How tall is Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell's Height

5ft 9.25in (176 cm)

American actor best known for starring in memorable films such as Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China, The Thing, Breakdown, Backdraft, Death Proof, Tequila Sunrise, Tango & Cash and Stargate.

How tall is Kurt Russell
Kurt and Goldie Hawn
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Average Guess (16 Votes)
5ft 8.8in (174.7cm)
RisingForce said on 29/Mar/17
At first I thought Kurt looked surprisingly tall at some of the events for the Hateful Eight, but that was probably due to camera advantages, boots and especially Tarantino's weird posture. Certainly not above 5'9" here with 5'9.5" Walton Goggins: Click Here
RisingForce said on 26/Mar/17
The 5'11" listings are strange. We've had 2 posters I thought were credible that reported here Kurt only claimed 5'10" himself. Looking at pictures with Goldie Hawn at premieres and assuming her to be 5'5.5" by age 60 and 5'5" currently at 70+ and her heels to be 3", Kurt can actually look a solid 176 cm at a lot of premieres, although more a weaker 5'9" on a couple occasions. I did think he looked kind of short in Breakdown, but I don't think he wears lifts unless it's needed for a movie role, so I'll say more a strong 175 cm range.
RisingForce said on 11/Mar/17
Sly often looked taller in Tango and Cash, including barefoot (assuming that wasn't body doubles) and certainly no shorter in the shower, but I believe they're the same height at about 175 cm or a weak 5'9". Kurt is 66 now though and he can sometimes look a bit shorter than he use to so 5'8.5" wouldn't surprise me. Awesome actor either way. I was raised on Kurt and John Carpenter films so I'm happy he's back.
berta said on 2/Mar/17
i still think stallone was at shortest the same height in the shower scene from tango and cash but could have been littel taller. that makes kurt 175,5 and stallone 176 not the other way.
Mario said on 5/Feb/17
He is getting old, it's time we need to estimate his peak height versus current height.

I would say peak 5'9 1/2" (176.6 cm) and current 5'8 3/4" (174.7 cm).
James said on 29/Jan/17
Kurt Russell always wore lifts. He is 5'9" maximum.
anonnnn said on 11/Jan/17
Rob I think you have this guy pinned down a bit low. His baseball stat shows 5'11". In BEST OF TIMES he was 3 inches taller than robin williams. He was a bit shorter than 5'11" val kilmer in TOMBSTONE. Not much shorter than john carpenter. Taller than 5'9" mel gibson in TEQUILA SUNRISE. He just has slump shoulders, small body but a long neck. I'd guess him at 5'10"
6'1 cowboy said on 10/Jan/17
He has a large head for his proportions which makes him look shorter than what he is. Kind of like a Matt Damon effect, everyone's going to guess he's shorter.
kurts height said on 11/Dec/16
Kurt is very short. Met him many times when I was a kid, his son used to play hockey in Richmond BC. He is about 5'6.
show said on 26/Nov/16
kurt and ludacris Click Here
Leo said on 11/Oct/16
I just saw the movie "Deep-sea Horizon", his ID has his actual birth date of St Patrick's Day (17/3/51), his weight at 190 and his height as 5ft 10.
berta said on 10/Oct/16
is it just me ore does his hoes look like elevator shoes in the photo?
Blanche Fromage said on 6/Oct/16
I saw him and Goldie Hawn at the Trancas Market in Malibu some years ago - if Kurt Russell is over 5'7", I'd be shocked. I'm about 5'10", and he was WAY shorter than me - I passed right next to him in one of the aisles.

Another way you can tell he's short is by how large his head is in proportion to the rest of his body. In the picture above on the red carpet, with Goldie Hawn in the gold dress, you can clearly see that Kurt Russell's head is about 1/7th of his entire body length (including his head); someone genuinely tall like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, his head is slightly less than 1/7th of his entire body length. Same with Armie Hammer, who's 6'5". Since heads tend to be a pretty standard size (not that much variation), the height comes from the length of the body. No one who's genuinely tall has a head that looks as proportionately large as Kurt Russell's.
Blanche Fromage said on 6/Oct/16
I saw him and Goldie Hawn at the Trancas Market in Malibu some years ago - if Kurt Russell is over 5'7", I'd be shocked. I'm about 5'10", and he was WAY shorter than me - I passed right next to him in one of the aisles.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Aug/16
Rob, how tall do you think the guy on the right-hand side of Kurt Russell is?

Click Here
Editor Rob: can look over six foot in that photo.
mark said on 19/Oct/15
I met him in Reno -Nevada .I'm 5.8 , I was surprised he was shorter than me -I would say 1/2 inch -to 1 inch shorter.
Chase Witherspoon said on 9/Oct/15
Kurt is an enigma to me; in Deadly Tower I thought he looked just 5'8", then in The Thing and BTILChina he seemed more 5'10" I reckon he can appear 174-177 region, but perhaps 175 seems more realistic given the footwear..
smoosh said on 7/Oct/15
In tango and cash stallone is an inch taller, and theyre both completely barefoot, and stallone is listed at 5'8.5
lee redmond said on 18/Sep/15
met kurt russell and tom cruise. both with bare feet. im 5ft.8 kurt was no taller cruise about 5ft.6
Alex P said on 10/Sep/15
I spent three months working with Kurt Russell. I can tell you right now his is in the 5'8 range (possibly shorter). He had to use a quarter-crate to stand on for a kissing scene, just to make him appear taller. He is short. Trust me.
Sam said on 29/Aug/15
This recounting of 60s youth magazine does claim Russell at 5'11"!
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Aug/15
I bet he claims 5ft11
Sam said on 29/Jun/15
Russell seems pretty down to earth for a guy whose been acting since childhood about 50 years ago.
tunnels diver said on 25/Jun/15
Met him filming Soldier in Kauai
He is 5'9" on a good day...treated me with utmost respect
I was diving that day. He was on the beach when I beached..
tunnels diver said on 25/Jun/15
Met him filming Soldier in Kauai
He is 5'9" on a good day...treated me with utmost respect
Ed said on 19/Jun/15
I definitely see 174cm in this pic. If Vin Diesel is 5'11.5" or 5'11.75"ish

