How tall is Tom Welling ?

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Tom Welling height: 6ft 2.75in (190 cm)

American actor best known for starring as Clark Kent in tv series Smallville. In film he has appeared in The Fog and Draft Day. In an article by Rob Allstetter of The Comics Continuum, he quotes Sam Jones (a 5ft 7 member of the cast) as saying: I asked, "Hey, Tom, how tall are you?" Because I was waiting for him to say 5-7 and I could start laughing. He's like, "6-2 or 6-3.". Welling himself has also stated that "I'm almost six-foot-three" and "about 6'3."

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Sammy Derrick said on 22/Aug/15
On an Interview on Regis and Kelly,Kelly points out that he looks taller in person than on screen...he says that he is about 6'3
Many of his colleagues and his bios on websites all claim 6'3 plus he doesn't look like the insecure guy who would lie about his height...
Andrea said on 17/Jul/15
Rob, just out of curiosity, do you really think Sam Jones is just 5'7? At times, he doesn't look that short with Tom and the other castmates on the show but there are also pics (outside the set) where he really doesn't look over 5'7! He's a tricky guy, do you think they made him stand on appleboxes or something in some scenes? Here, for example, ok, he's slouching but still i doubt he would be much taller if stood straight: Click Here
Here, something's going on since he looks maybe around 5 inches shorter than Tom: Click Here
[Editor Rob: been a while since I watched those early smallville's, but at times he seemed taller than 5ft 7, I'd put it down to possible small 3-4 inch crate, as he looks 5ft 7 in normal photos mostly.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jul/15
Because he's got good posture, he could easily be mistaken for 6ft3+(Technically he is that but much earlier in the day).
Andrea said on 27/Jun/15
If Tom came out with a very precise claim like "I'm 6'3 and a quarter" instead of "almost 6'3", Rob would have probably have given him that... Just see what happened with Jake Gyllenhaal or Jim Beaver! ;)
[Editor Rob: the Jake story isn't finished, the next chapter will be when he agrees to a measurement!]
Josh said on 25/Jun/15
Johnny Depp is around 5'9 yet he is absolutely towered over by Tom here. Kirsten also looks a lot smaller next to Tom compared to her husband who you also have around the same height. He is 6'3. Click Here
Mike said on 22/Jun/15
190-191 range. No less.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jun/15
Welling is 190-191cm range, no less. Pretty much 6ft3 bang on.
If Rob didn't see that quote, he'd list him at that.
joe 193cm night said on 16/Jun/15
Click Here Schneider seemed 6'2.75 (190cm) next to david hasselhoff
Andrea said on 30/Apr/15
Rob, you see what i am talking about? Why there are scenes like this? Tom and Michael walking on the street and they basically keep this perspective for all the time: Click Here
I mean, as you say, Tom is Superman. Shouldn't he appear imposing? There are many scenes like this on Smallville...
Or scenes like this: Click Here Here he's talking to a guy who is in fact way shorter than him but from this shot you wouldn't say that, right? I wonder why they use these tricks a lot on the show. Is that what you mean with "making him taller"?
[Editor Rob: some directors might have just filmed with certain low angles for effect, but I did watch it and from what I recall I don't think overall they made him shorter, although you would find many instances of angles that did reduce heights.]
Jay said on 28/Apr/15
@pablo, They probably had Jared wear boots in that scene
pablo77bar said on 25/Apr/15
Josh Pence is in the 6ft 2.5-6ft 2.75 range
so YES
Tom Welling is 6ft 3
But I dont know
He looks much smaller than Jared.At least in that famous picture
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Apr/15
Rob, do do you think he'd edge Idris Elba, Dave Morrisey and Liev Schreiber?
[Editor Rob: I think probably Schreiber could turn out to be weakest of those...a guy like Welling might pull off appearing taller than some because I believe he has worked on his posture and carries himself very near his measured height, while Elba doesn't and is more loose in posture at times.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/15
There are plenty of guys on this site listed at 6ft3 that I'm certain Welling would edge out.
John said on 5/Apr/15
I've seen behind the scene footage and Tom almost always edges John out.
Andrea said on 4/Apr/15
Obviously? I could post a lot of pictures where Tom looks taller than him! Of course you can find some scenes where John edges (or at least seems) him out... And no, i don't think they do that much to make him appear taller but it's the opposite! If you really watched Smallville you can see that, in most of the scenes where Tom talks to the other actors/actresses, they use low camera angles which favourite the others and it's basically impossible to tell the real difference! I wonder why...
fish said on 4/Apr/15
cmon guys.. john schneider is obviously a little bit taller than welling in the first 2-3 seasons. it is like rob said, the producers wanna make tom appear more imposing looking as superman
Andrea said on 28/Mar/15
In fact I still doubt John would be taller than Tom! If I had to choose, I'd bet on Tom being taller than John, not the opposite for sure! I'd be very surprised if John was the taller one because, as you said, John wears boots in many scenes too! Maybe John is more 6'2.5 and Tom 6'2.75?
Lorne??? said on 26/Mar/15
I must say, I still can't really see John Shnieder as taller than Tom, generally they look the same, in an episode I watched last night though Tom looked taller, in multiple scenes, and both were wearing boots(at least in the one scene). Even if Tom's boots were a bit thicker(they likely were) that would mak him at worst the same height as John, which is what I personally always though, within a few mm of each other. I can believe Tom's almost 6ft3, so John should be that same height as well, especially since Rob has said he is "near" 6'3 after meeting him in person(as opposed I a solid)
Andrea said on 24/Mar/15
He's clearly taller than 6'2 guys like Alan Ritchson or Justin Hartley! Anything below this listing is quite hard to believe...
John said on 22/Mar/15
Viper among others have purported Tom is 6'1", I personally find that hard to believe. I doubt he would measure anything below 6'2" at his worst. Rob, do you think it's likely Tom could measure below 6'2"?
[Editor Rob: the 6ft 2 listing was back in his modelling days, when a lot of agencies kind of capped guys who cleared 6ft 2 and put them as 6ft 2...the fact he came out with that specific 'almost 6ft 3' is to me a good indication he's been measured a small amount under 6ft 3.]
Rusty 190cm said on 18/Mar/15
Rob, do you think he can be only 1/8 inch shy of the mark like me and just chooses to be modest? Or do you think he measures somewhere between 6'2.5-75"?
[Editor Rob: I'm sure he's been measured somewhere around that 6ft 2.75 range. Most men would just say 6ft 3, but he did come out once with the almost, other time just the 6ft 3.]
John said on 17/Mar/15
I think he can touch 6'3" fresh out of bed which makes him a weak 6'3". With that said he still edges many Hollywood claims such as Ben Affleck for instance.
Bishop said on 15/Mar/15
This is weird because I always saw him as a strong 6'3" guy....
joe 193cm night said on 7/Mar/15
SJH,I know you see this scene I was 12 at the time
John said on 5/Mar/15
So Rob, in your opinion is Tom being truthful about his claim? I feel there's enough evidence to support that he's near 6'3.
[Editor Rob: I think he is quite honest.]
S.J.H said on 23/Feb/15
@joe 192cm says on 7/Feb/15
tom is 63 Click Here

Just a reminder this scene Kane was in a thick boots at about 2inch
Josh said on 8/Feb/15
He's going to be in a movie with Benjamin Walker who you have listed at 6'3 on here.
joe 192cm said on 7/Feb/15
tom is 63Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Feb/15
He has an easy 2in on Costner in Draft Day (a pretty decent movie BTW). But Costner being a little under 6ft1 today is possible after turning 60
John said on 2/Feb/15
I agree that Tom would edge out quite a few 6'3 claims on this site as actors have a tendency to inflate their height.
S.J.H said on 1/Feb/15
Rob, why don't you leave tom welling at 6'3? Since most actors were more commonly round up a 0.25-0.5" up. I him a good 6'3
[Editor Rob: 90% of men at 6ft 2.5-2.75 range might just have said 6ft 3, but this guy comes out and says he is almost 6ft 3...why wouldn't I list him at almost 6ft 3 then?
John said on 21/Jan/15
Strange, I can't see where Tom's on his tip toes necessarily, his feet are obscured in the pic I'm seeing. Why would a near 6'3 guy need to go up on his tip toes anyway?
[Editor Rob: so more of himself can be seen in the photo.]
Andrea said on 21/Jan/15
Based on what would you say that? To me, he's standing very straight, i mean, look at his legs!!!
[Editor Rob: Tom is on his tip toes in the shot.]
Andrea said on 20/Jan/15
Rob, here's Tom with Ashley Greene (in 4 inches heels, as you can see from the event) and Paul Khoury, that you guessed at "about 6'"...
Click Here
You think that's about 3 inches difference? :)
[Editor Rob: it could be that. He's not exactly standing as tall as he can there.]
Andrea said on 19/Jan/15
Well, i wouldn't rely on modeling agency cause Tom himself was listed at 6'2 flat when he was a model... Josh i think looks 6'3 if Arnie Hammer is really 6'4.5! I am not sure there is more than 1.5 inches between them, sometimes it can look more but Arnie is a guy who raises his eyes in many photos and he has impeccable posture! Of course, there's always a chance Arnie is no more than 6'4 flat, Josh is more 6'2.5 and Tom a bit taller near 6'3...
John said on 19/Jan/15
I looked it up and one of Pence's modeling agency had him listed at 6'2.5 which is consistent with Tom's near 6'3.
Josh said on 18/Jan/15
In that picture with Pence. If that guy is 6'3, Tom is definitely at least that. He actually looks a little taller than Pence.
vtec said on 17/Jan/15
with 6'3 pence

