How tall is Rey Mysterio ?

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Rey Mysterio's height is 5ft 2in (157 cm)

American Wrestler, he once claimed "I'm 5' 4"...and 175 pounds". This photo (by Duncan) is from the 2015 London Film Con. I had about 1/3rd inch more sneaker.

5ft 8 Rob and Rey
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RealityCheck says on 30/Jul/15
If you both straightened out, he's looks as though he's under 5 feet tall.
Gx79 says on 29/Jul/15
Rob he barley looks 5'0
[Editor Rob: he's a lot nearer 5ft 2 than 5ft.]
Danimal says on 28/Jul/15
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Jul/15
Angle billed at 6'2 was ridiculous lol but he was always referred to as 6'0 on TV. That 6'2 was when he first came but sometimes they still used it to bill him as. 5'10 billed as 6'0 that's ok but 6'2 come on now! lol

Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog) who was 5'9" was actually billed at 6'3" at one point in the 1990's.
5'9.5'' says on 26/Jul/15
Why can't a guy that small just own his height or hell even round down and make it part of his image?
mrtguy says on 25/Jul/15
This pic Click Here was back in in the late 90's you have no idea how short Mysterio looks next to Big Show, I see a 2 feet height difference between both men. I'm not saying that Big Show is 7'2'' but he sure does look that height next to Mysterio who I think is 5'2''.
an anonymous peach says on 25/Jul/15
Didn't WWE have him billed at 5'9" once? Lol
Bishop says on 25/Jul/15
Weak 5'2" at most. More likely 5'1.5".
Marc says on 25/Jul/15
Oh man WWE lists him as 5ft6 but he is so much shorter than rob. Im about 5ft8 i didnt know Rey would be so much shorter than I
Sammy Derrick says on 24/Jul/15
That is tiny...
Hi Rob?How much do you think he weighs?
And how was he in person?
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Jul/15
Angle billed at 6'2 was ridiculous lol but he was always referred to as 6'0 on TV. That 6'2 was when he first came but sometimes they still used it to bill him as. 5'10 billed as 6'0 that's ok but 6'2 come on now! lol
Ghode says on 23/Jul/15
He has been around so long back when he 1st started he looked like A little kid in the ring because he was so short.. he is awesome though
tony t. says on 23/Jul/15
I never believed he was 5'4. I always had him pegged as 5'2. I've met, walked by, and stood in front of a lot of wrestlers at signings, after shows etc. and they are all mostly shorter than their billed heights. Including the divas.
Oanh says on 23/Jul/15
At most 5'2"
184.3cm (Night) says on 23/Jul/15
I always believed 5'4 but he really is no more than 5'2 here. Great entertainer.
Vegas says on 23/Jul/15
Ali Baba says on 22/Jul/15
I always figured he was around 5'3" going off the normal difference between reality and billed heights.

there is zero logic in wrestling billed heights though. cena in a match was billed 6'1 and kurt angle inches shorter was billed 6'2 Click Here