Click Here
Ed said on 19/Jun/15
Looks a weak 5'9" here with vin diesel. 5'8.5" - 5'8.75" for Kurt wouldn't surprise me at all.
Sam said on 17/Jun/15
I understand that Russell has the lead role in the ensemble for Tarantino's next film The Hateful Eight, good for him!
Ace said on 28/Apr/15
looked at least a solid 5'9 next to Vin Diesel who's 5'11-6' range.
Sam said on 13/Apr/15
Interesting, did you have a speaking part in it, Mr. R?

Rob, could you add Silkwood, Tequila Sunrise, Backdraft, Death Proof and Miracle to his credits, Rob?
Mr. R said on 12/Apr/15
Sam says on 14/Apr/14
I love Kurt's movies but the listing is legit IMO. In Dark Blue, you can see he's wearing almost lifted boots. I can't find the full shot online, but next to 5'11" Ving Rhames they look the same height but you can see Kurt's quite generous heel.

Sam I was IN Dark Blue and my scene is with Kurt. I spent a lot of time talking with him between takes. He is not quite 5-9.
Nev said on 10/Apr/15
In the movie Swing Shift, Kurt appears to be 2 inches taller than Goldie Hawn (5'6") so 5'8" seems to about right for him.
184.3cm said on 26/Mar/15
if he was 5'11 peak then so was Stallone. Its a good listing.
The Horse of FUNK said on 25/Mar/15
Truth is, if he were a legit 5'11", you'd hear people mistake him for 6'0" on occasion because people tend to struggle to tell an inch difference. I'm 5'11.5" and I get 6'1" a lot. Yet, I've never, EVER heard anyone guess Kurt at 6'0". 5'9.25", maybe 5'9.5" in the past on a good day.

Nothing against the man, loves his movies, but 5'11" is total bunk and bull.
Julian said on 19/Mar/15
I think 5'9.25 is accurate. He just looks that tall. Slightly more than 5'9. But in much of his movies he wears boots, like in Escape from New York, Tombstone, Soldier. And let's not forget the long hair in the 80's that makes him look taller.
The Horse of FUNK said on 16/Mar/15
Where did this 5'11" nonsense come from for Kurt Russell? The guy has ALWAYS given me the impression of barely scraping 5'10". He just doesn't have the mensuration of someone 5'11" and he never looks it next to genuine 6-footers in movies. I've always believed he was closer to 5'9" than to 5'11". Maybe 5'9.25" is a little harsh, but something like 5'9.5" - 5'9.75" would be better.
ami said on 16/Mar/15
He is short next to Goldie Hawn And has a big head because he is so skinny in "Escape from New York"
Josh said on 4/Mar/15
5'9 and a quarter? Rob, kurt is taller than that by far.I think he almost looks like he could be 5'11 personaly
the shredder said on 26/Feb/15
Rob , this guy was clearly bigger than Mel Gibson but around an inch , something is off
CDS said on 24/Feb/15
FTR, I believe the historic records had the real Wyatt Earp at 6'2", so it would've made sense for Russell to somehow boost himself up a little. My own estimate for him is somewhere between 5'9" and 5'10" barefoot, so between 5'10" and 5'11" in shoes- hence the 5'11" claim. And Wolfman's comment about him being 5'5" and he told him he stands on boxes in the movies- LMMFAO!!! -thanks for the laugh!!
Ian C said on 15/Feb/15
Russell was too short to play Wyatt Earp because, regardless of how tall the real Earp was, the fictional Earp must always be tall. So in Tombstone Russell always wears a ridiculous long coat that is supposed to make him appear longer than he really is. Also, he looked as if he had been on a severe slimming diet, probably with the goal of making him seem taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Feb/15
Rob, you should add Breakdown to that list. Excellent movie.
[Editor Rob: yes it is a good thriller that one.]
annon said on 27/Jan/15
I give kurt russell a legit 5'10. His baseball stats shows him at 5'11. I dont think there would be a 2 inch imflation
annon said on 27/Jan/15
He was barely shorter than val kilmer in tombstone
annon said on 27/Jan/15
I think kurt russell needs an upgrade rob. He didnt look that much shorter than ray liottq in unlawful entry. Anr there are pictures on getty images that show him taller than mel gibson and in the film they made together. In BEST OF TIMES he was over 3 inches robin williams. Watch the movie
184.3cm said on 23/Dec/14
5'9 seems right, wasnt really anything in it with Stallone in Tango and Cash. Nowadays though Sly would own him by a couple inches maybe more, well BIG SLY would.
BgbJoe said on 22/Dec/14
about 5-11 or 5-12
WolfMan said on 12/Nov/14
met him when his son played hockey in Richmond, BC The guy is about 5'5-5'7. He told me stood on boxes in most of his movies and Stallone does the same. Don't trust his height in movies.
Sam said on 29/Sep/14
At times in Tango & Cash, Stallone can seem like he edges out Russell but at other times and in photos, they look quite similar, at least within half an inch of one another.
Mr. Smooth said on 14/Jul/14
In May of 1989, my sister were on a tour of Warner Brothers Studios and Mr. Russell and Mr. Stallone were making Tango and Cash. Mr. Russell walked out of a door of a building where he had just finished filming a scene and he stood right next to my sister for a moment. She was 5'9 3/4" back then and she was wearing sneakers and he was wearing sneakers. He was nearly the same height as her if not just slightly taller. He was probably 5'10". He wasn't short. I stand 6'5". Being very skinny myself at that time, I was struck by how slender he was because after seeing him in Escape from New York a couple of years before, I was expecting that in person he would have a large physique with a large bone structure. He appeared very large and muscular in Escape from New York compared to his appearances in the Disney films of his youth. Instead he had a medium to small-boned frame but he had a very well-chiseled athletic physique. It is very interesting how cameras angles can change the way people appear on film compared to they way are in person. We did not see Stallone on that studio tour.
Sam said on 14/Apr/14
I love Kurt's movies but the listing is legit IMO. In Dark Blue, you can see he's wearing almost lifted boots. I can't find the full shot online, but next to 5'11" Ving Rhames they look the same height but you can see Kurt's quite generous heel.
maximus said on 13/Apr/14
He was probably very close or right at 5'10" in his prime....that's why he didn't come across as being short.....he was 5'11" to 6' with shoes not exactly short on screen.....short would be Tom Cruise, Pacino, Hoffman etc...obviously short even in their prime.
RisingForce said on 11/Apr/14
Yeah, that's why I'd have thought he'd claim 5'10" since he's never struck me as a guy who was bothered by his height, and always comes across as one of the least vain and most down to earth actors. Maybe that 5'11"+ is in the heels he wore in costume to play Elvis!
[Editor Rob: yeah it could be a reference to height in boots which would be more believable.]
Todd said on 13/Mar/14
I met him in Vegas when he was shooting 10,000 Miles to Graceland. I'm 5'10" and I could see over his head.
greg said on 10/Jan/14
I have discovered most actors lie about height by several inches,which is funny but I guess they are trying to market themselves for movies.Hollywood must make a mint on platform shoes ha ha.
jonny s said on 21/Nov/13