Click Here
joe 192cm said on 15/Jan/15
on the statement of Justin Hartley Tom should this about 190cm-191cm
John said on 10/Jan/15
I agree Andrea, John looks nearly 4 inches shorter there.
Andrea said on 9/Jan/15
Click Here
How much difference, Rob?
[Editor Rob: in that still John can look barely even 5ft 11.]
Andrea said on 4/Jan/15
What about the photo with John?
Andrea said on 2/Jan/15
Well, even considering some footwear disadvantage, you look taller next to 6'3 guys on this site and she's supposed to be an inch taller than you! And i wouldn't base Tom and Callum comparison on that photo since Callum is closer to the camera and still looks nearly 2 inches shorter! And what about the photo with John Glover? He looks what? 4 inches shorter?
[Editor Rob:
The cameraman is around the left hand side of that group, but not in front of Tom, so I would say their distance to the cameraman was actually very close. Click Here.]
Andrea said on 2/Jan/15
Yeah, sorry! Here's the photo: Click Here
The comparison with John... I was talking about my previous post...
[Editor Rob: I think in the group shot the height of blue and welling look what they claim to me, mack looks 5 inches shorter than cassidy, both in probably 0.4in footwear, the guys with maybe a fraction thicker but not much.]
Andrea said on 1/Jan/15
How much difference you think there is there between John and Tom? Of course, Tom is wearing Timbs in that scene so let's give him 0.5 more in footwear...
And what about this? Btw, Cassidy Freeman doesn't look 5'9 for sure there!!!
[Editor Rob: the link never appeared]
Andrea said on 29/Dec/14
This is a perfect example of what i'm talking about:
Click Here
Low camera angle, Glover closer to the camera...
It's only a scene here, but i could find many ones like that! The question is, why they "reduce" Tom's height this way if he's Superman, Rob?
Of course, there are some scenes where you can see more clearly their height difference. Look at here: Click Here
And i don't think John is much under his listing since he's taller than strong 5'11 range Michael Rosenbaum...
[Editor Rob: just from watching the show I never thought they did much to reduce height differences except when doing the talking-head shots.]
Andrea said on 28/Dec/14
Rampage, the fact he's listed shorter than 6'3 guys doesn't mean he's actually shorter than them! I mean, a listing on this site doesn't change celebrities' real heights! This is just a guess! I am sure that if Tom went out with 6'3, he'd be listed at a full 6'3 on here! This is an example of how celebrities' claims can affect Rob's listings... And Rob, I wouldn't say they make him taller than he is in Smallville because, as i already said, when he has scenes with guys like Michael Rosenbaum or John Glover (who themselves aren't short at all) they use low camera angles which favour them and make them look taller than they are next to Tom! I'm still wondering why... When they don't use these "tricks", you can see that he's no less than his listing!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/14
Rob, are you still convinced that's a hair under 6ft3?

I have a hard time believing guys like Chris Hemsworth and Brendan Fraser would edge him out
[Editor Rob: I believe he is honest in his claim, at one point he measured a little under 6ft 3. With good posture and a boot of course on the show he could look domineering - he's playing Superman, the business is to not make him look small.]
Samir said on 17/Dec/14
I think He's close to 6'3.5 or 1.93m. He's too damn tall, He's even taller than Ashton Kutcher o Justin Hartley.
onthemoney said on 26/Nov/14
he's a tall man. could've claimed 6'3" and we would believe him. instead he said I'm almost 6'3" so 6'2.75" is a good listing.
Andrea said on 17/Nov/14
Well, since you always talk about his posture, he doesn't seem a guy who always try to stand at his tallest as you say, "stretching to the last mm"! If you wanna talk about guys who stand in a military pose most of the time, i think about a Stephen Amell, a Sly, a Henry Cavill or a Vin Diesel! Those guys are guys who would like to be taller for sure... You say having a good posture means a person is very self-confident but i am not so sure... I've seen just a few pics of a guy like Vin Diesel but he certainly doesnt strike me as a "self-confident" guy but more complexed and insecure about his height! Tom, yeah, he generally has a good posture but that's all... I doubt he'd like to be taller, especially after him saying he's "too tall" for his job!
[Editor Rob: diesel seems a confident guy, he just wishes he was taller so accentuates his height ;)

For me, posture gives a a big matter the height of someone, standing tall and straight head is a visual sign of confidence and well being/positivity, while a slouched, scuffling demeanour gives off more negative vibes.
Andrea said on 17/Nov/14
Yeah, he seems a very private person, despite his job... He's not a guy who enjoys appearing on journals and television for sure! Maybe if he'll be in another tv series in the future, he'll do some cons but Rob is right, chances are quite low unless he goes chasing celebrities on the street (which, btw, is not the best way to guess heights...). But i'm curious Rob, if Tom was something like 190-190.2 at his low, would you honestly be able to say "Naa, this guy is not 6'3, he's a bit under it"... 3-5 mms are nothing, IMO, especially if someone is several inches taller than you!
[Editor Rob: I'd expect him to look around a range. If he had impeccable posture he might even fool you into thinking he was in the 6ft 3-3.25 range!]
joe said on 8/Nov/14
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Nov/14

Why would that be?
fisch said on 3/Nov/14
My guess would be nearly 192cm (6'3.5") in the morning and 189,5 cm at his very lowest.
So 190cm seems right on the money.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/14
Rob, what are the chances of you meeting Welling?
[Editor Rob: low]
mike said on 16/Oct/14
Tom Welling: 6ft 2.75-3in 190-191 cm
Kevin Costner peak: 6ft 1-1.25in 185-186 cm today: 6ft 0.75-1in 185 cm
Tuga said on 13/Oct/14
Been rewatching smallville, 1.90cms seems perfect, totally agree with Rob on this one.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Oct/14
Anything below a flat 190cm is bogus for Welling
PepsiCola said on 2/Oct/14
OMG that link is already posted lol sorry XD
PepsiCola said on 1/Oct/14
Tom Welling new interview 04/02/2014 claiming almost 6ft3 Link here Click Here

Part of interview:
As a model who entered acting, is it an obstable because people see just a pretty face? I think the way I looked helped me with Smallville; being similar to what they thought Clark Kent looked like. My height has never helped. I'm almost 6-3. People say, 'Oh, you're too tall.' Maybe it's a nice way of saying I'm no good.
In Smallville, I was new to the industry but I was fortunate enough to be cast as a character who was new to himself. So I as I learned, he learned.

Date: 04/02/2014
184.3cm said on 28/Sep/14
190-191cm Tall guy. I didnt think John looked taller at all. And didnt he even say that Tom was taller than him?
Joe said on 26/Sep/14
190 cm is his height. He consistently looked 1-2 cm shorter than John Schneider in Smallville. John is listed at 6'3"(as that is evident from his pic with Rob).

He has himself claimed "almost 6'3" " which means he's a littler bit shorter than that.I can't really understand making a huge deal out of 0.5 cm. There isn't any visible difference between 190.5 cm and 191 cm.
Andrea said on 31/Aug/14
Well, you can see the same guy with:
- James Franco : Click Here
- Benicio Del Toro (back in 2010): Click Here
- Eva Riccobono (an italian model listed on her agency at 179): Click Here
He still does look much shorter than Tom, though...
Andrea said on 31/Aug/14
I told you i meant the guy at 1:50 and not the tall one... I thought this guy was easily 5 inches shorter to be fair, but yeah a clip like that is not the ideal... You think he might be 5'10-5'10.5?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 10 flat is a possibility yes]
Andrea said on 31/Aug/14
Sorry Rob, but if this is just a couple inches difference, i think i'll give up guessing heights because Tom does look a lot taller to me:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I was talking about the other guy, the black fella....ah, this guy, well he could appear between 4 and 5 inches smaller in that part of the clip.]
Andrea said on 30/Aug/14
The guy at ~1:50 is 184-185? O.o Hell, he does look noticeably shorter than Tom! I dont mean the tall guy who actually looks taller than 184 next to the other celebrities...
[Editor Rob: couple of inches shorter is what he looked.]
Andrea said on 29/Aug/14
So, Rob? I ask you because i seen him with other italian celebrities and i wanna know what you think he looks with Tom...
[Editor Rob: in the clip you showed before he can look a few inches smaller, maybe around 184-5 zone.]
Andrea said on 28/Aug/14
Rob, how tall you think the guy he talks to (from about 1:47 on)?
Click Here
Robbin said on 28/Aug/14
He was just 2inch taller than 6'0.5 Kevin Costner , i would say Tom was a solid 6'2.5 and 6'2.75 on a good day.
Tommo said on 11/Aug/14
Man alive, can't believe the guy's 37 now. Judging by the few pictures and video of him and Padalecki together, I think a weak 6'3 is pretty bang on. Seems like a rare case of a guy being exactly what he claims.
John said on 10/Aug/14
Do you really think Tom shrinks an inch by the end of the day at 37? I think it's more likely he drops .25 of an inch and is 6'3 in the morning and at night is 6'2.75 to 6'2.5. I maintain that the bulk of the evidence that suggests he is beyond this height is most of Hollywood inflates their heights which makes a legit "almost 6'3" seem taller than it is.
Andrea said on 9/Aug/14
6'3 out of bed? Since he very likely is a guy who is a solid 190 at his worst, he probably isn't less than 6'4 out of bed!
John said on 8/Aug/14
Rob, do you think it's likely that Tom could be 6'3 fresh out of bed?
[Editor Rob: I think he would probably be 6ft 3.5-3.75 out of bed, there is more chance shrinking near an inch at that height]
Andrea said on 2/Aug/14
Yeah, you're right! But you gotta admit that the more you see of him the more he looks no less than the listinf, unlike many others on here. Just think about a Ben Affleck or Will Smith, i could post several pics of them where they looks at least 0.5 inches shorter than their listing but i'm not doing it because i know you wouldn't change your mind! I named them but i could name many other celebrities!
[Editor Rob: I think Welling can hold his listing fine, there is enough to say he is nearly 6ft 3.]
Andrea said on 2/Aug/14
I perfectly know that but you can see say the same with the pics you post "as some kind of proof" plus the possible uneven ground!
[Editor Rob: the ultimate proof would be a measurement, but treat what is posted as evidence.