i posted my photo with rey a few times here over the years. he was shorter than my father who himself was only 5'3
CD says on 23/Jul/15
Looks 5ft 1.5ish (about 2 inches below Rob's eyelevel), but with less footwear he's near enough 5ft 2. Kevin Hart has a similar frame to this guy.
Alex 6'0 says on 23/Jul/15
I actually see more like 6.5 inches in the picture. Rey is clearly like 2 inches below Rob's eye level which is prob the normal 4.5 inches from top of head. Take into account the slight footwear Rob would still have a solid 6 inches on him
The Exorcist says on 23/Jul/15
Looks less than 5'2".
Emil 182-183 cm says on 22/Jul/15
What the hell? Always thought he was 5'5-5'6. Clearly not lol
6'2 says on 22/Jul/15
Looks only 5ft here no more than 5'1
[Editor Rob: I think he is still very near 5ft 2, I didn't think he was that much under 5ft 2 and like I say he has about 1/3rd inch less sneaker.]
Ali Baba says on 22/Jul/15
I always figured he was around 5'3" going off the normal difference between reality and billed heights. Definitely around 5'2" with Rob.
Alex 6'0 says on 22/Jul/15
Shorter than I had thought. I always thought looked 5'3-5'4 on TV but he looks 5'2 with Rob. Looks a good 6 inches perhaps 6.5 inches. Even Rob with slight footwear its still 6 inches or slightly more. 5'2 seems right
Danimal says on 21/Jul/15
So he comes up to just below your nose, which is what 6" from the top of your head? He's probably close to 5'3" out of bed and 5'2" and change during the day.
Powerhouse says on 21/Jul/15
See the interesting thing is even though there is a clear 6 inch difference here Rob isn't making Mysterio look small because Mysterio has a solid build. So mysterio isn't looking like a little guy in comparison.
Sam says on 21/Jul/15
Yeah 5ft2 seems like it was probably accurate all along. Surprised really because I thought he'd be taller even though he's portrayed as the underdog. For some reason, I find its easier to gauge Del Rio's height than Rey's even though its more or less the same difference. Weird. Guess because we're used to seeing Rob with 6ft+ guys.
the shredder says on 21/Jul/15
looks 5'1.5
Leif Erikson says on 21/Jul/15
google says 1.68 lmao
linke says on 21/Jul/15
His Son is much taller than him.
JoHn B says on 21/Jul/15
Nice Photo Rob, for many years reports were saying 5'4 - 5'6 but nice to see the facts :)
mj says on 21/Jul/15
he is very short!!! more like 5"1...if he is 5"2 the difference should be identical to that b/w rob and del rio....but here the differnce is more...
Andrea says on 21/Jul/15
Fresh picture, huh, Rob? Considering you have more footwear, 5'2 range seems fine! And this also shows he's noway near his claim! :)
kashyap says on 17/Jun/15
i think 5.4
Mike T says on 7/May/15
Randy Orton is over a foot taller than him.
linke says on 23/Mar/15
He's 5'2, his son is 5'10.
james says on 8/Mar/15
Only 5'2? .i always thought he was a legit 5'3
MD says on 6/Mar/15
Anyone have any good guesses as to what his actual weight is and not his billed weight? I mean, he does look pretty big for his height, but that 175 lb claim is too much.
Sammy Derrick says on 3/Mar/15
Rey Mysterio is only 5'3 but has a NET WORTH OF 8.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!
Shamrock says on 28/Feb/15
rob I know you don't prioritise wrestlers as much as other guests but are you interested in getting photos with Mysterio, DiBiase and Rocky Johnson for the site?
[Editor Rob: of course any wrestler I might try to get if I can, although I have missed a couple which with hindsight I should have got...]
Bdm says on 3/Dec/14
I'm exactly 5'4
When I met Rey he was a little shorter then me
I'm guessing he is 5'3 1/2
Roman says on 29/Nov/14
Reymesterio is only 5"4 inch tall
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 22/Nov/14
Canīt see him taller than 5ī2", not today, not in old vids.