tim says on 21/Jan/12
all of you are wrong,i seen him in a movie where there is a sign that states caution height clearance is 5"10 and he was at least 5" shorter then that sign

The height warning allows a little extra for dummies who cant be sure how big their vehicle is or if if laoeded/empty, full presure tyres/soft. Its not EXACTLY 5' 10" :o))))))) 555555
Sam said on 1/Nov/13
To me, at times he looks John Wayne big in Big Trouble in Little China, obviously due to his co-stars' lack of height rather being tall himself.
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Gabriel said on 14/Sep/13
"Mr. R says on 2/Jul/13
I worked with Kurt on the movie Dark Blue. We were in the same scenes together and we talked for awhile. He is a weak 5-9. "

yeah, sure you did. And I'm Santa Klaus.
JB said on 4/Sep/13
Looks 5'8" in Big Trouble in Little China
Arch Stanton said on 27/Aug/13
Yeah, nearer 5'9" than 5'10" although he can look 5'10 at times. He has about 3 inches on 5'6" Goldie Hawn in Overboard.
FM said on 8/Aug/13
Rob, is 5'9.25 his height now, or his peak height through the years?
[Editor Rob: don't think he's lost much height]
Ali said on 1/Aug/13
In Tango and cash slyvester stallone is clearly taller than him while standing naked with bare feet with whole of their bodies in one shot from foot to head. Stallone is clearly an about .75 inche taller than him. So if he is 5 9.25 then stallone is 5 10.
Rey said on 21/Jul/13
He was eating at a restaurant In Houston called Le Peep right on Westheimer Rd. I was standing behind him and he was barely 5'8" if that...This was about 2002...nice man. And yes, I would consider him taller than Stallone.
Knowitall said on 9/Jul/13
Kilmer is not six feet tall. More like five eleven max.
wiltonstilts said on 6/Jul/13
Looked 5 10 to me..
Mr. R said on 2/Jul/13
I worked with Kurt on the movie Dark Blue. We were in the same scenes together and we talked for awhile. He is a weak 5-9.
5'7" said on 27/Jun/13
Mike H in Tombstone Russell wore boots with a huge heel, you can see in a few scenes when he's sitting down. And whatever scenes you're talking about, I'm sure Russell was closer to the camera. With the right camera perspective you could even make ME look 5'11"
Mike H said on 12/May/13
If Kurt is 5'9 why does he look taller than Val Kilmer in Tombestone? Kilmer is 6'0 solid
Knowitall said on 10/Mar/13
We never see the two men in full shots standing together except in the shower and then only their backs. In that shot they're the same height. So I believe body doubles were used. Perhaps Russell refused to be photographed nude. Lots of celebs use body doubles.

