How tall is Katy Perry ?

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Katy Perry's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

American Singer known for songs such as Roar, Firework and I Kissed a Girl. In a 2009 article she mentioned her height, saying "I'm 5'8", I'm tall-ish! I'm not that little of a rock princess"

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Mouse22 says on 20/Jul/15
@ches Yes, there's a number of pics from that occasion (when Katy took her grandmother to a Grammy show) - Katy and Britney are in heels; those may not be of exactly the same height, but a 3 inch difference is just about right. Although Katy is not quite as tall as she's rumoured to be, as I saw
when close to her, 5'7" is still her most likely height.
ches says on 15/Jul/15
@zas @Mouse22 oops, you are right.

but here she is with 5'4 Britney. I don't know if that is a 3 inch height difference. Click Here
Mouse22 says on 15/Jul/15
@ches zas is correct, Rihanna is still in heels, and Katy took her shoes off. I've seen pics in which Katy stood inches taller than her only because Rihanna wore flats. There's only 1 inch height difference at the very most between them.
zas says on 13/Jul/15
ches you are wrong, the only one barefoot is Katy. This video only proves that Katy is 5'7".
ches says on 12/Jul/15
Click Here

at the end of the video, Katy perry and Rihanna are both bare way she is 5'7. Assuming Rihanna is 5'8, Katy is 5'5 or 5'6
Mouse22 says on 11/Jul/15
@NavySister Just saw what you wrote, believe me you grossly underestimate Katy's appearance. With 'higher platform heels' she is not smaller than Rihanna but would stand taller, even if not when barefoot. And to say Katy is ' not anywhere near' Rihanna's height judging by a picture from which you can deduct nothing is not helpful. I have seen Katy for real, trust me she's not a 'little' girl but a reasonably tall woman.
Mouse22 says on 9/Jul/15
I met her again close up and would be convinced now, 5'7" - but not shorter! And yes, pictures are really no evidence at all.
M says on 25/May/15
Kanye Westis 1.72m and she is at least 4 cm shorter then him, so she cannot be 5'8" (or 1.73m).She is 5'6" or 1.68m.
Kshitij says on 25/Apr/15
in heels she can top many guys.But still tallest singer female will be Taylor Swift
G says on 24/Apr/15
She is 5'7 - 5'8
nayhole says on 28/Mar/15
god shes so hot. on tv she definitely looks 5'8 but she is probably around 5'7
Bishop says on 22/Mar/15
Here she is with Kanye West:
Click Here
She is nothing above what's currently listed.
lily says on 11/Mar/15
I think he rheight is 5ft 7 or 5ft 8
Silent_D says on 10/Mar/15
Ally says on 21/Feb/15
She does look pretty tall. I think 5'7 is accurate.
hereyougo says on 19/Feb/15
aha shes same height as lenny kravitz and shes wearing heels, hes 5ft7 so she must be 5ft3
[Editor Rob: Kravitz is NO 5ft 7...he's at least an inch taller than Jennifer Lawrence.]
wooley85 says on 17/Feb/15
I saw her concert from front seat. Hard to judge but no shorter than 5'7" w/ heels
and1224 says on 13/Feb/15
She's 5'6.5 with short legs
NavySister says on 1/Feb/15
@So what?
I just have to say that Katy always wears heels with platforms and RiRi does not. And even with higher heels Katy is still shorter than 5'8 RiRi. There is just no way that she is as tall as RiRi. Just uh-uh
Click Here
Click Here
And just to make it clear: RiRi is 5'8 and that lil' girl Katy is not even close. Amen!
Click Here
selenator says on 31/Jan/15
If Rita Ora is 5'5 than Katy Perry is 5'5 too cuz they're the same height.
Click Here
Bishop says on 10/Jan/15
Rob, how much height would these heels give her?:
Click Here
Because here she is with Barack Obama:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: Is Obama getting heel advice from Perry there?!
They very likely would give a full 4 inch, or at worst a small fraction under that mark.]
Ben Holster says on 4/Jan/15
she cant be 5ft 8 because 6ft bareoot david blaine towered over her in 3 inch heels so I would say 5ft 6 max
BGee says on 21/Dec/14
Weak 5'7 IMO.
Bishop says on 20/Dec/14
Doesn't look over 5'7".
GUKKABLE says on 20/Dec/14
SORRY your all wrong 5ft 5 or even 5ft 4, check her with other celebs she hardlys towers any and shes been pictured with kesha at the same height whereas katy has heels and kesha does not. so thinkk a serious downgrade is needed thanks
