thread illustrates the problem. Movie stars are not judged the same way we judge normal people.

Pat Swayze was a normal sized man. If you met him on the street you wouldn't notice him. He wasn't particularly muscular. He was a dancer not a weight lifter.

But he was cast often as a fighter. So in 'Road House' the screenplay constantly has to have him joking about how small he is. In the Jean Claude Van Damme and some of the early Schwarzenegger films they had to explain why these guys had these heavy foreign accents. The worst offender was probably 'Family Business' where the tall Scots accented Sean Connery kept having to explain how he was the father of the very short Dustin Hoffman who was supposed to be Italian. Matthew Broderick played the grandson who was of medium height but was neither Scots nor Italian. Apparently the originally cast actors weren't available so they had to keep adjusting the screenplay as it was recast. It made for an inadvertently funny film.

Swayze in Road Hose was very entertaining - a ballet dancer who beat up guys for a living and read philosophy. My ex-brother-in-law was a bouncer. He didn't know any fancy martial arts moves and he sure as hell never read philosophy but he was a body builder and could have snapped Swayze like a twig.

Real bouncers need to be large. They are not hired to win fights but to dissuade the drunken customers from fighting. The police until recently always wanted the cop on the beat to be at least six feet tall. Big guys had less trouble.

Out of college I worked for a while as a sort of prison guard in a youth correctional facility. I was hired for my size - I'm 6'4". The kids just don't cause as much trouble for big guys. It was a well known phenomenon.

Swayze wouldn't have had a prayer of getting hired as a real bouncer. He would have told the drunks to quiet down and he would have heard - 'Oh yeah, whose going to make me'?

Height is important in those kind of jobs because men - especially drunk men - use height as a proxy for size and therefore strength. It's not true of course but it's part of our neurology.

They claim a crocodile will not bite a standing man. When you bend over at the waterside they attack.
the shredder says on 19/Jun/14
He looks 5'11 in Ghost With tony goldwyn
Lmeister says on 10/Jun/14
Patrick Swayze was similar height as Eric Roberts = 5ft9.
MarkyMark says on 30/May/14
He looked a least 7 cm smaller than Keanu Reeves in Point Break. He was beetween 5'9 and 5'9.5 but not more than that.
Ted says on 7/Mar/14
5'9" guy. Loved his movies, may he R.I.P.
.... says on 18/Nov/13
5'11 in his boots...for average height..."thought you'd be taller"....
Scott five eleven says on 15/Oct/13
Wasn't much shorter than (alleged) 6'1 keanu reeves when him and reeves are walking together in 'point break'. was 2 inches difference maximum. Can't account for footwear in that scene but I presume swayze was barefoot. If reeves is 6'1 swayze is 5'11. Which I don't think he was. 5'10.5 seems likely. Which would make reeves a strong 6 foot.
Lucky Jackson says on 2/Oct/13
Randy "Tex" Cobb and I used to be sparring partners. In the movie Uncommon Valor he costarred with Patrick Swayze. Cobb stands 6'-2" tops. They have a fight scene in the movie, watch it. Cobb towers over Swayze who looked about 5'-9" on a good day. Swayze also was no heavyweight. I put him in his at 165 pounds.
Lucky Jackson says on 2/Oct/13
Randy "Tex" Cobb and I used to be sparring partners. In the movie Uncommon Valor he costarred with Patrick Swayze. Cobb stands 6'-2" tops. They have a fight scene in the movie, watch it. Cobb towers over Swayze who looked about 5'-9" on a good day. Swayze also was no heavyweight. I put him in his at 165 pounds.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Sep/13
He definitely looked 5ft11 with Chris Farley was 5ft8
Rey says on 20/Jul/13
He went to my High School in Houston--Waltrip Rams. he was between 5'9' and 5'10".
kevin says on 14/Dec/12
i would give him 179cm peak cause he was to close to keanu reeves to be only 178cm if reeves is 184-185cm
The Exorcist says on 28/Oct/12
Looked about 5'9" in "Roadhouse".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Sep/12
He was 5ft10-5ft11 in Ghost, Point Break and Dirty Dancing.
leonari says on 19/Sep/12
dr JJ: Cruise is like 2 inches below Swayze. So that to you is seriously small? You have no clue about heights. Now that is a fact. So long.
Dr JJ says on 16/Sep/12
He always gave the impression of being slight and not very tall. But whilst doing some Cruise research, it is quite apparent from the publicity shots for The Outsiders that Swayze was indeed in the 5' 10" range. Those publicity shots are very interesting indeed and really give a feel for who is taller than who. Cruise is small, seriously small, and I think he was done growing by then as he was 20 or 21.
CL says on 10/Sep/12
If kelly lynch is really 5'9", I'd have no prob believing Swayze was around 5'10". There's a couple clear scenes where you can see about a 2" to 3" height difference. Even with footwear (i.e. - boots), that puts him close to 5'10".
SIlent d says on 1/Feb/12
In waking up in reno he is slightly taller than billy bob thorton who is 177cm and charlize theron. I thought he was 180cm. 179cm.

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