Stallone is definitely shorter than Russell.
Knowitall said on 7/Mar/13
We only see the two men next to each other naked in a full shot from behind. Only when we see faces does the camera get in tight on them. Who knows what trickery they used.
Knowitall said on 24/Feb/13
I saw him a couple of times in person. He's five feet ten. No taller or shorter.
Simba said on 24/Feb/13
A common height for internal door frames on real domestic buildings is 78 x 30 inch, next to a standard door frame/lining Stallone often appears to be approx 5'10 in heels and in some shots he looks circa 5'7 with 11inch head clearance????
Kind of short said on 20/Feb/13
In this article, he's next to a vehicle, looking somewhat short to me. Next to Goldie as well, close to the same height.
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5'11 barefoot said on 7/Jan/13
kurt is an average size man...with lifts he can look taller...but in barefeet he's about 5'9 right on ROb good call...
TWINGO said on 1/Dec/12
Hello, I have just watched a 1969 movie on cable tv, movie named Computador de tenis in portuguese, my language, I am in Brazil. Kurt is just a teen boy in this movie and looked an average height, being taller than many others actors. I agree with the stimated. Thanks.
heyrubes said on 21/Nov/12
Just watched him in Used Cars, he's shockingly small, the men towered over him and his female co-star was taller. I'd put him about 5' 6".
Mike said on 12/Oct/12
He was very close to in height with 6'0" Val Kilmer in "Tombstone" as mentioned in another thread. I've always suspected Russel to be at least 5'10"
RisingForce said on 23/Aug/12
Rob, just out of curiosity, what made you give him the slight upgrade? Not that I necessarily disagree, just wondering if it was a particular movie or set of premiere pictures you were looking at.
[Editor Rob: I think 176 is just a better fit...over the years he looks a solid 5ft 9]
Shorter than me said on 2/Aug/12
I've met Kurt Russell and spoke with him for a couple of minutes before people started recognizing him and he moved on. He was wearing jeans and cowboy boots. I'm 5'10 in the morning, standing as straight as I can, and he was several inches shorter than me. He's a very good actor and a nice guy, but I'd say he's 5'6 at tops.
Ed said on 29/Jul/12
But anyways, rob, You don't think he can look in the 5'8.5" - 5'8.75" range? It just seems to me that he appears that height sometimes. I might be wrong, but that's just how I see it.
Ed said on 29/Jul/12
Rob, do you think 5'8.5" is possible for Kurt's height? (Peak Height)
[Editor Rob: I still think he looks 5ft 9 range today]
bodwaya said on 14/Jun/12
he was more then 4 inches shorter then 6 foot 1 costner. On some site hes listed from 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 11. After seeing 3000 miles to graceland all of those are way off. My guess is 5 foot 8
tellem said on 9/Feb/12
kurt had footwear advantage over mel i believe. i put both men at 5'9" by the way.
RisingForce said on 8/Feb/12
I do believe that he claimed 5'10", I remember another poster mentioning he's claimed that before as well. There use to be a comment on this page where a poster claimed he saw Russell claim 5'10" in an interview with Barry Norman after Norman asked him if he was 5'8".

He's probably around 5'9", though it was strange that Russell was taller than Mel Gibson in Tequila Sunrise.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 7/Feb/12
5ft9.25 (1.76 m) peak height. 5ft10 or close to it in the morning.
lady who spoke to him said on 28/Jan/12
i am only 5 foot tall and he was a good bit taller than me. that's the best i can give you. nice guy though. did not mind answering my question at all. did not hesitate to think just came right out and said "i'm 5'10"
lady who spoke to him said on 23/Jan/12
don't know about any media stuff or such about him just know that he is filming here in niagara falls (today being monday january 23) and when asked right to him he replied himself that he was 5 10. Just saying right from him himself
[Editor Rob: can you remember if he looked that tall in person?]
avi said on 22/Jan/12
yes can't be more he didn't look 5'9 in Breakdown...looked strong 5'8
tim said on 21/Jan/12
all of you are wrong,i seen him in a movie where there is a sign that states caution height clearance is 5"10 and he was at least 5" shorter then that sign
HannibalKing said on 25/Dec/11
Hopefully "I thought you'd be taller" in regard to Russell is the only thing that mirrors Escape From LA in real life.
Balthier said on 16/Dec/11
Nooooo! I thought he was taller than that!
D said on 23/Nov/11
Tango and cash barefoot and butt naked Kurt Russell and Sly are the same heigth give or take 0.5cm's IMO. 5'9" flat.
Les said on 17/Nov/11
Soviet_Rebel says on 22/Sep/11
"Ving Rhames, who is MAX 5'11 (180cm), has at least 3 inches on Kurt with BIG suspicious shoes.
I'd say that kurt is just like stallone: 5'7 NOTHING more"

Terrible, cop hats have space between where the top of your head is and the top of the hat. If you look at there eyes, its about a 1.5-2 inch difference. BOTH footwear look questionable, but if Vin Rhames is 5'11" then Kurt Russell looks 5'9" in the picture you provided.
Chiselhead said on 12/Nov/11
He walked barefoot past our table in a Greek beach taverna and said hi to my wife, which shows he has excellent taste. I'm 5'7 and a half and I judged him to be my height though my wife judged him as 'slightly taller'.
Pete said on 13/Sep/11
5'7.5 the same as Stallone. There is that shot where they walked naked. They are are the same height. Stallone is 5'9 in his shoes.
Bon_ said on 25/Aug/11
Rob, how do you get 5'9 ife he is officialy listed at 5'11?
ROB COEN said on 20/Aug/11
Max said on 14/Aug/11
5'8" Tops. I meet him at a resort we were staying at. My sister is 5'9" and had a good in on him. We were all barefoot by the pool.
Good actor, I was just surprised how short he really was.
Bon_ said on 12/Aug/11
Solid 5'9 at peak.
jake said on 20/Jul/11
5ft9 for sure at peak.
RoyalInbox said on 22/Jun/11
5'9" my ass! He's more like 5'7.5".
Badknees said on 21/Jun/11
You've got to know that Hollywood can do anything and make anyone look taller than they are.
I was surprised at how short Patrick Swazee was when I got a chance to meet him after the musical "Chicago" at the Pantages in Hollywood. But so what! I really enjoyed his acting.
Recall Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump. NO legs!
tell-em said on 8/Jun/11
weak 5'9". looked it next to 5'11.5-6'0" ray liotta in that one cop film.
DJ said on 8/Jun/11
Rob do you think it's possible 5'8" (173 cm) could be Kurt Russell's height even at his peak?

