How tall is Russell Brand ?

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Russell Brand's height is 6ft 1.5in (187 cm)

British Actor best known for roles in movies like Arthur, Get Him To The Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
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LittleMissBloke says on 17/Jul/15
6'1.5 seems exactly right. Met him on Monday, and I was surprised at how tall he was. I estimated 6'1.5 before coming on here to check
jack says on 15/Jul/15
He has said he is 6'1 and I doubt anyone would lie to make themselves shorter especially a man...he does wear boots all the time so he might appear taller
Gx79 says on 13/Jul/15
Rob it look like he wear Cuban heal watch @anon video would u agree
Anon says on 14/Jun/15
He's taller than 6'1. Jonathan Ross claims are to be 6'1.

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Mr L says on 20/Mar/15
Look at comic relief 2015 clip with 6'3 Lenny Henry. Russell looks taller in normal trainers
shivaya says on 1/Feb/15
Click Here he looks like 1.90cm here with 1.70cm Jonah Hill, but Russell is wearing heels. so I think he mist be like 1.85cm
Amaze says on 24/Jan/15
@Leonardo are you joking? he's not average size wtf
average is 175cm-178cm
tall begins at 183cm or 6'0+

he's 187cm or 6'1.5, hes solid tall.
in netherlands his height is just tall. nothing more. short side lmao you been on that dank havent ya son
Leonardo says on 22/Jan/15
187cm or 188cm? Seriously guys? Debating over 1 cm? He is just average size. Here in the Netherlands he will be even on the short side.
Height183 says on 21/Dec/14
Robs got this right. He isn't a proper 6'2''.
teej says on 18/Dec/14
He's one of those guys who are actually listed as shorter than he is. I think 187cm is righht for him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 31/Oct/14
Rob, is 188cm possible for Brand?
[Editor Rob: 187cm certainly is, 188? Maybe with his larger heels he can pull that off, but I'm not as sure he'd measure it barefoot.]
mr grim says on 6/Aug/14
He's 5/11 6foot Max have you saw the size of those f**king heels he wears I just saw a picture of him with Jonathan Ross and jonathan says he is 6/1 and they were the same height Jonathan was wearing normal dress shoes and Russell was wearing those heels that give him about 2 to 3 inches easy probably more anyone who says he is 6/3 or 6/4 are those people who claim to be 2 inches taller than they actually are so by saying he is taller than he is you can justify your own false claim that you are as tall as you say you are.
afka9 says on 29/Mar/14
6'1 s under is funny.he is least 6'1.5 inÁ.honestly tall guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 30/Nov/13
Looked about 2.5in taller than the 5ft11 Baldwin
Arch Stanton says on 7/Nov/13
I don't know if anybody here has seen Rock of Ages but he looked a clear 3 inches taller than Alec Baldwin. Couldn't see his footwear but I don't think he looked under 6'2" in comparison.
George says on 30/Oct/13
Just sat with a few people and they have said in their own words "it's amazing how tall he was...he was very tall". To me that says he is around 6ft2 with big boots to add on to his already tall height. 187 lunch time is what he honestly looks to me.
afka says on 14/Oct/13
Least 186 cm.he look very tall
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Oct/13
Another guy that edged out Colin Firth. Watch St. Trinians.
I think he claimed 6ft2.
Meltdown says on 7/Oct/13
Daraldo says on 10/Sep/13

That pic is damn near the smoking gun. If Jason Segel is anywhere near 6'4, even with a pavement advantage (which I do not see) Russell looks at least that tall. Honestly he looked 6'6 in that pic.