Clinton Seeber says on 20/Dec/14
Katy Perry is in the 5'8" to 5'9" range. Case closed!
jan reira says on 11/Dec/14
Katy is real tall I mean at first I thought that Katy and Taylor Swift are just the same height-:-)
Darren510 says on 26/Nov/14
Strong 5'7. She has great legs to
MrGrim says on 25/Nov/14
5ft7 is not bad at all its the female equivalent to a 6footer hence why a female models height is normally minimum 5ft7.
andre says on 9/Nov/14
5ft6.5 is her height
katycatandbublétte2001 says on 8/Nov/14
Just because you guys look at a photo doesn't mean that you can tell how tall she is , plus I've seen her in concert and she is about 5ft7inch or 5ft8inches
Honestly it depends what shoes shes wearing how high her hair is and that but her true night is 5.7 or 5.8 👍😊💖
linke says on 15/Sep/14
Agree with alex, Katy's clearly nowhere 5'8. I would say 5'6.75 or 5'7 is a better shout.
Aman says on 14/Sep/14
Iara, Taylor Swift is 5'11 not 5'8
lara says on 10/Sep/14
She is not 5"8! Look at her with pictures with Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift who is 5"8 TOPS is 4 inches taller than her. I'd put her at 5"5.5.
spiky says on 23/Jul/14
some people other than Katy say she's 5'8" but i also think she's 5'7"
Brad says on 14/Jul/14
5-8 str8.
So what? says on 7/Jul/14
NavySister, Rihanna wears higher heels habitually, they're both the same, 5'8". It's on 90% of the Internet and Katy will say so if you ask her. I saw Katy IRL many times this year, and that height looks like it, too.
Ron says on 4/Jul/14
Maybe 5'5 or 5'6.5 I don't think she is really 5'8.
afkam99 says on 26/Jun/14
Yeah she is 168-170 cm. pretty tall girl
NavySister says on 1/Jun/14
I've always thought that she's 5'6, but I guess she's 5'7, I wouldn't say she's taller than 5'7 because she's shorter than 5'8 RiRi: Click Here
So what? says on 25/May/14
She's 5'8" confirmed
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Apr/14
She says 5'8 and says tallish. 5'8 for a girl is a legit tall girl. 5'6-5'7 range for girl is more in the tallish range. Katy doesn't look more than 5'7 anyway
Just says on 15/Apr/14
In The Ellen Show she sure isn't 5'10.
Click Here
Just says on 13/Apr/14
She looks 5'6 to me.She wears hight heels with platform a lot.
Jim Taylor says on 29/Mar/14
She is 173cm-175cm that is very tall for woman!
Drift says on 20/Mar/14
I would say 5'10. Although with the high heels she always wears she goes well over 6 feet at times
frannie says on 10/Feb/14
what got me wondering was because i saw her on the ellen show and she looked like a midget.
Tommy Ace says on 2/Feb/14
Go look at any pic of her next to 6'1 Russell Brand without heels - there's a good eight inch difference. Much closer to 5'5 than she is 5'8.
truth says on 2/Feb/14
5ft7, could be 5ft6.5
Alyssa Hall says on 12/Jan/14
she's 5'9 the same height as my mom because I met katy perry back in summer of 2010 but then again I was only 5'2 at the time and I was wearing flats. im only 5'3.5 now and she still towers over me..katy perry is tall and gorgeous
truth says on 25/Dec/13
not 5ft8, 5ft7 seems a bit generous. I think 168-169cm fits her just fine.
Rhonda says on 16/Dec/13
On X-factor with biggest heels included was 2inches taller than 5ft7 Dermot O'Leary. My estimate would be 5ft5.5 without those heels she'd be smaller than Dermot.
KatyMouse says on 15/Dec/13
5'8" is 173cm. Her height is 173cm - OR 5'8" because that's the same. Rihanna is the same height but wears almost always higher heels than Katy. Kesha and Taylor are taller but not Rihanna.
KatyMouse says on 30/Nov/13
If Katy says she's 5'8" then what's so difficult to understand in that? She's not 5'5" and not 5'6" either. I've seen thousands of photos and months of videos, she's as tall as she says, 173cm.
marla singer says on 17/Nov/13
She's 5'6" or 5'6.5", see her here with 5'4" Britney Click Here
Jen says on 10/Nov/13
That's funny, because on the radio the other day she said she's 5'8
Silent d says on 29/Oct/13
170cm. Tall and pretty.
Rhonda says on 20/Oct/13
Just a little over Dermot O'Leary on X-factor, she had big heels on too. No more than 5ft5.
Sandy says on 25/Sep/13
I cant estimate how tall she is by this but its just a comparison. she's taller than average though, that's for sure. provided picures of myself next to obama & two of katy next to obama.