[Editor Rob: I can't believe just 5ft 8 for Kurt]
Eddie said on 6/Jun/11
5'8.5" tops. There's no way this guy is a solid 5'9".
Legend said on 4/Jun/11
DMan said on 8/Apr/11
Weak 5'9 next to William Baldwin in Bakcdraft. Maybe 5'8.5
TruebloodFan said on 6/Apr/11
@Kate says on 29/Mar/11
I met Kurt many years ago while he was filming "Backdraft" on our block. I have a photo of the two of us - I'm 5'10 and he was at least four-to-five inches shorter than me. I was shocked in that I towered over him at the age of fifteen and he was this "huge" film star. Very nice guy, but he really is shorter than you would expect.

do you even have an idea what 'at least' 4 to 5 inches means? post your photo. let's see your '5ft10'. you are claiming Russell to be @5ft5, aren't you? it is pure fantasy made by your mind. 'at least' that, if not even worse, Kate.
Kate said on 29/Mar/11
I met Kurt many years ago while he was filming "Backdraft" on our block. I have a photo of the two of us - I'm 5'10 and he was at least four-to-five inches shorter than me. I was shocked in that I towered over him at the age of fifteen and he was this "huge" film star. Very nice guy, but he really is shorter than you would expect.
jay said on 22/Mar/11
He helped me with my luggage in Peru about 10 years ago. He was with Goldie and their daughter - she was much younger then. I am 5'8" and he seemed to be my height, maybe an inch taller.
thebad7 said on 8/Mar/11
Always liked Kurt--one of the few successful transitions from child to adult actor. I always thought his best work was 1981's ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and 2003's DARK BLUE.

5'9" sounds right for KR. As previous posters mentioned: wearing thick-soled military boots in ESNY gave him at least 1"--he looks to be 5'10" tall in boots next to legit 6'2" Lee Van Cleef--with LVC wearing similar boots. I give Kurt all the credit in the world: he held his own next to one of the most underrated actors, in Van Cleef, in the history of film.

Jack said on 5/Mar/11
I don't know. Kurt totally looks 5'8" in tango and cash. Kurt wears boots in most of his movies, that's why he appears taller than he really is. I'd put him at 5'8". 5'8.5" at the max.
Rox said on 26/Feb/11
I don't agree with this one; I've met Kurt Russell a couple of times and I'd say he's more like 5'7'', 5'8'' when he's wearing one of his golf hats. I'm 5'3'' and he wasn't much taller than I am. He's very attractive in person but on the shorter side, a nice guy. Most of them are alot shorter than you would think.
Pit said on 17/Feb/11
Here Rob, your Listing seems right. Click Here
1.75m for Russel are fair, maybe he is a little bit under that, cause he looks 1.75m, 1.76m in Shoes (cowboy/boots?).
TruebloodFan said on 11/Feb/11
@Legend says on 5/Jan/11

'Stallone was never 5'9 in his life.'