If you compare him to Jonah Hill who is allegedly 5'7 and up to his bottom lip, we are looking at very easily 8, if not 9+ inch difference. So you figure Jonah has 0.75 inches heel advantage and Russell has 2.75 inch heel advantage, the difference is 2 inches. So drop the height difference down from 9 to 7 inches and add that to 5'7, you still get 6'2 barefoot with the impression of 6'5. I'm going to say he is 6ft 2.5in barefoot morning height.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Oct/13
He looks '6'3" range next to Craig Ferguson but he was in those built up silver wonka boots so I think they'd be about the same height barefoot. Weight? I'd say around 170 pounds, he's quite broad in the shoulders, not quite the stick insect, but still a skinny guy.
Charles says on 27/Sep/13
He did say on Ellen Degeneres that he was 6'1. I can't find the clip but ellen said how tall are you? and he said i am quite long i'm 6'1.
Mathew says on 19/Sep/13
6'1.5" works fine for him. He wears big shoes at times.
Gheist says on 19/Sep/13
Im near 180, saw Brand and he is near 2-3 inches taller, 186.
Pierre says on 15/Sep/13
I see russell a lot and he's worn all kinds of footwear, to list him at 6ft1(185cm) is unfair because I'm 6ft4.5(194cm,195cm) and that's with flat sole footwear, and hes never too short compared to me. he's a solid 191cm for sure with his preferred boots on but I'd say 189cm would be the fairest.
avi says on 14/Sep/13
@Daraldo says on 10/Sep/13
pavement advantage!!!
Daraldo says on 10/Sep/13
Definitely not 6'1.. Easily 6'3. Here he is next to 6'4 Jason Segel wearing flat sole converse style shoes.
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linke says on 2/Sep/13
Rob what is your estimate on Noel fielding. With Brands, he looks 5'10-11 range. Fielding's brother looks to be around 9-10 inches shorter than him.
Rusty says on 24/Aug/13
I am 6'3" and 170 lbs and his build is very similar to mine. If Rob has him spot on he is probably 160 lbs.
DeeDee says on 31/Jul/13
He is at least 6'3" I have met him several times in person and have a few photos of him next to my friend who is 5'11" and he makes my friend look short by comparison Wish I knew how to post photos here
teej says on 15/Jul/13
Id say he's my height 187cm.. Lalman your a fool if you think he's only 6ft, he' obviously a strong 6'1 and 6'2 in the morning.
Arch Stanton says on 10/Jul/13
Couldn't have looked sleazier in Get Him to The Greek, but I thought he looked near 6'2" in it proportionally even accounting for boots.
Silent d says on 22/Jun/13
lelman says on 7/May/13
Ian says on 15/Mar/13
Needs a downgrade. He wears Cuban boots all the time. He should appear much taller next to Alan Carr (5ft9) but doesn't even look 6ft1 in his boots. Look at the facts - he's not as tall as some here claiming 6ft2 or 3 is Impossible. Next to Alan the best he is is 6ft AND He has the shoe advantage.
It looks like Carr has got a pretty nice heel there himself.
Ian says on 15/Mar/13
Needs a downgrade. He wears Cuban boots all the time. He should appear much taller next to Alan Carr (5ft9) but doesn't even look 6ft1 in his boots. Look at the facts - he's not as tall as some here claiming 6ft2 or 3 is Impossible. Next to Alan the best he is is 6ft AND He has the shoe advantage.
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Arch Stanton says on 12/Mar/13
Did you see the Justin Timberlake show? They got up and played crazy golf at the end and Ross had probably about 1.5 on him, not much. But Timberlake actually looked close to 6ft next to him, more 6' than 5'11 as I'd previously thought.
[Editor Rob: I don't watch as much chat stuff nowadays]
Arch Stanton says on 12/Mar/13
I've seen hundreds of shows over the years and Ross always seems 6'1" range to me, I don't think he'd lie about the 6'1.5" measurement though, possible he was measured at that earlier in the day when he was younger. I'm pretty sure Brand is a bit taller though.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Mar/13
Thing is, Joss Stone in heels was still shorter than J. Ross. I don't think he's under 6'1". But he could be 186cm. Russell Brand I think actually pulls off looking 6'2" a lot, regardless of heels. But he often wears big heels and still doesn't look over 6'3".5" in them. Maybe lower Ross to 6'1"? He was shorter than Jay Z and Clive Owen.
Arch Stanton says on 11/Mar/13
Rob see 0:19 onwards,Click Here his footwear doesn't look that big either. Do you think he'd be the same height as J. Ross? He seems a good inch taller even accounting for footwear
[Editor Rob: ross does look the smaller, as many have said he could be just 6ft 1 over last decade]
Silent d says on 13/Feb/13
187cm. He is deceptively tall.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Feb/13
He's taller than J. Ross, he was on the show recently and he looked a good inch taller, his footwear wasn't big either.
greg says on 5/Feb/13
Either Jimmy Fallon isn't 5'11" or Russell Brand is closer to 6'3". In the picture of them in the same shot, Fallon has noticeable heels, Brand doesn't.

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Nils says on 21/Jan/13
With heels about an inch shorter then Jason segel
question is how much the heels boost him.
joe joe says on 29/Nov/12
@ Ibrahimoviche's nose I'm also 6'1 I met im about 5 years ago when I was younger but still around 184/ 185 and he felt quiet alot taller than me. wasnt sure if he was wearing heels like he usually does, I cant remember but I remember thinking he was around 6'3 or so. he wasnt too famous back then.
Ali Baba says on 25/Nov/12
Shaun says on 8/Jun/12
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pic by the Range Rover he's looking 6'3"-6'4" range in those boots. They must give him a good 2 inches. Strong 6'1" lanky build guy in big boots accounts for the 6'4" illusion he often gives off.
Two things about that picture: Brand is on the curb and the Range Rover is parked on the street. His boots look extremely suspicious and look like they have internal lifts.
Arch Stanton says on 25/Nov/12
He looks taller than me, but he wears huge heels and his lanky frame and long hair adds to the illusion.

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He looks proportionally bigger than this here. He gets a lot of "very tall" comments I've noticed. He seems to wear either flip flops or those huge heels, I'd think he was very height conscious but for the fact that he often wears flip flops in the middle of winter.
Ibrahimovich\'s Nose says on 24/Nov/12
I'm 6'1. He is way taller than me. I met him about 2 months ago He's at least 6'4" Huge gangly **** he is and very nice.
Elijah says on 20/Nov/12
My mother met this guy and is convinced that he is "only" 5'9". LOL.
Mathew says on 10/Nov/12
186 cm is about right. No need to upgrade/downgrade that.
The Exorcist says on 7/Sep/12
He's at least 6'1".
ROJINA says on 22/Aug/12
I never thought of him as over 6"ft-somehow,I expected him to be shorter. Even if he was only 5"8-9,he wouldnt be any LESS sexy................................
Mathew says on 13/Aug/12
As listed. 186 cm.
Ajax says on 5/Aug/12
I don't think he's less than 6'1" either. 6'1.5" is possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Jul/12
Yeah 6ft1-6ft2 looks on target for Brand.
I saw Rock of Ages a couple of weeks ago
and he had 2-3in on Alec Baldwin..

Brand 6ft1.5(187cm)
Baldwin 5ft11(180cm)
Shaun says on 8/Jun/12
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pic by the Range Rover he's looking 6'3"-6'4" range in those boots. They must give him a good 2 inches. Strong 6'1" lanky build guy in big boots accounts for the 6'4" illusion he often gives off.
Vegas says on 1/Feb/12
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ramiz says on 31/Jan/12
6 ft is completely too low.min 6'1.25 maybe 6'1.5

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