How tall is Princess Diana ?

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Princess Diana's Height is 5ft 10in (178 cm)

UK Princess. Often stooped a bit to make Charles appear taller.
Comment on the Height of Princess Diana

Allie said on 13/Jan/16
I remembered reading that a Dailymail article stated that Diana was insistent on being stated as 5'10.75. Though it's the Dailymail so what do I know.
Micho said on 23/Dec/15
Possibly 5"11...
Slh said on 28/Sep/15
how tall was the duke of windsor? I read around 5ft5in or 6in
[Editor Rob: 5ft 6 range is beleivable]
Fred said on 11/Apr/15
Diana was 5'10 and Charles once said that he was 5'11, when he appeared on a Blue Peter interview in the 1980's.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/15
If Charles was 178cm, Diana was 179-180cm.
laura said on 27/Mar/15
I saw her clothing on display today and she really was a very tall woman to carry off many of those dresses.
BGee said on 28/Nov/14
She was a true 5'10. There's a story that Freddie Mercury would dress her up in as a man (which was easily pulled off by her height and dare i say 'handsome' features) and she'd go unnoticed! The Queen of the Netherlands, The Queen of Denmark, The Crown Princess of Norway and the Princess of Monaco are the only other Royal woman currently who share Diana's height or are slightly taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Nov/14
Rob, could Diana have been a fraction over 5ft10?
[Editor Rob: not sure I'd go that high for her]
Mon said on 18/Nov/14
Definitely gives the impression of being a little loftier than Kidman in that photo. Moreover she is visibly larger in the head and upper body.
Her butler is in print as saying she always gave her height as 5'10'' and three quarters of an inch, and she herself always mentioning the three quarters of an inch. I think she was indeed a quarter of an inch under 5'11'' with perfect posture like people use when measured, but like many tall women Diana didn't stand very straight. Anyway, her butler says that is what she said she was and that is the closest you are ever going to ever get to the truth IMO.
Just said on 22/Jul/14
@ Sarah Princess Diana was Nicole Kidman's height Click Here
So no way she was just 5'6. She was at LEAST 5'10, maybe a little taller.
Sarah said on 25/May/14
My father always told me that Princess Diana is only 5'6". So 5'10" I think is a little too tall for her.
Jewel said on 23/Sep/13
to 'im a shortie so everyone is tall to me'

two 5.10 people male aqnd female are technically not the same height. A 5.10 woman is like a 6.3 man. It somehow makes Charles short masculine wise.
SAK said on 19/Sep/13
ArjunaKorale says: I agree with you completely about Naomi Watts playing Diana - she is just way too short to even remotely resemble the erect Diana.
Maybe 5f8.5 Cate Blanchett would have been a viable choice.
ArjunaKorale said on 17/Sep/13
@Arch Stanton: I agree with you completely about Naomi Watts playing Diana - she is just way too short to even remotely resemble the erect Diana. Charlize Theron is definitely a better choice play Diana, but surely she is way too sexy to play the Princess!
Pascal 5 10 said on 13/Sep/13
Yes Arch, spot on. In fact, I'd guess them to be exactly the same height - 5' 9.75".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Aug/13
Charlize Theron, Daryl Hannah, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett or Uma Thurman.
All are tall, leggy blondes and superb actresses.

BTW, I think she may have been 179cm
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jul/13
jtm says on 10/Jun/12
i don't understand why naomi watts who i think is around 5'3 is gonna play diana. not only is she too short but she looks nothing like diana.

Charlize Theron would be the best candidate to play Diana.
little sue said on 25/Apr/13
Not strictly true as a woman of 5ft 7 would be fairly tall but a bloke the same height would be fairly short.
I \'m a shortie so everyone is tall to me said on 23/Apr/13
I have always thought Diana and Charles were tall. I mean if you look at photos of them standing around, they are usually the tallest. They look about the same height to me. And how is 5' 10 short? How do you have two people be the same height roughly, and one is tall and one is short? That makes no sense reguardless of gender. They were both tall. Period.
zyber said on 9/Aug/12
According to one article, Diana's average height was measured at 5'10 3/4 and to her publicists, she always insisted to include the addition 3/4 inch. Her publicists, however, seemed bent on establishing her as 5'10 globally, for certain reasons. Maybe her publicists deemed it appropriate to project her height to be shorter than Philip's. Likewise, with Kate Middleton, she's described as 5'10 in most articles, though she is clearly shorter than the 5'10 range.
little sue said on 11/Jun/12
I'd agree with you jtm, weird piece of casting
jtm said on 10/Jun/12
i don't understand why naomi watts who i think is around 5'3 is gonna play diana. not only is she too short but she looks nothing like diana.
Stephanie said on 9/Jun/12
@Galv, how did Diana know the boys got their height from her side of the family? William was only 15 when she died and Harry was 12, nearly 13, and significantly shorter than William at the time. I thought it was the Queen or Prince Philip who remarked about their height, saying they got it from their mother, once they got a bit older?