You say that like it isn't even a possibility. IMO Russell could have been 5ft9.5 at his peak. Just watch 'Escape from New York'.
Legend said on 5/Jan/11
Anonymous says on 23/Dec/10
same height as stallone in tango and cash, so 5,9.
Stallone was never 5'9 in his life.
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/10
same height as stallone in tango and cash, so 5,9.
Adam Brennon said on 8/Oct/07
I know this is a heights website, but could anyone offer a plausable estimate of his weight?
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/07
I am totally shock I cant believe hes 5'9", I actually though he was like 5'11", but never 5'9". If he is 5'9" than in many movies he must be wearing massive heels cuz I never 5'9" for him.
glenn said on 12/Sep/07
i never noticed until you posted that photo.i still think kurt is 5-9.maybe 5-8. 5-7 is too low.he was taller than mel gibson in a photo that i forgot had me thinking that mel was 5-7.
Boxing Fighter said on 11/Sep/07
Thank you Glenn!
Even with those massive 3 inches lifts, he looks smaller than 5ft11 Ving Rhames.
I say no more than 5ft7.
glenn said on 7/Sep/07
interesing pic boxing fighter.
Boxing Fighter said on 6/Sep/07
ridiculous Kurt Russell's lifts...
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dan said on 26/Aug/07
partly agree with snakevega and danius,
looks just 4~6cm shorter than william baldwin in "backdraft" ,
so i think him 182~184,maybe
Kelly said on 25/Aug/07
I met him in an elevator in a hotel and he is not over 5 foot seven
Frank said on 10/Aug/07
I'm of the opinion that he's 5'8 ish because of that Tango & Cash scene. Stallone isn't very big at all and Kurt's not much taller than him there. (or much taller than Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky).
mhaft said on 5/Aug/07
I met him at Reel Inn in Malibu. He was gracious enough to say hello to my gal on the phone. Although my height (5'9"), he really was 10 feet tall. A real gentleman!
snakevega said on 1/Aug/07
this guy looks like 1m85 in the movie "the thing"
anyone agreace with me??
how does this come??
danius said on 1/Aug/07
5'9? he looks 6'1 to me...
Mr S. said on 18/Jun/07
He passed inches away by me and my sister on the Warner Brother studio lot while filming Tango and Cash. He had boots on about and was about the height of my 5'10" sister who was wearing tennis shoes. That was 20 years ago. I'd peg him at 5'9" barefoot at that time.
Mr. R said on 12/Jun/07
I worked with Kurt on the movie "Dark Blue." At the tallest point of the day, he is 5-9. One of the production assistants was lamenting the fact that he was tossed out as Kurt's stand-in because he was "way to tall" at 6-2.
noone said on 10/Jun/07
well i allways assumed he was not a very tall man, as can be seen when he is walking from behind nude next to sylvester stalone in the 80s movie tango and cash, but if tom cruise is 5'7" to 5'9" he appeared to be atleast a few inches shorter than russel in vanilla sky.
G-unit said on 3/Jun/07
he really looks like a solid 5'9
Anonymous said on 26/May/07
To me he looks a max of 5-8 in movies, not vert tall!
Viper said on 23/May/07
He looks 5-8 or 5-9 in movies.
Anonymous said on 22/May/07
Looks about 5-8 on screen, not very tall.
glenn said on 25/Apr/07
true romance was good,though a little played out.i love real movies from that grindhouse era.a bull**** term i never heard.i was there.i lived it. 42st kung fu movies and horror.those were the give anything to go back.
Anthony said on 24/Apr/07
I loved "Grindhouse", but it really wasn't for everyone.

And as for Quentin, I didn't like "Reservoir Dogs" to be honest. "Pulp Fiction" is one of my Top faves. Only saw a few parts of "Jackie Brown", seemed entertaining. Never saw "FDTD" or "Kill Bill". "True Romance", which he didn't direct but write, is my favorite film from him.
glenn said on 24/Apr/07
the first movie was ok.the trailers were great,but i knew they would be cause the word out there was the trailers were better than the movies.death proof was horrible and uninteresting.tarantino is overated.reservoir dogs and pulp fiction were his peak.masterpieces indeed.jackie brown sucked,from dusk till dawn sucked,kill bill was ok.what else has he done?
Viper said on 24/Apr/07
Glenn, you hated Grindhouse? Both movies? I thought it was very cool. The fake movie trailers were hillarious. Planet Terror was a fun over the top cheesy zombie movie, and most of Deathproof was very good. The only thing I didnt like about Deathproof was the 15 minute long scenes of talking that Tarantino is known for. But Kurt Russel stole every scene. He was flat out awesome in it.
Viper said on 24/Apr/07
Kurt did look 5-9 in Grindhouse.
glenn said on 23/Apr/07
i thought he looked 5-10 in grindhouse actually.that movie was unwatchable.horrid.
Max said on 22/Apr/07
I meet Kurt on a few occasions at our cottage, we were both barefoot, he is 5'8" tops, both my sisters were even taller than him.
Anthony said on 7/Apr/07
Kurt looked 5'9 in heels in "Grindhouse".
radio_man said on 26/Mar/07
in vanilla sky, russell was taller than cruise when they were in the interrogation room, but then when the went to the institution, the were the same height, crusie its wearinf lifts its so obvious, bu this guy its not tall..
i think he's 5'8 tops, 5'9 in shoes!
Brad said on 20/Mar/07
Watch "Tango & Cash" and you'll see him taller than Sly who is 5' 10.5" so close to 6' he is. Wow, he's listed at 5' 9" above and 5' 8.5" by many. Oooooo!
glenn said on 15/Mar/07
marcel could you please post that on the stallone page.nobody believes me on kurt.thanks.
DC said on 25/Feb/07
I''m 5-10 and Mr Russell was a good inch taller than me when we passed each other in the street. Sandy (below) has it right, it seems to me. You should change his listing, and reverse the characterization -- on screen he appears shorter than he really is.
Anthony said on 11/Feb/07
Russell looked really small when he stood next to 6'4 Seagal in "Exeuctive Decision", thoough Seagall may have had on bigger footwear. But Kurt only looked about 5'8 next to him.
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/07
In "Vanilla Sky", Russell and Tom Cruise looked the same height.
Anonymous2 said on 3/Jan/07
Passed him on 57th St. in NYC once, right in front of Carnegie Hall. 5'9".
Jay said on 2/Jan/07
He's either taller than 5'9 or Stallone is shorter than 5'9. I just watched Tango & Cash the other day and Kurt is taller than Stallone I'd say by an inch (at most)
sassy cat 5 said on 20/Dec/06
I met kurt in vegas and he is definetly not 5'9" tall. I am 5'10" and he was just as tall as me and did not have boots or any other tall heeled shoes on. we were at a swiming pool and he was barefoot and at least 5'10".....not the 5'8" that some people claim on this site!!
Nick said on 12/Dec/06
Franco, you are totally wrong. A 5'7 guy with a big head and a long neck would look shorter than a guy of the same height but with a shorter neck and a smaller head because the first one would have a shorter body with shorter arms and legs.
Nick said on 12/Dec/06
Franco, you are totally wrong. A 5'7 guy with a big head and a long neck would look shorter than a guy of the same height but with a shorter neck and a smaller head because the first one would have a shorter body with shorter arms and legs.
John Doe said on 12/Dec/06
In the film Tombstone from 1993, a women see's Kurt from a far, and talking with her friend calls him a "tall drink of water."...He was standing beside Val Kilmer (who was obviously slouching some) and Kurt appeard an inch taller. Kilmer's definitely six-foot...I guess they are capable of some things in Hollywood.
Franco said on 10/Dec/06
he is 5'9 and what makes him look bigger onscreen are 2 things :