me, 178 cm wearing flats & not slouching at tussauds in london next to obama (katy wasnt there so I couldnt compare. russell was there but he was standing with his legs spread wide apart do I dont think would help us very much). he's half a head taller than me. Click Here

first picture of katy & obama: he's tilting forward and when he does theres close to no height difference between them Click Here

second picture: she's showing her shoe (12 cm? I dont wear heels so I really dont know), here he's about a head taller than her but looking at her body she's slouching alot. I think she might be bending her other knee aswell. Click Here

my guess is katy isnt under 170.
if anyone could find a picture with them together standing like normal people that'd be great lol, I cant for the life of me find one.
Haileeeeey says on 15/Sep/13
I saw her last year @ a meet & greet & I'm 5'7 & I was up to her chin with her heels so Shes about 5'8
KatyMouse says on 14/Sep/13
She's not shorter than five seven. She doesn't teeter on ridiculous heels as a rule, just wears heels like any other woman does, and it's easy to see that she's a good deal taller than average. People who meet her are not necessarily a totally reliable source; often people who stood next to me took me for three inches taller than I am because I'm slim. For some reason people also mistake Katy for shorter than she is. (no, Katy, I've not just called you fat, I called you tall, ok? Lol)
Viper says on 9/Sep/13
Shes this tall? always gave me a 5'5 impression.
Dantheman says on 26/Aug/13
Most women in the world are below 5'7"! the average American woman is 5'4". models arent known for beauty! they look like 7 foot tall teenage boys.Look up marilyn monroe,vida guerra,kim kardashain,rosee divine,Marika fruscio,mulher melao,mayra veronica,coco austin,Sophie Dee,Sarah lime,Monica santiago,shorter women have more estrogen which explains curves. what u consider "short" is actualyl average worldwide! and height doesnt matter on a woman! as long as shes not a giant masculine dude
Adamant says on 25/Aug/13
Maybe I'm 6'2" or so with my work boots on, I dunno never checked. But normally barefoot I stand 73&5/8"
Emil says on 24/Aug/13
Adamant says on 10/Aug/13
I worked for her as stage hand and have been next to her and in front of her talking with her. With slip on vans type shoes she comes up to my chin and I'm 6'1". So take it how you will.