Sometimes the more evidence that we see, the more chance our opinion of a height can change from the current opinion. Or it can even solidify or enforce our belief in the height we think someone is.]
Andrea said on 1/Aug/14
Rob, isn't this guy the famous stuntman?
Click Here
In this photo they aren't outside and Tom is clearly taller xD
[Editor Rob: it looks like him, although how much each might lose in leaning is harder to tell.]
John said on 17/Jul/14
I've seen multiple behind the scenes specials and commentary that talk about cast members walking on ramps, standing on boxes and even digging ditches for Tom to stand and walk In. There is also commentary on the fact that if you can't see Tom's feet he's wearing sandals or even slippers not the big boots. All this was done for framing purposes, not to minimize his height. With all that said this does make it difficult at times to judge his height. There are scenes where the camera pulls back for a full body shot and I'm sometimes surprised to see the true height differences between Tom and the rest of the cast. I've even seen behind the scene photos and footage of Tom and John Scheinder and Tom more often than not edges john. The reason Tom edges out other Hollywood stars with similar height claims is their claims are inflated, his isn't.
Andrea said on 11/Jul/14
Vtec, too bad there's just that photo with Pence... Josh is closer to the camera but Tom still seems taller than him! And look at Josh with Armie Hammer, who is listed at 6'4.5, he really doesn't look more than an inch shorter than Hammer! So once again, just according to the other listings on here, Tom looks taller than an "almost 6'3"... Rob, i could post many scenes where Tom can look a bit taller than his costars. Rosenbaum himself said he used apple boxes with him because he's too tall... But it still doesn't make any sense since he's Superman and must look imposing!
[Editor Rob: for close ups sometimes they will make it easier by using small ramps on set, it is understandable, but in a lot of wide shots I thought they certainly weren't trying to make Tom look anything but his height!]
vtec said on 9/Jul/14
looks slightly taller than 6'3" Josh Pence.

Click Here
Andrea said on 9/Jul/14
Rob, why do you think they always try to reduce his height on Smallville? You can clearly see that when he has scenes with all the other actors, like Rosenbaum or Glover... They always use low camera angles which favour the others, there are a few scenes when you can see he's noticeably taller than all of them but in most of the scenes those actors can look just a bit shorter! I mean, he's superman, as you said, he should look imposing!
[Editor Rob: I don't think they did much to reduce his height, maybe in some cases for framing any tall guy with a smaller guy they may have done a little, but from watching the show I don't remember him not looking tall or near 6ft 3.

It makes no sense to reduce Superman's height, if anything they'd be wanting to make him look at least the height he is.]
Rey said on 1/Jul/14
He was also playing Clark Kent. Christopher Reeve said that he would compress his back when playing the Daily Planet Reporter. That is a fact.
Yaspaa said on 26/Jun/14
Yeah, Reeve was taller... and? He didn't slouch, he was playing Superman for God's sake.
Andrea said on 25/Jun/14
Rob, how tall you think Eric Johnson is? On Smallville, he can really look 6'2 with Kavan Smith, who's listed at 5'8 on here (a weak one, as you said):
Click Here
Click Here
I've seen him in other shows like Supernatural or Orphan Black and he looked near 6'2, even there...
But with Tom, he never looks this tall. Click Here
I post this pic because Tom is wearing "normal" shoes there, so no Timbs advantage... He looks 6'1.25 at most if Welling is 6'2.75, there (and through all the series).
[Editor Rob: he can look anywhere from 6ft 1 to 2 at times, been a long time since I watched those early smallvilles]
Rey said on 24/Jun/14
To the previous comment: Christopher Reeve was a sloucher. Even in some of Superman's scene as Clark Kent he over did it. I believe Reeve had more height, but some how would diminish it --there is scene where he takes off his glasses and "grows" 3 inches as he almost tells Lois Lane his other identity. In every movie and in every appearance he starts to slouch. The best posture for Reeve was on the tonight show with Johnny Carson--that evening he looked 6'4" without a doubt. I would give him 6'3.5" at his lowest. I believe Chris to be taller and bigger than Welling and Routh. I see little difference between Tom and Brandon, but Christopher is still King. The photo of Williams and Reeve --is not a good reference. There are other photos where Reeve towers over Williams. Look at some of the old photos of Reeve and Annette O' Toole, not Welling or Schneider made her look so small.
Josh said on 24/Jun/14
Tom Welling: 6'3
Ben Affleck: 6'2.5
Brandon Routh: 6'3
Jared Padalecki: 6'4

They are tall guys and I think all of them except for Affleck are over 6'3
Andrea said on 24/Jun/14
As i already said, i dont think he would just "edge out" Affleck by a small fraction, he could even be a big inch taller... I dont buy affleck at 6'2.5, 6'2 flat is ok and i wouldnt be surprised if he was a bit under that mark! As for Routh, i'm the first saying he's no less than 6'2.5, but 6'3? Mm, i wouldnt him at that height, if there was even a small chance he was that tall, i think Rob would have given 6'3... I think Tom would edge him out, like 1 cm taller... It would be interesting to do a comparison between the two and maybe even Reeve, who i dont think was a full 6'4... Robin Williams held his own next to him... Just look at 5'7 guys with real 6'4 guys like Padalecki, they are completely dwarfed!
Rey said on 22/Jun/14
Tom Welling would edge out Ben Affleck. I think it would be closer with Brandon Routh. I think Routh is close to 6'3",too.
Andrea said on 20/Jun/14
Rob, interesting pic with Michael Shanks, that you met:
Click Here
He has no Timbs or thick shoes in this pic for sure and Shanks probably has shoe advantage (just looking at the outfit)... How tall you think he looks?
[Editor Rob: he doesn't look over 5ft 11 but his posture is more of a pose, in person he does look 6ft though.]
Rey said on 17/Jun/14
Sometimes he and Chris Cuomo can pass for brothers. About the same height, too.
Andrea said on 28/May/14
And, just out of curiosity, how tall you think is the blond guy here?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could look taller, possibly near 6ft 4]
Andrea said on 26/May/14
Rob, how much difference you think there is here?
Click Here
The other guy is Shawn Ashmore, who generally looks around 180...
[Editor Rob: it's not a long scene standing, he can look about 4 inches in a moment when side by side]
Jay said on 19/May/14
KROC there's not much difference between 6'2.5 and 6'3.
KROC said on 12/May/14
I think 6'2.5 is perfect for him. He doesn't look as tall as a legit 6'3 guy like Kevin Sorbo for instance.
Andrea said on 7/May/14
Yeah, John. I never bought that listing too, around 6'2 would be ok but 6'2.5 is very very optimistic...
John said on 3/May/14
Affleck is listed at 6' 2.5" but I've always been incredulous of this listing. I also don't believe him to be over 6'2 but I wanted to know Rob's opinion on it.
Andrea said on 3/May/14
I'd like to see Ben claiming his absurd 6'3.5-6'4, in front of Tom Welling, who says almost 6'3... It'd be like G claiming 5'9 to Rob, a very funny scene!
Andrea said on 3/May/14
Edge out? He'd be at least an inch taller, also because Affleck is not over 6'2...
John said on 2/May/14
Rob, in your opinion do you think Welling would edge out Ben Affleck?
[Editor Rob: I think he would probably win a height battle with affleck.]
Arch Stanton said on 25/Apr/14
LMAO haha. Rob you'd make a good actor, you looked genuinely distressed!! Still, you could have always measured 5'6.75"! :-)
[Editor Rob: I may have done a Hulk and smashed up the stadiometer!! ]
Andrea said on 24/Apr/14
What if Tom measured almost 6'3 with that model, Rob? :)
I dont think his recent claim comes from a second measurement. As i said, he's not like many users on here who spend their days by measuring themselves. He probably has better things to do ;)
[Editor Rob: I think his height fits with other people...if you are almost a mark, sometimes you check it or are curious to see if you can reach it. I would be surprised if he hasn't measured a few times in his 20's.]
Lorne said on 23/Apr/14
Lol, I think a lot of people don't get Rob's sense of humor. :)
[Editor Rob: don't laugh, I came in under 5ft 8 myself on the SneakyG Model...but remember to only watch until about 40 seconds out of respect for the incredible shrinking rob, watching any further would only prolong my pain :(]
DinDonDan (ex Balrog2) said on 18/Apr/14
Rob that's something, and now it makes sense.

Still, nevertheless, everybody here would like a picture with someone close his height with whom we could compare his heght.
Lorne said on 17/Apr/14
To be fair, he's still taller than a lot of guys on here listed 6'3. It's quite possible he is 190 at low. But yeah, he didn't measure wrong, and besides, with his posture a mismeasurement was unlikely to begin with.
Balrog said on 17/Apr/14
If he came up again with the almost 6'3" then there is really no chance he got measured wrong. I believe him now a legit 190cm, even though he can look the full 6'3" many times.
CelebLifts said on 16/Apr/14
Stop insulting Tom's intelligence by saying he didn't measure properly. Of course he measured right. How could you measure yourself wrong for 13 years??? There is no evidence that Tom is 6'3, only evidence he's below it. Welling himself said "I'm almost six-foot-three" and he's never said he's 6'3 so stop saying he's a full 6'3.

What somebody should be doing is sending him a tweet and ask him what height that "almost" height is. Tell him about this page and ask him to confirm on here his exact height.
[Editor Rob: I've just heard from a reliable source that his measurement was done on the stadiometer called the G56 model.

Now this damn model was retired (it's the one the guy on youtube called skintightflasher or something is using and gives him an extra cm)!

So almost 6ft 3, minus half and there we go, 6ft 2 and 1/3rdish!