1. He got a biggish head and longish hair

2. his neck is kinda long

the neck thing is one of the biggest reasons a short guy can look taller because it elevates the head high and as such even at 5'7 or 5'9 you can look 5'11 even.
one thing to look for to recognize the proper height of a 5'7 or 5'8 guy is when they wear Jeans, if the legs dont look longish then he is 5'7 to 5'9.

Jeans and 5'7 to 5'9 are the biggest give away :D
90% of the case it is like that.
sam said on 17/Nov/06
I believe that the line is said twice in the film, though I'm not sure.
Glenn said on 17/Nov/06
It was more than one person?
Mac said on 16/Nov/06
havn't seen that movie in years but I remember that line.. everyone he runs into goes "I just thought you'd be.. taller."
Glenn said on 12/Nov/06 know how they always say in the movies "Snake Pliskon,I didnt know you were still alive?".well I think someone said along the lines of"Snake Pliskon,I didnt remember you being so short".I was schocked.only saw it maybe the exact line is off.
Mac said on 10/Nov/06
why do so many male celebs try hiding the fact that they're around the 5'8 area? Like its something to be ashamed of.. Its not tall, but its not exactly short either. Its just a little below average... if you can hold your own on screen and in real life then no one tends to care or even notice...

I remember seeing Escape from NY when I was a kid and didn't even realize Snake was a tad shorter then alott've people in that movie.. and it didn't matter cause he was a badass in that movie.
Austrian said on 29/Oct/06
5'9 is pretty much accurate

possibly less, something around 5'8

but nowhere taller than 5'9, anyone who says 5'10 or even 5'11 seriously has no clue
Glenn said on 19/Oct/06
In my top 10 faves movie of all time.
TNTinCA said on 18/Oct/06
I think he was likely 5'9" in his prime. Maybe closer to 5'8" now.

In "The Thing", I didn't get the impression he was that short. Although most of the cast was really not very tall. Other than Keith David. I'll have to check out the DVD again and take a closer look at the footwear. Most of the cast had boots one but Russell's could have been larger.
On an aside, if anyone gets the chance, watch the DVD of The Thing with the commentary switched on. John Carpenter and Kurt are quite funny when talking about the film.
Pete said on 29/Aug/06
Rob - a slight downgrade is maybe due here?

Reading thru the posts it seems the concensus and sightings say that Kurt's closer to 5'8.
Glenn said on 28/Aug/06
Thats wild.he got busted.
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/06
I do remember Barry Norman (when he was working for the BBC) interviewed Russell and asked him about how tall he was! Kurt said 5'10 and Barry Norman said i thought you were 5'8!....and Kurt replied 'no....5'10' with a big smile!
I guess he knew that he had been busted....that Mr Norman knew his real height was 5'8!
He does look short on film and in some films he does wears boots and lifts! He is truly 5'8 barefoot at the most!
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/06
If Russell said he was 5'8 then that would make Sly 5'7 as Kurt was an about inch taller than sly barefoot in the shower scene in Tango and Cash!
TNTinCA said on 27/Aug/06
Did anyone check out the huge heels he had on for the movie Tombstone?

During the scene where the Earps were walking towards the OK Corral, it is clearly visible how much of a boot they had to give Kurt so he was on par with his co-stars.
Glenn said on 26/Aug/06
Im surprised he would be that honest.
Rut said on 25/Aug/06
i believe (from a website) Russell stated 5'8.
TR said on 15/Aug/06
Just watched "The Long Ride" with Kurt & Tim Matheison. Kurt plays an
Indian and wears moccasins and is a good 5" to 6" shorter than Tim.
Anonymous said on 11/Aug/06
In Tango and Cash, barefoot in the shower scene, Kurt was about half an inch to one whole inch taller than Sly! if Kurt is 5'8 than that would make Sly 5'7 (or if he is 5'8.5 than Sly is 5'7.5.) I know Kurt is short does not look over 5'8 to me and to many other people!