If she came up to your chin you are likely in the 6'4-6'5 range
Adamant says on 10/Aug/13
I worked for her as stage hand and have been next to her and in front of her talking with her. With slip on vans type shoes she comes up to my chin and I'm 6'1". So take it how you will.
Silent d says on 5/Aug/13
Nothing stumpy about her scott. 170cm.
Scott says on 26/Jul/13
If you look at her bikini pics, she's all torso/neck. Her legs are very stumpy.
Silent d says on 26/Jun/13
170cm and taylor is 175cm.
Jack says on 26/Jun/13
Fair listing
Katys says on 31/May/13
and taylor swift isnt 1.80 harry styless is 1.78 and looks taller than her in the pics
Katys says on 31/May/13
she isnt she is like 5'6 1/2 im 5'10 and i met her she were using high heels and im still taller than her soo
anon says on 2/May/13
I'm pretty short, 5'6", but when I stood next to Katy Perry at the wax museum in Vegas, we were the same height even though she was wearing high heels.
K says on 28/Apr/13
She looks 5'7"! Defiantly close to that mark!
xx says on 26/Apr/13
Click Here
she looks 1-2 cm taller than allison willims who is 166 cm. I think katy is 168 cm at most.
J.Lee says on 5/Apr/13
Rob what is her height in your pic above, and what is her height in these monster shoes in this link? Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably a strong 5ft 11, maybe 181cm above and in the other link those are nice chunky heels, she might be 5ft 11.5 range in them, going by my estimate of her barefoot height...]
Danni says on 30/Mar/13
she has to be at least 175.. Here's a photo where Taylor swift (180cm) and katy are hugging. Taylor is wearing heels and katy is wearing flats, and Taylor is a max of five cms taller... Click Here
Danni says on 30/Mar/13
she has to be at least 175.. Here's a photo where Taylor swift (180cm) and katy are hugging. Taylor is wearing heels and katy is wearing flats, and Taylor is a max of five cms taller... Click Here
truth178cm says on 2/Mar/13
she always looked slightly above average for a girl. 5ft7 fits her perfectly.
Wesley says on 15/Feb/13
Unless the sources are wrong about Timbaland being 5'7 then it is absolutely impossible for her to also be that height. Just check out the pics of them together, with her in 4+ inch heels.
Brad says on 9/Feb/13
5' 5" is laughable. More P.R. stuff to lower reality for acting gtigs later on.
Connor 183cm says on 1/Feb/13
OMG katy is so god damn hot dont care about her height her body is gorgeous yes she is probably 5ft 7 nice height for a girl
osborn78 says on 25/Jan/13
Terina..probably because she wears heals all the time =)
Silent d says on 23/Jan/13
If you say so terina. Did you measure her? She always wears heels. 5 foot 7.
Josh says on 15/Jan/13
She looks 5'6 in that video with Diego Luna probably 5'6.5 (169cm)
Terina says on 13/Jan/13
I'm her fashion designer Terina Whakatau and Katy's real hieght is "5'5 exactly. I dont know why everyone thinks she's "5'7!
Silent d says on 19/Dec/12
I remember pamela anderson was shortish. Wasn't she measured at 163cm or something. I know she looks tall but she wears huge heels always. 170cm. If pamela is tall, i'll be shocked.
Katy lover says on 12/Dec/12
She's 5,7 she's cofirmed that
Sarah says on 1/Dec/12
If you look at the picture of Katy next to Shannon Woodward at Disney (both in flats), you can tell that Katy is around 5'7". Shannon is 5'2" (she has mentioned before) and Katy is just barely a head taller than her. I am 5'7", and one of my best friends is 5'2", and this is exactly the same height difference we have. At most, Katy is 5'8", but I doubt it. She wears quite high heels often, which makes her look taller.
greens says on 30/Nov/12
she is a little over 2 inches shorter than ciara at the billboard ladies luncheon taking in consideration both their heels,platforms both were wearing.
5.6 on a goodday
Arch Stanton says on 25/Nov/12
Click Here

Russell Brand looks far bigger than 6'1.5" here if she is really 5 ft 7 or 8.
Ottermode says on 20/Nov/12
Never 5'9, next to Brand (6'1) in heels she was still 2-3 inches minimum smaller making her around 5'10 in heels so she's 5'6-5'7 max barefoot!
AA says on 20/Nov/12
I'd say 5' 7.5" exactly.
katycat says on 15/Nov/12
she is 5'9"
Brad says on 10/Nov/12
5 feet 8. The Pam photo is enough. Rocks around 6' in heels.
jane says on 27/Oct/12
True long-waisted and less long in the legs slightly. I would put her around 5"7, B/C if her normal weight is 130 without being too fat or too thin, that would make her around this height. She is definitely not a 5"9 frame. 5"7-5"71/2.
jane says on 27/Oct/12
5 "7 1/2?
joeblow says on 21/Oct/12
Katy is a MINIUMUM of 5'9" tall. In this photo Click Here she is standing beside Pamela Anderson, who is 5'7 barefoot (confirmed) and Katy towers over her, by at least 2-3 inches. They are both wearing heels of similar size in the photo so it's not the shoes. I have met Pam and can confirm her exact height is 5'7", so Katy is for sure a minium of 5'9.
joeblow says on 21/Oct/12
Katy is a MINIUMUM of 5'9" tall. In the attached photo she is standing beside Pamela Anderson, who is 5'7 barefoot (confirmed) and Katy towers over her, by at least 2-3 inches. They are both wearing heels of similar size in the photo so it's not the shoes. I have met Pam and can confirm her exact height is 5'7", so Katy is for sure a minium of 5'9.
Silent d says on 12/Oct/12
She is 5 foot 7. 5 foot 8 is too tall for her.
Vikki says on 30/Sep/12
Watch her on Alan Carr Chatty Man, he's 5"9 and she's the same height in 4 or 5 inch heels so she's around 5"5.
Kim says on 22/Sep/12
She looks like she's slouching in the first photo and an inch taller in the second Benji Madden.
If Shannon Woodward is 5'1 then she looks 5'5 here.
little sue says on 20/Sep/12
They look about the same to me, I would say she is 5ft 6.
Dan says on 19/Sep/12
Shorter than Benji Madden (listed below 5'6 here)