Time to close the page :)]
francois said on 16/Apr/14
@Rob he probably wasn't measured properly hence he was mislead to believing he's under 6'3". I doubt he measured himself several times to check. From all the evidence, a full 6'3" should be given to him here.
gb said on 15/Apr/14
The height listed at the top of the page is correct. Tom is 6ft2.75
the shredder said on 13/Apr/14
Rob , how tall is actor Peter Greene? He was taller than Denis Leary in Judgement Night .
[Editor Rob: I have that sitting in a pile to rewatch, I mean he can look 6ft 2-3 range]
John said on 12/Apr/14
Lol, good job Rob. Still believe in the pic with Chris Sayour that camera angle favors him slightly. It's also a rare occasion where Tom's posture isn't perfect. That and the fact we can't see their footwear make me incredulous that this pic discredits Tom's height claims.
[Editor Rob: well almost 6ft 3 is still a decent shout for Welling. Tom in general seems to hold good posture.]
Andrea said on 11/Apr/14
If you say so...
Andrea said on 11/Apr/14
What do you mean he's not 6'3 here? I dont know how tall was/is Denis Leary, i'm just saying he doesn't look 6'1.25 at all next to Tom... Kevin Costner too, he's not looking 6'1 and i have no doubts he was a solid 6'1 when younger... Still looks near it today!
[Editor Rob: I think Tom has the best posture there, 6ft 1 leary and almost 6ft 3 tom still seems ok. ]
Andrea said on 11/Apr/14
Rob, new pic with Denis Leary and Kevin Costner:
Click Here
He's almost 6'3? That's ok but the other guys don't look their listed height ;)
[Editor Rob: well he's not 6ft 3 here, I'm sure Leary was about 6ft 1-1.5 in 90's, like Demolition Man, I think he had a scene with Benjamin Bratt and was a little smaller.]
Balrog said on 8/Apr/14
No CelebLifts. He's legit 190cm, not out bed. Accept it.
John said on 7/Apr/14
I fully accept Tom is slightly under 6'3, however I don't believe he's a flat 6'2 either.
CelebLifts said on 7/Apr/14
Even when Tom himself said he's not 6'3. He said "almost" in 2001 and said it again in 2014. He hasn't measured wrong. "Almost" is his best measurement, out of bed. Accept it.
John said on 6/Apr/14
My mistake on the stunt doubles. With that said I still don't think one pic is enough proof to disregard the preponderance of the evidence that supports a near 6'3 Welling.
Andrea said on 6/Apr/14
Same thing with Connor, then. If it was a couple of mm, he wouldn't bother saying he's a bit under 5'11 and even more with Gina, who does claim half an inch under 5'7. She really must have measured 5'6.5 or maybe a little above that, if she went out with that claim! Only a crazy woman would claim 5'6.5 if she actually is 5'7! Always a chance she didnt measure in the right way, but this happen for everyone... Especially those who are not obsessed with height ;) Not the best photo, but i think the height chart could be realistic: Click Here He does look well over 6'4 in whatever shoes, even if i'm conscious he could have some camera advantage...
Andrea said on 6/Apr/14
Yeah, Rob, he does look about an inch shorter than Jared, no more though. And Jared could be a bit over 6'4, i wouldn't be surprised! He also does look at least 3 inches taller than Jensen to me. So it's really hard to think he's much under 6'3. What G would guess him at? 6'5? And i still don't get why those people i nominated (and others) still get the "full" mark, despite their claim of being under it.
[Editor Rob: Connor's hair under, well, I think it is about that - a few mm shy. Welling's almost I suppose you could argue isn't as specific and if it was a couple mm he is talking about, I doubt he really would bother saying almost.

As for Gina, I just felt she looked more 5ft 7 than 6.5, unless I underestimated her heels, but I don't think I did.]
Balrog said on 5/Apr/14
Balrog2 can you choose another username?
CelebLifts said on 5/Apr/14
John, Look at your own post, no clue at all. The stunt double in the Kane picture is Chris Webb not Chris Sayour. Chris Sayour is a 6'2 guy. Fail

Andrea - Stop with the self righteous attitude. That picture with Lewis Hamilton, Lewis has bigger shoes than Tom Cruise. That explains why Lewis looks a tad taller.

Now the picture with Tom with Sayour, Tom and Sayour are both in the Smallville attire, both side by side, both wearing exact same item, both wearing exact same footwear, those big Timberland type boots that he wears with that attire, it's a on set picture the ground looks even no advantage either way. 2 pictures of Sayour and Tom not 1 and in both pictures Sayour is taller, only a tad but still he's taller. This is more proof than any nonsense you've gave, Andrea. This is a picture where they're BOTH wearing the exact same clothing and footwear. The pictures you keep posting are 2 people with completely different footwear.
Andrea said on 5/Apr/14
And yeah, John, i wouldn't be surprised if was wearing birkenstocks... I spot some scenes where he was wearing them on Smallville!
Look at these: Click Here Click Here
He is not a guy who cares about height at all. Then you have some celebrities on here who claimed to be under a mark but still got the "full height". Connor Trinneer claimed to be a hair under 5'11 but still gets listed at 5'11! Again Gina Bellman did claim 5'6.5 but gets listed at 5'7! Rob said only a madman would claim "almost 6'3" when he's actually over it. I kinda agree with him but even those people would be madmen... Rob, how much shorter would you say Tom looks in this video against Jared Padalecki? Click Here I'd say about an inch, no more. Considering Jared is a strong 6'4, i doubt Tom is any less than this listing.
[Editor Rob: in the video the almost 6ft 3 looks sensible to me for his claim, I think you can safely rule out a 6ft 4 tom as he's visibly a good inch smaller than jared.]
Andrea said on 5/Apr/14
1) The stunt double is reported at 6'2? Even Ryan Mcpartlin is listed at 6'3 and got described as a 6'2 guy on Chuck. So what? He's only 6'2-6'3? Nope. Rob met him and he said he's no less than 6'4!
2) How are those pictures supposed to be a proof? They are outside, we don't know footwear, etc. Don't get what i'm saying? Here you go: Click Here I guess Gosling's gotta be 5'9 max, right? Or this: Click Here Lewis Hamilton was measured 171, he does have shoe disadvantage and still looks taller than Tom Cruise. Judging from this pic and other pics you can find on the net, Tom Cruise would be 5'6 max. Is he really? I doubt :)
John said on 5/Apr/14
Look it up yourself, that is Chris Sayour in the pic with Tom and Kane. Once again your own post is your undoing.
[Editor Rob: is it not chris webb?]
John said on 5/Apr/14
You can't base your opinion on one single pic. You can't see their feet and Tom is notorious for wearing Birkinstocks behind the scenes. You have no proof the stuntman doesn't have the footwear advantage. In both pics the camera angle slightly favors the stuntman as well. Your proof is thin at best.
[Editor Rob: Tom has camera advantage with that other stuntguy beside Kane, how much he gains is hard to tell, but his head is 5 inches further forward]
CelebLifts said on 4/Apr/14
John, that picture you're talking about is a different stunt double. His face is completely different of the guy photo I posted. The stunt double in the photo I linked is a 6'2 stunt double.
Balrog2 said on 4/Apr/14
The stunt double height is reported as 187cm-188cm:
Click Here
Click Here

In this picture he looks a tad taller than Welling himself.
Click Here

This is not an evidence of course, many details are out of the image, but still it gives a hint.
John said on 4/Apr/14
Upon further review of your own post there is a pic with Kane in it where Tom is taller however the perspective is bit skewed but not enough to account for the disparity. Your own post compromises the validity of your argument.
Balrog2 said on 4/Apr/14
Sorry, didn't notice this name was already used.
John said on 4/Apr/14
I've see a photo with this same stunt double and
Kane from the episode Combat. Unlike this photo that's outside on possible uneven ground it's indoors and on likely even ground and Tom is clearly taller. One dubious photo does not make for a strong case.
Balrog said on 4/Apr/14
I'm the real Balrog and I always have stated that Welling could be a full 6'3"
Balrog said on 4/Apr/14
Rob, the last comment of "Balrog" wasn't me, someone is using my name.
[Editor Rob: it changed to balrog2]
Andrea said on 4/Apr/14
Didn't see those photos o.O They are shocking to me!!!
He really does look 6'1.5-6'1.75 tops with that guy! I'm starting to think he really might have claimed his height in shoes! Maybe he's almost 6'3, WITH shoes on? He could be a new member for the "G Club", together with Ben Affleck, Will Smith, Sly, Cruise and many other celebrities! Rob, would you consider a downgrade to 6'2? He really doesnt look over that mark!
CelebLifts said on 4/Apr/14
Oh give it a rest troll. You have no proof Tom is 6'2.75. Just cause Tom says he's almost 6'3, he could mean 6'2.5 by that statement or he could be lying full stop even being in 6'2 range. Stop being self righteous all the time. Take a look at this photo of Tom with his 6'2 flat double, His 6'2 flat double his taller than Tom in this photo: Click Here

Do you see 0.75 on that 6'2 guy? I don't. I see Tom a tad shorter than his 6'2 flat double in every photo.

This proves that 6'1.75 is questionable for Tom. Celebs lie all the time, Tom's no different. Deal with it.
Andrea said on 4/Apr/14
Balrog, 6'2 is completely ruled out for him. He does look "noticeably" taller than legit 6'2 guys, he really could be a guy who measured solid 190 at his worst part of the day, after running around the world for 10 times with superspeed! Werent you the guy who thought he could be a full 6'3?
John said on 3/Apr/14
I doubt he is a flat 6'2, more likely near 6'3 hence the claim. I believe he once measured at that height and reports it honestly.
Balrog said on 3/Apr/14
I think that last interview sets definitely a conclusion to Welling's max height estimate.

Stll, I have doubts he is actually close to 6'3". I'd say more likely flat 6'2".
Andrea said on 3/Apr/14
You think that a Vin Diesel or a Justin Timberlake would have gone with "almost 6'3", if they were his height? They probably would claim crazy heights like 6'5 at his height xD
[Editor Rob: maybe they would have seen sense if they were taller, it is unlikely of course]
Andrea said on 3/Apr/14
Me too, i dont think its too tall. Why should he say that then? Even his costars always mention it... Maybe, people dont realize how tall a real 6'3 is! I am sure that, if all measured, he would be taller than many actors who are listed on here at 6'3 or over! "Honesty" doesnt pay back because if he just went out with 6'3 or even 6'4, you would have given him no less than 6'3... No doubt! ;)
Andrea said on 2/Apr/14
Rob, here's a recent interview:
Click Here
He talks about being too tall for his job and he claims "almost 6'3" once again...
[Editor Rob: it's good he still remembers to check his celebheight listing ;)

I don't think near enough 6ft 3 is too tall. Maybe it has lost him some roles, but think about the 5ft 6 man, he is likely to lose or not even be considered for a lot of roles.]
Andrea said on 27/Mar/14
Rob, how much difference there is?
Go at about 4:30... I know that's not the best scene, we don't know footwear, etc... But i'm curious to see what you think.
[Editor Rob: there appears about 2 inches]
Andrea said on 25/Mar/14
Rob, just to give you an idea how girls are good on guessing heights... I asked a girl who met both Tom and The Rock who was taller... She said The Rock is taller at 6'5 and Tom a bit shorter at 6'3... xD
The funny thing is that Tom would probably be taller than The Rock!
Lorne said on 14/Mar/14
In Jared's case it is noticeable because he is always with Jared, who himself is near enough 6 feet. A lot of people would already consider Jensen tall, so the big 6'4 Jared comes off as huge. Levi wears converse a lot and is around tall people, and his posture isn't as immaculate as Tom's, but without a doubt, Tom gives a bigger impression.(And Smallvilles cast isn't tiny, I mean John is supposedly just a quarter inch under Zach Levi...)
Andrea said on 13/Mar/14
Yeah, on Supernatural he gets many "comments" on his height, he gets called Big Foot, Giraffe, Giant, huge guy,... Thats an example of a very solid 6'4 guy... And yeah, he would be noticeably taller than Segel, who's not 6'4!
Balrog said on 12/Mar/14
Padalecki also gets a lot of comments about his height in the show. Same thing with Jason Segel in How I Met Your Mother and I'm sure he is shorter than Jared.
Andrea said on 12/Mar/14
Yeah, Rob. Here Baldwin talks about that:
Andrea said on 11/Mar/14
It was just a curiosity... I asked it because Tom Welling is supposed to be under 6'3 and everybody, short or tall, always comments that he's very tall, huge, etc... And please don't say that's just because he's Superman. 6'3 is pretty tall but it's not that crazy height... Same thing with Jared... It's strange that Levi costars never mention it, maybe because they're tall too?
[Editor Rob: at the 2 cons about chuck I went to there was talk about height by other cast, mentioning how tall the show was, the 2 girls being tall aswell as the 3 main guys.]
Balrog said on 11/Mar/14
I've heard comments about Levi's height. Don't get the point tough, so if Levi doesn't get comments about his height he's shorter than Welling? That's no sense to me.
[Editor Rob: if you are a fan of someone and read enough interviews and pay attention you would likely see much more talk about height.