I agree with you Viper that Kurt is 5'8 barefoot, and that would make Sly 5'7 (unless Sly has had his legs lengthened, recently to make him 5'9/5'10!)
Glenn said on 31/Jul/06
If thats the case then another victory to my Sly is 5-10.maybe Kurt had lifts on when you met him though.too many people I know met him say 5-9,even an occasional 5-8.
Sandy said on 30/Jul/06
He is not under 5'9" I was around him a couple of times, in fact, I just checked a picture that I had of us standing next to each other. I had on 3 inch heels (which I just checked) and I may have only been a half an inch taller accounting for his hair. I am 5'9" and I have been since 8th grade. He was wearing tennis shoes. It was the wrap party for Dreamer. The man is taller than 5'9"

[Editor Rob: you've got picture with him, why not emnail it to me - I won't post it up]
Glenn said on 20/Jul/06
Correct andy.
andy said on 19/Jul/06
Watched Tango and Cash last night, Sly is taller in the shower scene by about an inch it looked, so maybe Sly is 5"10, or Kurt is 5"8 but dont think so he looks 175cm
Glenn said on 19/Jul/06
Sly was an inch taller in the shower that makes Sly 5-10.some people on this site stooped so low as to say Sly used a double for that scene.HA!
sam said on 18/Jul/06
I think Russell is indeed about 5'9". He may be a lift or a high boots guy in some films, since sometimes he looks taller than 5'9" (i.e. Big Trouble in Little China, Dark Blue, Tombstone) and others he looks a mere 5'9" (i.e. Breakdown, Miracle, Escape from L.A.). He seems to be the same exact height as Sly Stallone in Tango & Cash.
Editor Rob said on 7/Jul/06
You know, just swifting through channels saw a scene from some film (playing a journalist) and I thought he looked a tad over andy garcia!
Glenn said on 11/May/06
He looks 5-10 to me on ESCAPE FROM L.A.,they mention how short he is.
gaspergoo said on 5/May/06
he looks right at 5' shorter.
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
That's sounds about right for Kurt. I know he was shorter than me by at least two inches and I'm 5'11". And FYI Elvis was just slightly under six feet. I met him and he wasn't that much taller than me, but knowing what a stir that's caused over on his thread I'll just drop it here. People can belive what they want. He was still The King!
sgt. pepper said on 30/Mar/06
stood in line next to him in a deli and spoke with him briefly. Nice guy, very low-key. 5'8", we are same height and build.
trueheight said on 25/Mar/06
I believe Elvis was 6-1(I'm a huge fan). Russell is probably 5'9 at best, i believe after seeing many photos; and he wears huge boots alot; Funny thing though, you wouldn't konw he was a 5'9er or 5'8er unless you check b/c he sure looks big onscreen
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
Kurt is no more than 5'9". And get this: When he played Elvis he claimed that he fit perfectly into the actual suit Elvis wore on stage in Vegas. I always found that line of BS amusing. Elvis was at least two and a half inches taller. If we go with Elvis's official height then over three inches taller.
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
his longtime stunt double Dick Warlock is 5'10
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
he's the same height as John Carpenter = 5'10. May have shrunk to 5'9 though, i remember seeing his minor league AA baseball records a while back which said 5'10
Frank2 said on 26/Feb/06
Worked with him too and he's five feet nine.
Mr. R said on 17/Feb/06
Kurt is between 5-8 and 5-9. I worked with him on Dark Blue for 2 days.
Viper652 said on 15/Feb/06
Rob needs to downgrade him to 5-8 at the very least. He doesnt look anymore then that.
175cm16andgrowing said on 15/Feb/06
They made him 179 in one of his movies but we know he's just 175 and if you ask me, he could also be 174 or 173cm tall.
TNTinCA said on 15/Feb/06
With regards to Kurt in Tombstone, take a good look at the boots he was wearing. I wish I had a pic but I did check out the DVD and his boots have a MAJOR heel on them. He was practically the same height as Val in that movie.
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/06
no more than 5'8!
Leonard said on 21/Jan/06
I did security for him and I am 5'9", 190lbs. We both had on normal shoes and he appeared almost my height, but well shy of my weight. Some female security personal were surprised/disappointed that he was short. It's their hang up, not his...he doesn't care.
sugar_rush said on 19/Oct/05
He cannot be 5'11 -- he was photographed somewhere with Malcolm McDowell, and they were about the same height, and M. used to say he was 5'8" -- some story about not getting a part because of height, or maybe getting it because of that...
TheMan said on 27/Aug/05
IMO Kurt is about 5,10 slightly taller than Stallone. From what i saw in tango and cash. Could of been the same height though but somewhere around that region 5,9 to 5,10 is about right.
McFan said on 18/Jul/05
I saw Kurt Russell in "Vanilla Sky." In this film he's 1.5-2 inches taller than Cruise. I saw him in "Tombstone" next to Kilmer and he appeared about an inch shorter than Val. He must have been wearing lifts in "Tombstone" or had special made boots. He was even shorter than Stallone in "Tango & Cash."
Mr. R said on 19/Apr/05
I already addressed Ving - 5'10.5". I spent two days on the set with Kurt, and spoke with him at length during a break. At his tallest, he is 5'9". But I think he is a little below this. He had on regular shoes also, and I and others on the set towered over him.
MHouillon said on 18/Apr/05
Hi, everyone. I´d say Ving Rhames is a 6'0". (At least a solid 5'11.5"). Kurt Russel is never a 5'8.5". In comparison to Ving I think he is a 177cm. By the way, he´s not shorter than a 5'9.5" James Spader.
Mr. R said on 25/Mar/05
The first picture referenced below is from the film Dark Blue, which I was in with Kurt Russell and Ving Rhames. I spent a lot of time with Kurt, and estimated him at just below 5'9". I also estimated Ving at about 5'10.5", which the picture below seems to show.
J. said on 25/Mar/05
I'm not sure about Ving ... he was taller than Tyrese in "Baby Boy". I would compare him with Snipes but the only thing is that he's not really 5'9".
Mr R said on 14/Feb/05
I did a film with him, and he is at best 5'8.5". One of the crew was hired as his stand in, but at 6'2" he didn't fit the shot, and had to be given another job on Dark Blue.

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