5ī2" is pretty spot on.
Clay says on 22/Sep/14
Yeah, under 5'3'' is pretty harsh.
Jesse36 says on 17/Sep/14
But if Rey mysterio is 5'2 then sin cara is 5'4 and Eddie is 5'6 and Benoit is 5'7 but since some of you guys think he is 5'1 so that puts sin cara at 5'3 and Eddie 5'5 and Benoit 5'6 so I think Rey is 5'2 becaus it makes no sense for Eddie to be under 5'6 and for Benoit to be under 5'7
evil says on 8/Sep/14
miko1 says on 6/Aug/14
Rey Mysterio has also had a couple of knee operations now so if he was 5'4 prime then he definitely would be down to around 5'2 now. It also shows in the pic of him next to A.J who is actually taller than him as she is leaning in more. He could be 5'1 even.
I say well done to him on his career in a profession mainly for big people. Well done doing anything as a grown man of that height really.
Alex 6'0 says on 12/Jul/14
If he's only 5'2 then they billed him 4 inches taller! I think he's more in the 5'3 range
Sam says on 11/Jul/14
Whaaaaat????? I thought he was 5 ft 6 (168 cm)?!! Or at least 5 ft 5 (165 cm)...
Ally says on 20/Mar/14
You got him right, Rob, he is not 168 cm, not 165 cm.He looked 18-20 cm shorter than Javier Zanetti, who is 177cm tall.
connornator says on 26/Feb/14
he's about 5 feet 2 inches
cd says on 22/Jan/14
If I had to guess his height exactly I would say 5'2.5. 5'3 isn't impossible.
Jo says on 11/Jan/14
I think 5 ft 3 was his prime,no he seems quite shorter.I remember on raw when rey was standing next to bryan whos around 5*6-5*8,and bryan had a lot of high on him,and i was like damn.
Bakura says on 30/Dec/13
5'3" is more accurate.
Josh says on 29/Nov/13
He is a bit under 5'4 162cm to be accurate.
Powerhouse says on 30/Oct/13
Yeah he's 5'2 - 5'3
marc says on 7/Oct/13
He said himself hes 5ft4 but wwe lists him as 5ft6 but, he does look small and appearently wwe lies about heights frequently idk 5ft4 is belevable if you ask me
Joe Green says on 18/Aug/13
5'3 - 5'5
14yrsold (178cm) says on 11/Aug/13
Legit he is 5ft 3
14yrsold (178cm) says on 11/Aug/13
I think he is Legit 5ft3
man says on 12/Jul/13
i think he is a legit 5'3
Travenous says on 20/Apr/13
He's 5'2" for sure. Wearing wrestling boots add up to two inches to one's height, plus shorter performers wear shoe lifts (sometimes called risers) to add even more height. Eddie Guerrero was billed as 5'8" but he was actually 5'6"
Omii says on 24/Feb/13
Really its 5 "5"
Rikashiku says on 23/Feb/13
There's probably 4" between Sin Cara and Rey. If Rey is 5'2" then Sin Cara would be 5'6", an inch under his usual billed height of 5'7".
Mikey T says on 23/Feb/13
If he's 5'2" then Sin Cara's gotta be 5'4-5'5"
Conti says on 13/Jan/13
Gaz,I mean't to say his billed height is 5'6.Also he wears 2 inch boots that make him 5'6.Therefore his real height would be 5'4.
gaz says on 9/Dec/12
Conti 5'6? how is he 5'6 when he said himself that his 5'4? Click Here
Conti says on 3/Dec/12
Jeff hardy is 6'0,so rey mysterio is at least 6 inches shorter than him.I would say 5'6 for him.
gaz says on 30/Sep/12
Click Here interview 52 seconds in to the video where he claims 5'4' Gene Okerland who was interviewing is listed as 5'8'
gaz says on 26/Sep/12
I notice some people think he is 5'6.. he gets listed as 5'6 by the wwe.. Thats he billed height. In an interview when he was in wcw which is on youtube still i think Rey says himself that he is 5'4 my guess would be 5'3 - 5'4 range.
2Cool says on 17/Sep/12
More like 5'3''.
SolidSnake says on 14/Sep/12
175 pounds at 5'2''? Pretty solid lol.
bear says on 29/Aug/12
i would say 5"4
The Tornado Ace Baron says on 3/Aug/12
I dont know guys, eddie guerrero is 5'8", and two inches can look more than you think. I would give him 5'6" because he looks about seven inches shorter than 6'1" Jeff Hardy.
Ras says on 28/Jan/12
Chico suave are you muscular? If not then yeah, it certainly is obese, not healthy at all to have that much fat.

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