Levi will still get a lot of talk, but he's surrounded by Baldwin and McPartlin, he isn't as standout, Padalecki has a good 4 inches on Jensen, he's a standout in the show, he might get more comments because he looks 6ft 4 in person aswell.]
Andrea said on 10/Mar/14
Levi is the star of the show :)
Andrea said on 10/Mar/14
Rob, just a question: why people like Welling or Padalecki do get so many comments about their height and people like Levi or Mcpartlin, who are supposed to be even taller than them, dont?
[Editor Rob: McPartlin does get comments in person about his height, but he's not really the star of a show like those 2...]
Mr Bond said on 9/Mar/14
He's 6'2.5 inches.....
the shredder said on 9/Mar/14
Pam seemed 5'8.5 or maybe 5'9 to me , but her dress was too long to see if she had heels.
Andrea said on 8/Mar/14
Talking about Smallville, the strange thing is that they try everything to reduce Tom's height... I mean, he's Superman, shouldn't they "enhance" his height? If you notice, when he speaks to other costars they always use low angles which favour other people, there are just few shots where you can see how tall he really is. I remember some scenes with Rosenbaum, where he looks a just a bit taller than him, when he is noticeably taller in reality...
Andrea said on 8/Mar/14
Yeah, i saw that... I thought he could have been near 182, just because he looked a bit shorter than Matthew Fox on Lost, who's supposed to be 6'2... But i also said he did look more than 2 inches shorter than Holloway, who's no less than 6'1...
Lorne said on 8/Mar/14
And Lo, go check out Henry Ian Cusick, turns out he's barely 179cm!!!
Lorne said on 8/Mar/14
Nice find Rob! I've wondered what his double would be, never thought to look at stuntman. I think the listing looks pretty much spot on with him, but the pics are outside. I still say no less than 190(or 189.7 to be exact) but, do no nonetheless believe his claim.
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Mar/14
To be fair, they're all outiside photos... I remember Hamilton looking taller than Cruise (who probably has more shoes) but still getting listed at 5'7.75... You say the ground could be not flat, here even more :) Anyway, he does look slighly taller than the stuntman in these pics, i agree.
Andrea said on 7/Mar/14
Btw, Tom and Pam on Smallville:
I doubt she's not wearing heels in this shot and she still looks noticeably shorter than Tom...
[Editor Rob: shredder had met Pam, Here although wasn't certain on ffootwear.]
Andrea said on 7/Mar/14
Yeah, you have Pam Grier who claimed almost 5'7 but gets listed at 5'7.75... Maybe it was a mistake, in fact it's a written interview (no video)... Maybe he claimed almost 6'4? Not saying he is... He might be a fraction over 6'3 and not bother saying it, so he just goes with "about 6'3"? But, yeah, we should measure him to be sure. And noway he wears lifts, i noticed that in many scenes in high school he wears birkenstocks (can put the photos if you want), so he's not a guy who wants to appear as-tall-as-possible like RDJ, Sly or Vin Diesel. He just doesn't care about it. Alaina Huffman told me on twitter that he looked 6'4 to her, even though it's just an opinion, i know...
[Editor Rob: I think Pam claimed 5ft 8.5 aswell...her claims have varied, to be fair in the movie she did with seagal 5ft 8 is probably nearer than the almost 5ft 7]
Balrog said on 25/Feb/14
Well, that's true but there a people listed here higher than their own claim. Still there is a chance he drops a full inch like you said.
Balrog said on 23/Feb/14
Rob sometimes there are confussion on the metrical system and 6'3'' is exactly 190.5, but you always see 6'3'' (191cm) because they round up. It's possible he got measured at 190 - 190.5 and thought he is almost 6'3'', because 6'3'' is 191cm. Well, still can't see him under this. He is a guy like Nicholas Hoult, they cannot be under 190cm.
[Editor Rob: I think if you were getting measure in America, most would be calling or looking at the inches mark. Of course many would know about cm, but it's still pretty much feet/inches on stadiometers/tapes.]
Balrog said on 22/Feb/14
Rob, you think Welling might have worn lifts in Smallville? And in real life? I think there is a chance he could be a full 6'3'' guy.
[Editor Rob: I still believe he was measured almost 6ft 3, only a madman would come out with that saying if he was really measured 6ft 3. Maybe he drops a full inch and goes from 192 range to nearly 190 at worst?]
Dietmar said on 16/Feb/14
"Lo sgozzatore says on 21/Nov/13
Btw, if you look a Zachary Levi next to Jared Padalecki, there's more difference than Tom next to the same Jared. And Zachary gets listed at a strong 6'3 on here..."

Difference between Zach and Jared aint so big. Keep in mind that Zach is in converse (as usual) in this shot, while Jared is wearing 1-1,5in shoes.

Click Here

What comes to that famous pic where Jared dwarfs Tom, did you know that Jared was standing on a box? The director has revealed it was Tom's idea. Jared is only about 1 inch taller than Tom in real life. That's why the box.

I still believe Zach is slightly taller than Tom. Maybe just few mm.
Josh said on 13/Feb/14
Definitely 6'3 and a huge dude. in almost everything ive seen him in he edges out legit 6'2 guys like Justin Hartley and Alan Ritchson by and inch or more. Obviously could look 6'4 with shoes on. but 6'3 is on the money, could be a little more but nothing less
IR said on 11/Feb/14
Clark 6' 3"
Lois 5' 7"
Chloe 5' 4"
CelebLifts said on 1/Feb/14
Rob by all means you can stop Lorne from arguing, I'm getting sick of it myself.
Lorne said on 1/Feb/14
You banned Andrea? Why? I thought he just left, he does that sometimes. If you did, please let him back:) Anyway, I'm sorry Rob, I'll just ignore him, he's talking nonsense anyway. I apologize for taking it this far, I doubt anyone anyone seriously thinks Lo and myself are the same anyway.
CelebLifts said on 31/Jan/14
"And I never said he was 6'3, I said it is possible," How is it possible when Tom himself said "almost"
OH MY GOD I cannot believe the **** I'm reading, how dumb lol.

The "only" person here who's aggressive is you. You've been arguing here a full year, seriously don't you have something else to do other than trolling?
Defending a guy and getting all worked up about a guy you will never know all cause you have a weird freaky crush on him. Pathetic and very sad in a worrying disturbing way.

No **** your favourite poster is yourself. It's no brainier you used software to use 2 different ip addresses to fool Rob. All the crap is still the same tho, you can't change your way of thinking ;)
[Editor Rob: can we drop this argument. I will happily let Andrea back on here to argue indefinitely that Welling is taller than he claims...although maybe not, he's managing to take his Welling discussion to other places :)]
Lorne said on 31/Jan/14
Rob already told you I'm not Lo/Andrea. He is a long time poster from Italy, who hasn't posted in a while. And I never said he was 6'3, I said it is possible, which based on how he looks all the time, he is. If you are still having trouble comprehending that, I can't help you. @Avi: 189cm is too low, but I do believe he measured a small fraction under 6'3. The question is how much? 6ft2.75 is fair, it makes sense. Celeblifts and his posse are strangely aggressive, but if you scroll down, I never said he was 6'3, though he certainly looks it. And one last thing Celeblifts, I believe you are just trolling, but if you really think I'm Andrea, ask Rob again, and he'll tell you AGAIN, I am not. But since Lo never said Tom was 6'5 it is just clear trolling. Kind of surprised Rob keeps letting you post this nonsense. In fact, you have probably drove Lo Sg off with your nonsense, which sucks, because he is one of my favorite posters!!!
[Editor Rob: yes Lorne is not Andrea]
avi said on 30/Jan/14

He is probably almost 6'3 . Many 6'2.5 guys can look 6'3 . Some can even look 6'1! Depends..
CelebLifts said on 29/Jan/14
I know Ash, he's a sad troll posting under different names.

Lorne - Tom has made no claim, he said almost which could mean any height under 6'3.
You say you give Tom his claim, but than you say you think he's 6'3 lol dumb.

I used my height as an example of I know what I'm talking about as you was saying Tom was as high as 6'5 lol. Why you feel the constant need keep telling everyone your American and from Atlanta , this is a topic about height not a dating site. Nobody cares.

You said you're done? Please don't hurry back ;)
Lorne said on 28/Jan/14
Dude seriously, your starting to irritate me. As Rob said, I am AMERICAN. Andrea/Lo Sg is Italian. Can you grasp that? And I never accused you of having multiple names, friend. You've been posting for quite a while. And for the last damn time, I (cautiously) give Tom his claim, his 190cm, but I think it's a case where he could be the full 6'3. Anyway, I'm done explaining this. This is a forum for celebrity height, nothing else. If patrolling Tom's board and proclaiming your height is an "accomplishment" gets you by, so be it. BTW, reading old comments, and a year ago you said "no way" Tom was 188cm. What happened!?! (And Lo Sg hasn't even been here since Xmas, so insulting him is just illogical, since he's not even here.)
Ash said on 28/Jan/14
CelebLifts, so true this guy Lo/Andrea/Lorne changes his name constantly and says actors listed here from 6'2-6'4 range are much shorter and Tom is much taller than all these guys. He says Hugh Jackman who's 6'2 is really 6'1 flat. He says Ashton who's 6'3 is below 6'2, and A legit 6'4 guy like Liam Neeson is much shorter.