I think Diana was around 5' 10.5". Charles is/was 5' 10" and she was said to be slightly taller than he was. She wore flats to make him appear taller and only later did she feel confident enough to wear heels.
john said on 29/Sep/07
I saw some pics of her and Michael Jackson, she is 2 inches taller than him. I think that she is with heels, so the difference is about 1 or 2 inches with him. She was maybe 5-9 or 5-10 at most.
Sharon said on 21/Aug/07
There's a dress on e-bay that was in Diana's collection. They give the measurement of 51" from the back of the dress to the floor.
Anon said on 17/Aug/07
She is 5'10, I have seen her. She towered my mum who about 5'3. I saw her in 91'.
Robin said on 11/Aug/07
Have you ever seen the picture of Diana (in heals) dancing with John Travolta at the White House? Yeah, she looks SHORT!
Franco said on 13/Jul/07
she looked tall with or without shoes no deny of that, had the pleasure of seeing her from 10 meters distance with medium size heels and she looked 182-183cm.

i have no doubt she was no less than 177cm
Lola said on 11/Jul/07
Hmm, what do you mean by the remark about her beautiful long legs, Chabel? You believe that they were just too long and should have been shorter. Are you just jelous because you do not have a body like that? Just admit it or keep quite. There is no such thing for as having legs that are too long. The longer, the better!
Chabel said on 26/Jun/07
in early 90's she met Claudia Schiffer at a charity and she lookes 1 inch shorter than claudia. But her long legs (longer than they should be )made her look taller.
Coka said on 28/May/07
I am 5' 10" and people tell me all the time I look like Princess Diana. I finally met a guy who met the Princess and he said she was taller than me. He was British and commented that she was about 6'
Mike said on 26/May/07
She towered on me when i met her not long before the crash. I am 5ft 9 and she was much taller and she was only in flat sandals.
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/07
I have one of those novelty driver's license collector's item I ordered form this site: Click Here it says that she's approx 5'11" tall. I'm 5' 10. LOL.
Glenn said on 8/Nov/06
I thought Charles was 5-11?
Tom said on 7/Nov/06
I saw Di up close in London in January 1996 and she was easily 6'1" in heels. Stunningly beautiful. Charles was even taller.
Elizabeth said on 15/Jul/06
Diana was 5'10 and a half and Charles was 5'9 and a half whn she went on royal tours with Charles she wouldn't wear heels in the early years of their marriage so he would appeear taller. That's why in their engagement photos when Diana is in the blue dress Charles is standing one step up from her to appear taller.
jello said on 31/Mar/06
Heights in Madame Tussads are quite exact. I visited 1 week ago.
Mary said on 16/Jan/06
Princess Diana is 5'10 1/2 (and one half). My friend read Morton's book it say so in it.
Cassie said on 28/Dec/05
Princess Diana was 5' 10", but her wax figure has nothing to do with her actual height. People make wax figures bigger or smaller than the person they're supposed to be all the time.
Marc said on 3/Dec/05
I can tell you than Princess Diana is about 5'10". I am 5'10", and when I stood next to her wax figure in Madam Toussaud's, she was about a half a head taller than me, maybe two or three inches, and she was wearing about 3 inch heels. She could have been anywhere from 5'9" to 5'10". This is legit.
Italian University Librarian said on 26/Oct/05
Mr. TJ is right; but, in my opinion, Mr. Fox's silence about Princess Diana's height in a detailed description of the lady he imagined dating, is a silence that tells something.
TJ said on 25/Oct/05
The only problem with the Michael J Fox anecdote is that he says nothing at all about her height in Lucky Man. He mentions how attractive she looked, what she was wearing etc, but nothing about her height.
Italian University Librarian said on 25/Oct/05
When Michael J. Fox (5'4") met Princess Diana, in the fall of 1985, at the royal première of "Back to the Future", he didn't notice a great difference in height between himself and Her Royal Highness (see M. J. Fox, "Lucky Man. A Memoir", pages 99-100). The princess, a real gentlewoman, perhaps avoided wearing heels in order not to embarrass her guest (born in 1961, like her, and a subject of Queen Elizabeth II, so he expected Princess Diana to be his future queen).
Eggplant said on 19/Oct/05
Her Madame Tussaud's statue, with heels, had about an inch on me, and I am 5'10. Maybe she was 5'8-9?
Italian University Librarian said on 19/Oct/05
If Princess Diana's driver's license suggests she was 5'11", she may have been 5'9" or less. My identity card suggests I'm 170 cm, but I'm 164 cm. Luckily, I'm not a prince and my parents didn't force me to marry a Lady Diana.

[Editor Rob: the driving license things on that site are just made up fake don't put height on driving licenses. A long time ago people used to list heights on uk passports, but that vanished too]
PKB said on 17/Oct/05
Princess Diana's driver's license suggests that she was 5'11" tall.

[Editor Rob: same as 5ft 11 Arnold...they're just made up]
Danny said on 16/Oct/05
Diana is 5'8 not 5'10 she was slim and besise how many women are 5'10 in thwe world
J. said on 20/Aug/05
Back when she passed, they had a special edition of People Weekly that commenerated (sp!) her. I do remember showing pictures of her towering over her ex-husband them mentioning that she's close to 6'0" so maybe, just maybe Diana was taller than 5'10".
boombsy said on 20/Aug/05
I remember back in the mid '90's, when they were auctioning a load of Diana's dresses, and there was a special feature on Larry King's show, where they had Cindy Crawford talking about them.
Someone mentioned to Cindy if the dresses were a similar size to her own, and she replied (speaking of Diana):
"These dresses are about my size, and actually about my height too, she was quite tall. When I met her I was surprised becaue she was as tall as me and she was wearing flats, so I think she might even be taller than me."
So if Cindy is the 5'9.5 she's often credited with, and presumabley she was wearing heels when she met Diana and Diana was in flats yet still the same height as her, either Diana is taller than 5'10 or Cindy shorter than 5'9.5?

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