Click Here
Click Here

both wearing flats as you can see
little sue says on 19/Sep/12
I'm here with my two friends and we have just measured ourselves without heels and with 5 inch heels, ramrod straight against the wall and non of us are 5 inches taller
Momma\'s Boy says on 18/Sep/12
Seeing the picture of her in those heels next to Timbaland it is quite obvious that she is 5'6 max. And to that genius in the previous comment, a 3 inch heel DOES give you 3 inches, same way a 5 inch heel gives you 5 inches. Only way you get less is if your slouching.
Ikki says on 9/Sep/12
I think shes shorter then 5'8" because i'm 5'8" and I look mich taller with her and with heels I think she could be 5'10", I tend to be 5'11
Melissa says on 26/Aug/12
if she's 5' 8" then i'm 6' 0".
face it, 5' 7" is right on the money for Katy, and I am nothing over 5' 11" tall.
Z-Man says on 25/Aug/12
I hate how people here always try to downgrade. I think she's 5'8.
SunshineRainbows says on 23/Aug/12
Iv seen a pic of her next to Taylor swift who is reportedly 1.8m and Katy is taller. That could b heels but shed have to b in the High 170's cause I'd assume Taylor was wearing heels aswell and she was a bit taller, like probably 7cm
laura says on 15/Aug/12
isnt katy perry 1.76m, which is roughly 5.9in ... so the info here is falsE?
Peyman says on 11/Aug/12
anywhere between (5ft 6.5in - 5ft 7in) is fair enough for her.
Lee says on 10/Aug/12
She's 5ft 8. Short legs, long torso.
theblacklab says on 4/Aug/12
Chiara, it's better to be above than below, trust me! I hope I'll get to at least 5'6" by the time I'm grown, but 5'7" is my real hope. As for Katy's height, she looks above average, but not necessarily tall. I think she could be a minimum 5'6" and a maximum 5'7". She may have claimed 5'8", as many sources suggest; so if she has, she'll then be an example of the infamous '2 inch rule' in Hollywood. If she's 5'6" that is - which I think could be likely - or 5'6.5".
Chiara says on 24/Jul/12
5´7 is the perfect height for a female, in my opinion. Unfortunately i´m almost 5 inches above that. :x
Kipper says on 31/Jan/12
She's around 5'6"-5'7".
Silent d says on 29/Jan/12
170cm seems tight on.
Bard says on 27/Jan/12
Katy Perry is 5'7. I really wonder how some of you think that isn't tall for a woman.
Silent d says on 26/Jan/12
The fact you are wrong. I think kesha and rihanna are about the same height. Kesha just looks taller. I know katy perry is in the 168 to 171 range.
SIlent d says on 24/Jan/12
Ruby rose might be 5 foot 8 and katy perry 5 foot 7. I never thought she was that tall but if kesha is close to 5 foot 9 then perry is 5 foot 7.
Ash says on 23/Jan/12
No, Katy Perry is around 5'9. She is tall.
Maximus says on 22/Jan/12
If she is 5'6" thats not exactly short for a woman.

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