Its funny that he says other people are changing his name when its just him.......
CelebLifts said on 28/Jan/14
It's not crap, Gambler. You eat poor you will not grow fully. Having proper meals is very important for growth during childhood and teenage years.
CelebLifts said on 28/Jan/14
Lorne? You female? 16? You're very rude telling me to chill out when you first accused me of having multiple names. I knew I was right tho, so obvious saying the same **** for 2 years. I owned you before. I knew no way Andrea would leave Tom alone, the kid is obsessed with Tom.

Anyway Lorne/lo/Andrea Tom isn't 6'3 so you might as well stop coming up with excuses and bringing up other actors claims is not proof of anything. Just accept your crush isn't 6'3.
Gambler said on 27/Jan/14
That's quite a load of crap, CelebLifts. Maybe 1% of your height potential is within your control, the rest of it, is genetic background and luck. Period.
Lorne said on 27/Jan/14
@Balrog: good point. That would be a plausible explanation. It could also be he was 190.1-2 or something. To me, if you clear the 190cm mark, at your lowest, then you are 6'3, and should be listed as such. 6ft3 is exactly 190.5cm; 190cm is around 6ft2.81. 190.2 is 6ft2 7/8ths, if that is your evening height, you should be listed 6ft3, because otherwise putting someone 190.2cm at 6ft2.75 would be putting them less than what they would ever measure. Get what I'm saying? I can believe his claim, but as Rob said, we could be talking a few mm. And not every guy is obsessed with height; Look at Chris Pine, claiming 6ft when he could be 6ft0.75, and not less than 6ft0.5
Lorne said on 27/Jan/14
Thank you Rob. Yes, I am American. From Atlanta, if you must know :) Lo Sg/Andrea is very much a different poster, thought he doesn't use the names interchangeably, he changed from Andrea to Lo Sg long ago. Speaking of which, if you read this Lo, return!!! But seriously celeblifts, chill out. And I AGREE WITH THIS LISTING. Understand? I give Tom his own claim, "almost" 6'3, the same as Rob. But I wouldn't be shocked if he was the full 6ft3...
CelebLifts said on 26/Jan/14
Actually I did achieve my height from the genes of my parents and God also guided me by supplying me with proper meals. You are in control of reaching your max height, so yes it is an achievement I reached my height by eating right, working out keeping my posture great, I'm very proud of my achievement ;) It's only natural
for people who don't have that achievement to say it's not an achievement. People just don't like what they don't have. Sad truth :(
CelebLifts said on 25/Jan/14
Lorne everybody knows that you use another name, lo sgozzatire and ANDREA. You think me, ash and penguin25 are the same person cause we don't agree with you? Lol rob will tell you we all have different ip addresses in different locations. I take it you're not used to people disagreeing with you.
Tom has never said he is 6'3. Tom said "I'm almost 6'3" and "about 6'3". Saying "about" means he's close to it but not quite. 6'3 guys don't say "about" I don't say "about". Tom has said this more than once so he didn't measure wrong. Stop making **** up to try look right. It's highlighted at top of the page what Tom said. Thank you.
[Editor Rob: I don't think Lorne is from Italy, but America.]
Balrog said on 25/Jan/14
Is just that 6'3" isn't 191cm is 190.5 exactly so maybe Welling got measured at 190.5 and said almost six three thinking that 6'3" is 191cm...
Arch Stanton said on 25/Jan/14
Speaking for myself I scratch my head not at somebody saying they're proud of being tall or whatever but more that they seem to think that being tall and 6'3" would suddenly make their lives perfect, regardless of many other attributes. I think there's something rather worrying about people who think that being tall is the only thing that matters or indeed that tall men have life easy simply because they're above average in height.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Jan/14
[Editor Rob: that's one term I scratch my head at, the 'proud of xxx'

I believe we should be proud of achievements, not some uncontrollable elements that we are born with - genetic background, height, hair colour, eye colour or country of origin.]

Yeah that's what Stephen Merchant said, he said the way people talk about his height to him as if it's this huge achievement and "congratulations for getting up there" sort of thing and he finds it ridiculous that people talk about it like that. There is of course nothing wrong with being comfortable and happy in your own skin and liking what you're born with but I don't think many people really consider themselves perfect and make the best of what they've got and try to achieve something. The world will always be uneven and some people naturally are born with better attributes than others, but there's no use dwelling too much on it. I'm sure Welling has some things he'd like to change about himself too.
jordydecke said on 25/Jan/14
@Rob I agree with you on the 'proud of' term. It's not like you achieved your height. Sure it's fine to be content or pleased with your height, but proud is a funny expression indeed.
[Editor Rob: yeah, having feelings about height is natural.

Unfortunately a lot of people have a mindset that includes heightist attitudes. We challenge attitudes towards sexism and racism, but heightism seems to be a subject which gets little attention.]
jonas said on 25/Jan/14
Tom is slightly shorter than 191cm listed John Schneider so 190 seems fair.
Lorne said on 24/Jan/14
I'm sorry, but I think someone is using multiple names... And 190cm is "almost" 6'3, not everyone feels the need to boast about they're height. He has claimed 6'3 as well, so you could say he did measure that mark. I agree with this listing, but I wouldn't at all be surprised if he was nearer 191 on the stadiometer...
CelebLifts said on 24/Jan/14
Balrog - That's cause Rob just puts what he wants. If an actor says he's under 6'3 than he's being 100% honest. No 6'3 guy would downgrade themself to 6'2 cause when you're at that range in height it's a very good thing. I'm 6'3.25 and if I was going to lie about my height I would upgrade to 6'4 not downgrade myself. Why would Tom downgrade his height? He wouldn't lol. No guy when they are around that height lowers it, it's an ego thing and guys when they're tall are proud of their height. For a guy to be 6'2 or 6'3 you're blessed as it's the perfect height. Short guys like 5'8 or 5'9 don't care about the truth cause what's the difference? They're both short heights for a man they will never be big.
[Editor Rob: that's one term I scratch my head at, the 'proud of xxx'

I believe we should be proud of achievements, not some uncontrollable elements that we are born with - genetic background, height, hair colour, eye colour or country of origin.]
Ash said on 23/Jan/14
Why would a guy claim to be almost 6'3? If your 6'2.8-9 you would easily claim 6'3. A few millimeters is not even noticable. The people that I feel look more 6'3 in here are Kutcher, Routh, and Reddick. They all would be taller than Tom.
penguinboy25 said on 22/Jan/14
Agree with CelebLifts. I don't understand why there's a debate. HIS WORDS tell us he's under 6'3. Did you ever think the ones who claim 6'1 or 6'1.5 are actually only 6'0.5 and lying? To me he always looks about as listed on this website.
CelebLifts said on 22/Jan/14
He doesn't edge out Justin Hartley with ease, fact you need a very good trained eye to see a difference between them!
I think 6'2.75 is too high for Tom, 6'2.5 more realistic. You people on here are confused and going with what you see... Which is Tom in footwear. No doubt Tom is more than 6'3 with shoes on.
Tom looks about 6'4 in 1.5 inch Timberlands, so that puts him at 6'2.5 barefoot .He also looks a good 2 inches shorter than 6'4.5 Jared which also backs up what I'm saying.
Balrog said on 21/Jan/14
CelebLifts, there are some celeb on here that are listed higher than his own claim.

Eg: Lance Reddick, Geoff Stults, Paul Gaiscoigne, Chris Pine, etc.
[Editor Rob: gazza opened a whosay page (well I say he, whoever with his authority did) and put down 5ft 8.

of course in person the guy is a strong 5ft 9.]
D.Kelly182cm said on 21/Jan/14
If not 6'3 he's definitely not 6'2.75. He's 6'2.8-9 at least. Tom consistently edges out 6'1"/2" s with 'ease', which is hard to do when everyone don't wear same footwear. He needs an upgrade.
CelebLifts said on 17/Jan/14
Look, Tom himself said "I'm almost 6'3" so stop with the 6'3 or 6'3.25 crap, it really looks sad hyping up someone you don't know. He's not 6'3, words from him. Deal with it.
Lorne said on 16/Jan/14
100% with Rampage. With Welling's posture, he could(and would) be mistaken for 6ft4, even by people who don't suck with height. 192.5 morning is quite possible, and not less than 190cm evening. Perhaps he really was measured 20 years old at 189.5-190, and grew a few mm? Will likely never know, but always a chance Rob will meet him.(Maybe Shredd will see him in the phantom zone? Perhaps that's where Andrea has gone, in search of the truth!!!)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jan/14
Nah, 189cm is undercutting him. He edges out both Justin Hartley and Alan Ritchson who are at least 188cm. I agree w/h Lorne, 190cm is the absolute lowest for Welling and thats probably at the end of the day. He could easily be mistaken for 6ft4, which I'd say he's just within a few millimetres of when he wakes up.

The full 6ft3 is very possible, IMO.
D.Kelly182cm said on 13/Jan/14
He definitely looks taller but 6 ft 2.75 inches should be right on the money.
avi said on 3/Jan/14
penguinboy25 says on 10/Oct/13
Looks as listed with 6'1 Colin Hanks. Appears to have him by an inch and some change.
Click Here

Yeah Colins legs are apart so there would be maybe 1.5 tops difference.
Balrog said on 28/Dec/13
I still think he's the full 6'3"
Lenad is sexy said on 28/Dec/13
bare min 189cm
Yaspaa said on 14/Dec/13
Looked taller than everyone else in Parkland.
dmeyer said on 11/Dec/13
Rob the interviewer look similar to Affleck a hair taller than 6'1 brosnan and 1.25-1.5 under liev 6'1.5 is closer
Gambit said on 11/Dec/13
I'm with Rob on this one. I'll go even further: Welling has great posture in almost all pics (see for yourself). He looks absolutely tall but not 'huge'. Between 6ft2 and 6ft3 seems perfectly accurate.
Sam said on 11/Dec/13
I think the interviewer's 6'1" and Welling's obviously taller than the other interview subjects photographed...Schreiber's the next tallest, might be a half inch shorter than Welling, Affleck a full inch, and so on.
Lo sgozzatore said on 10/Dec/13
I was actually saying the opposite, Rob... That Welling could be underestimated or he looks taller than this just because other people are overestimated! I don't know, maybe he's just an honest guy who seems taller amongst liars... But then again, you met guys like James Marsters and you said he's no less than 175, when in reality he looks 174 tops next to a 190 Welling... Yeah, he himself claimed this "almost 6'3", which make you think "Why should he say almost 6'3? He's gotta have been measured that"... I think, yeah, he very likely measured a bit under the 6'3 but we don't know how that measurement was taken. Maybe he measured that at 17 and then grew a bit more? Maybe he just got measured wrong? Or maybe he really is this height! Who knows? One thing is sure: he clearly looks taller than strong 6'2 guys like Aubry or Hartley and doesn't look shorter than a John Schneider, who still gets listed at 6'3. About his claim, i remember that girl you met, Gina Bellman, who claimed to be 5'6.5 (i'd say a very precise height, like Tom's claim) but you listed her at 5'7 anyway! So you are sure she's taller than her claim. So, why should she claim to be 5'6.5 when she's taller? I am sure that claim comes from a measurement. You could think the same way with Tom... Whether he is under 6'3 or not, his claim is not a "limit", if you know what i mean...
[Editor Rob: I'm sure at some point he did measure shy of 6ft 3, but a genuine 6ft 3 in Hollywood is stand out, and a guy like Welling I don't see him slouching much, he seems to be able to maintain a strong stance.]
Lo sgozzatore said on 9/Dec/13
And to continue...
With Ben Affleck:
Click Here
Click Here
With Liev Schreiber:
Click Here
With Brosnan:
Click Here
Still think he's just 184? Two cases: or all these guys are overestimated on here or Welling is taller than this
[Editor Rob: I don't think Welling is overlisted, he's listed close enough to what he claimed himself.

The interviewer can look 6ft 1 range in those photos]
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Dec/13
Well, his 187 listing makes sense if you look at him with Colin Firth, who still gets listed listed at 187 on here: Click Here
He actually looks a bit taller there...
He also looks taller than Jason Lewis, who's 184 on here:
Click Here
He also looks easily 5 inches taller than Jackson Rathbone, who's wearing cowboy boots: Click Here
Btw, he kinda reminds me of Obama, they probably are pretty close even in height...
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Dec/13
Rob, how tall is the guy who interviews him in this video?
Click Here
He gets listed at 187 on the net, dont think he's that tall but after having a look at some pics, i'd say he does look a tall guy, maybe between 6'0 and 6'1...
Here's the same guy with Zac Efron:
Click Here
I think i can safely say Tom is at least 2.5 inches taller than him...
[Editor Rob: he might be 184 range, but 187 I think is a bit optimistic.]
Ash said on 4/Dec/13
Lo sgozzatore yeah you believe Tom Welling is 6'5...... You think Hugh Jackman is 6'1 when he's 6'2. You also believe Ashton is below 6'2 when he's 6'3. All your evidence is opinionated. Don't know your deal you don't base your claims on facts but just bias on wheter you like the celebrity.
Linebacker28 said on 1/Dec/13
This newer listing sounds right, but 6'2.5" wasn't too shabby either. Throughout Smallville, I thought he could range anything from a solid 6'2" to a strong 6'3", depending on the footwear. Regardless, an undoubtedly tall man, who truly looked the part of a young Clark Kent... Seriously should have been a strong candidate for that Man of Steel. Maybe he grew tired and wanted to venture into new territory. But I digress. Hope his career is going well for him; seems like a great guy.
Lo sgozzatore said on 21/Nov/13
Btw, if you look a Zachary Levi next to Jared Padalecki, there's more difference than Tom next to the same Jared. And Zachary gets listed at a strong 6'3 on here...
Lo sgozzatore said on 18/Nov/13
Yeah, but i don't think he would say that :)
I doubt he'd be able to say he looks shorter than a John Schneider in person!
And yeah, James Marsters is way shorter than him, even 5'9 seems too much if Welling is 190, there are pics where Welling has birkenstocks, Marsters normal shoes (i think, if he's not wearing lifts) and there's still a pretty big difference
Banner said on 18/Nov/13
Lorne, 189cm max means 189 or less. That would be a correct guess to me, because I give a weight to the part stating "or less". Nevertheless, that picture of Rob's is quite an evidence that Hartley is not 189cm at all. Once again this is just my ponderate opinion, I can't sell any undeniable truth.
CelebLifts said on 18/Nov/13
Nothing Rob says is a fact, just guess work what he thinks. It's only a fact if you measured them bare foot. Guessing somebody's bare foot height in shoes is silly.
Banner said on 14/Nov/13
Besides Rob's good will, he still is a man. He surely can have a better guess for people around his own height, meeting them in person.
I've noticed that most of the times one over estimates height of people taller than themselves.

So you can't just say "Rob's says that", that really is immature from you.
If you go on Hartley's page, you can see I've given a very precise explanation for my opinion. I'm not saying I can't be wrong, but for me that is the max precision I can give to my estimate.

This being said, judging on the many pictures and videos where we can compare Hartley's and Welling's heights, I would never, never, give Welling more than 0.5" over Hartley. This, plus my estimate on Hartley's height gives me the strong impression that Welling is really nothing more than 6'2.25", but I would really put him around 6'2".
Once again I'm not saying I can't be wrong, but this is really the max one can do with these materials, in my opinion.
Lo sgozzatore said on 14/Nov/13
I trust Rob so if he gives Hartley 6'2.25, he is no less than 6'2, even if he doesnt look it in the pic with him. Puctures on this site are relative since many of them don't show real heights. It is more important what Rob says. Sometimes it is very hard to know if someone is leaning or not. If Rob meets Tom and says he look shorter in person than a Kevin Sorbo or a Zachary Levi, then i'll accept that. Until then, the discussion is open!
Banner said on 13/Nov/13
Even if Rob would meet him, this discussion wouldn't stop. For instance, the pic with Rob and Hartley shows clearly Hartley being nothing more than 8'1.5", many people agreeing with it, but still some others are arguing that's a proof for him to be 6'2.25". There is no way to close this discussions, unless the guy measures himself like Rob did.
Lo sgozzatore said on 12/Nov/13
One thing i'm sure of... If Tom just went with 6'3, Rob would have listed him no less than that! He'd be taller than 90% of guys listed at 6'3 on this site. I repeat: the only way to stop this discussion is that Rob meets him, it'd be very interesting to see what he says after meeting him.
KROC said on 11/Nov/13
@ Lo sgozzatore That picture isn't any better. Now Tom is closer to the camera. On top of that they are both seriously very far apart.
Balrog said on 11/Nov/13
No he was listed at 6'2.5", Lorne.
PepsiCola said on 9/Nov/13
I mean big heel on his left shoe Click Here ,also look at his thick shoe bottom
PepsiCola said on 9/Nov/13
Here pic 1 with RedBack boots Click Here

pic 2 Click Here ,i don't know what kinda boots those are but damn look at that heel on his right shoe, pic 2 is from season 1 , but he is still a tall guy (190)
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Nov/13
Btw, that pic with Colin Hanks is just a pic! Yeah, he looks about 6'2.5 tops if Colin is 6'1 but Colin is a bit closer to the camera...
Click Here
This is another picture, in different positions and Tom does look easily 6'3 range
CelebLifts said on 8/Nov/13
You class not agreeing with as an insult, well I will never agree with you Lorne/lo/ANDREA. You talk complete stupid thinking your opinion is the only fact. You really think 6'2.75 is his lowest measurement? Clearly ignoring facts said by Tom himself, almost 6'3 MAX not lowest. Who gives their lowest height?? Nobody. Pure stupid. John is taller than Tom. Tom's almost 6'3 and John is 6'3. TALLER. FACT. You think Tom is only 0.7 inch shorter than Jared. That speaks for itself how stupid and you're just Tom Tom Tom. To you Tom is much taller than guys not much shorter BUT not much shorter than guys who are much taller LOL do you see how stupid that sounds? Apparently NOT!

Your over estimates will not make him taller :)
Who cares what you think? I don't. You need to control your tantrums better.
I'm not going to waste any more time talking to a kid.

I just say thanks to Ash . You right it's pointless trying to get through to somebody that negative. And bulgyeyes you say 6'2.5 and you met Tom. Thanks for clarification. You proved my point.
CelebLifts said on 8/Nov/13
You're sticking to facts? So at lowest you think Tom is 6'2.75? LOL. So in the many interviews Tom has done you think Tom is using his lowest height ???? You don't make sense. You want Tom to be 6'3 but he isn't. He said so himself. 6'3 guys don't say "almost" or "about" They say I'm 6'3 with confidence. There's no 100% fact on what that "almost" height is. That will only be proven once the world see him measured not your stupid opinion.I really sick of your bad attitude thinking your opinion is the right one and not listening to other peoples views unless they agree with you!
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Nov/13
Thank you, Lorne. I'm not answering anymore since it's getting full of trolls on this page. Jackman in my opinion could be 6'1.5, he doesn't look a full 6'2 to me but i never said 6'1 flat! I only said that next to Lebron James he struggles to look 6'1 and that's true... Look at the pic and do tell me there are only 13 cms between them ;) About Tom, i never said he's 6'5 but let's make him believe i did so he's happy. The funny thing is that he believes John Schneider is taller than 6'3 when they are actually pretty close in height and i still think Tom might measure a bit taller than him! We can't do anything to change his mind since he's so immature, just read his posts. He insults with no reason anyone who disagrees with him. He believes Tom is max 6'2.5? Who cares? That doesn't change Tom's height.
CelebLifts said on 7/Nov/13
Thank you Ash! You're right, the guy is in denial and you further exposed Lo sgozzatore for what he is. He makes up his mind on which celeb he likes the best and thinks what he thinks is a fact lol. He thinks Hugh Jackman is 6'1? LMAO. He thinks Tom's as tall as Vince Vaughn too lol.

I remember Tom used to be listed here 6'2.5 until he kept crying to have him upgraded. That Colin Hanks picture really owned what he thinks HA. That guy is a legit strong 6'1.25 and Tom is 1 inch - 1.25 inch max taller. A real life picture is rock solid evidence. You can't use scenes from a tv show or movie as evidence cause of camera angles/height, camera tricks and props they use to make Tom (superman) appear as big as they can make him. That picture with Hanks is perfect proof Tom is not 6'2.75 or 6'3 or more like he thinks he is.

Fact proven. Case closed.
CelebLifts said on 6/Nov/13
Hey Lorne, have you met Tom? Didn't think so. Your opinion is invalid. No way Tom is 6'2.75 at worst if he claiming "almost" 6'3. He wouldn't measure himself just before bed, it be an morning or afternoon measurement most likely. Look at the picture with him standing next to legit 6'1 Colin Hanks, clearly you keep ignoring it. Tom only looks 1.25 inch taller not 1.75 inch. Tom looks a tad taller than 6'2.25 Justin, like 6'2.5 is a tad difference. If Tom was 6'2.75 he would look more than a tad taller than Justin.
98% of celebs lie about their heights. I've been to ALOT of conventions and met ALOT of celebs. They're always usually shorter in real life.

I think I know more how to judge heights than you! My facts are more real, yours are stupid based on a crush. TOM HAS SAID UNDER 6'3 MULTIPLE TIMES!!!! He's never said over 6'3 or 6'4 (CRAZY). Jared is at least 6'4 and Tom looked alot shorter. Arguing against those facts makes you look stupid. You can't go against his own words. He knows better than YOU. You obviously a massive Tom fan and to you nobody is taller than him.

"I don't care what you think" Oh yeah? Well stop repeating yourself, you sound like jive bunny. But yeah you obviously "do" otherwise you wouldn't keep trying to point your stupid opinion to me. Nothing you say will change facts that I feel are closer to the truth than the stupid things you come out with.
Ash said on 6/Nov/13
Lo sgozzatore you downgrade plenty celebrities here. You believe Hugh Jackman is 6'1 flat when he is strong 6'2. Hugh at 6'1 flat makes Christian Bale who's a legit 6'0 about 5'10.5 and Russell Crowe who's 5'10.5 about 5'9 flat.. You think Ashton is 6'2 flat when he's at least 6'3. Hes got 4 inches plus on 5'11.25 Sean William Scott and good 2 inches on 6'1 Costner. If he's 6'2 flat that makes Costner 6' 0 flat which is absurd. You even think Liam neeson is below 6'4. Oh but Tom has to be 6'5 hes soooo much taller than Hartley and Richardson when he's barely a hair taller than them. If this listing is at its worst than why was he barely an inch taller than 6'1 Colin Hanks? Face it your in denial CelebLifts proved you wrong you have nothing else to say.
Balrog said on 6/Nov/13
Welling was an inch taller than Ritchson on Smallville. This guy ain't under the current listing and is likely he is the full 6'3"
bulgyeyes said on 5/Nov/13
Lo sgozzatore 6ft 2.75 at worst? his he heck. I briefly met him in NYC and he's 6'2.5 tops.
nofearsorregrets said on 5/Nov/13
Hey Smallville is one of my favorite shows.Wow Welling is a tall man, almost a foot taller than Kreuk.
CelebLifts said on 3/Nov/13
"So this listing is could be ok, AT WORST ! Not under this at any time of the day ". Just listen to yourself, you're like a broken record, really pathetic. Tom isn't the height of this listing. Tom's worst is 6'2. His best is 6'2.5. He doesn't have 0.7 on Alan Ritchson. He does not have 1.7 inch on Colin Hanks.
I really wish you would stop replying all together. I don't care about anything you say. You talk stupid. You ignore facts. How can Tom be 6'2.7 at his lowest? So you're saying he measured himself at midnight? You're crazy lol. That would mean a morning height of 6'3.5 and afternoon height of 6'3.25 which goes against facts said by Tom that he is indeed under 6'3. I'm sure Tom has measured himself various times and always got under 6'3. Like somebody said earlier, if Tom was 6'2.75 you would claim 6'3 not almost since there's hardly any difference. He's not big headed and he means 6'2.5 by almost.
Lo sgozzatore said on 2/Nov/13
Excuse me, where did i say he's 6'5? O_O
I said a lot of people who worked and met him also claimed he's 6'5. Noway he's 6'5, even if he might be near that mark in his timbs shoes!
Now, he's even 2.5 inches shorter than Jared Padalecki, Ash? He's about an inch shorter than him and with about i mean 0.75-1.25 inches. Jared Padalecki is a legit 6'4 guy, so this listing could be ok, AT WORST! Not under this at any time of the day ;) Celeb, you don't even deserve an answer to your post, it speaks itself...
CelebLifts said on 2/Nov/13
Thanks Ash. I know Lo sgozzatore actually believes Tom is 6'5, what a joke. Yeah I know he also talks alot of crap on other celebs, tell me something I don't know lol. He takes what should be lighthearted far to serious. Tom's max height is 6'2.5 and NO more.
Ash said on 30/Oct/13
Man CelebLifts glad you proved this Lo sgozzatore wrong.I mean this guy actually believes Tom Welling is 6'5 when hes barely an inch taller than Colin Hanks and he berates other celebrities to be an inch shorter than what Rob list them. Its all good let him believe Tom is 6'5 so Jared can be 6'7.5 and John Schneider can be 6'3.5 to 6'4. No more than 6'2.5 max as Tom Welling height.
Dejavu said on 30/Oct/13
He is like 2 inches shorter than Jared
CelebLifts said on 28/Oct/13
Funny how you can't name these people, more lies from you. If you really think he's that tall and continue to ignore real facts then whatever I say and others ain't going to change your stupidity.
You don't go with people's claims? Well until they get measured that's the facts. To force your own stupid opinion against it means you just want to argue.
Once again you're clearly trolling. You think Tom is only 1 inch shorter than Jared? LOL so once again you're going against facts said by Tom that he himself has said he's under 6'3 . Everybody knows Jared is at least 6'4, could be 6'4.5. You're saying Tom is 1 inch shorter so you're saying he's 6'3 - 6'3.5 LOL. Your opinion is invalid cause it's based on stupidity not facts. I don't care what you say :)
Gambit points out that picture with Legit 6'1 Colin Hanks, Tom barely looks 1 inch taller. He' between 6'2- 6'2.5. 6'2.5 being his max height.
Lo sgozzatore said on 24/Oct/13
I didn't say he's 6'5. Read carefully what i wrote :)
You said that people who met him said he's 6'2-6'2.5 and i answered to you by saying that i asked many people who met Tom and they said he's 6'3-6'4-6'5, depending on the person. But i don't go with people's "claims". It was just an answer to you. Noway he's 2 inches shorter than Jared Padalecki, he's about an inch smaller at most, in my opinion. This listing could be ok, not under it though. You think he's 6'2.5? That's ok to me, i don't really care what you think :)
Gambit said on 22/Oct/13
Just my 2 cents: Welling kept wearing ALL TEN SEASONS significantly large shoes (Timberland styles) or heavy boots that give a great height advantage. As he should because Superman should be taller than most people he meets. Most of the scenes with Alan Ritchson, the latter is on flip flops or barefooted. Tom is between 6'2" en 6'3", can't we leave it at that? I don't believe he's much or even anything over 6'3". Great pic from penguinboy too, not that much difference with legit 6'1" Colin Hanks.
CelebLifts said on 22/Oct/13
You asked people who worked with him but are not actors???? Do you realise how much BS that sounds LMAO. Now you think Tom is 6'5? Lol. So why was he 2 inches shorter than Jared? You really are getting desperate to make Tom the tallest. Right so Schneider claims 6'3 or more but cause you don't like him you have him under, but cause you love Tom who has claimed under 6'3 MULTIPLE TIMES you think he' not measured right and he's wrong and you think he's much taller like 6'5 lol. Crazy.
CelebLifts said on 22/Oct/13
I agree, he's 6'2.5. No way he's almost an inch taller than Alan Ritchson. It just that females base their opinions on the size of the crush that carry for him.
Lo sgozzatore said on 21/Oct/13
Who are these people who met him? I asked on twitter to some people who worked with him (not actors) and they all said 6'3-6'4-6'5... Just to say. Anyway, who cares if Schneider has claimed over 6'3? That doesn't mean he really is. Justin Timberlake has claimed 6'2 but that doesnt mean he is that tall since he's just 5'11! He's not even a full 6'3, let alone anything over it. Alan Ritchson, Aquaman, does look clearly shorter than Tom Welling in Smallville, by more than an inch. Hartley is clearly shorter too. I repeat, this listing is what he might be at worst! Then you're free to believe he's 5' :) I don't care
KROC said on 20/Oct/13
Usually when most people say "about" they mean that their close to a certain height but aren't quite there. If Tom was the height that he is listed here on this site, he would just say 6`3. I mean really what is a .15 of an inch? You can't tell that in person. I grew up watching Smallville and I can tell you that he never really looked all that much taller then Alan Ritchson or Justin Hartley. He's 6`2.5 people.
CelebLifts said on 20/Oct/13
Lorne/Yaspaa - That's what people say that have met him, 6'2 - 6'2.5. They're not identical, Schneider tops him, deal with it. Also I base it on facts not fanboy opinions. Tom has said he's under 6'3 and Schneider has always said over 6'3 range. Tom always wore the Timberlands until the HUGE biker boots at the end of the show. Tom is bigger than Hartley as in he's broader, he's not any taller, this shows in face to face shots. Same with the actor who played Aquaman in Smallville, he's 6'2 guy and he was identical in height to Tom so you got to stop with the excuses of everybody's in clown boots and Tom isn't. You're just SO wrong. Why didn't you ask Tom what he meant by "almost 6'3"?? Why not tell him about this page so he can tell everybody what he means and stop the fanboys over exaggerating his height. 6'2.5 could mean almost 6'3.
On my DVD Justin describes Tom has a much taller, bigger man than himself. He goes on about this like Tom's 6'7. A case of hyping up the show. I don't see him being any taller than Justin.
I don't need to post under different names to agree with myself to look right.
Yaspaa said on 19/Oct/13
Tru' dat. Justin Hartley has never said that Tom is SO much taller, he's slightly taller.
Lorne said on 19/Oct/13
Ok celeblifts, this is getting silly. Tom "6ft2-6ft2.5?" you can't be serious, 189.5 is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM FOR Welling, after running a marathon, and not sleeping for 36 hours! Seriously, how can you say Schneider is minimum 191 and say Welling is 188-189? They are identical! Could he be a hair taller, yeah, but likely a hair shorter. Bottom line they are the same! And Tom is taller than Hartley, in fact he's comfortably taller. The reason they look similar at times is because the green arrow outfit had boots, Tom didn't always wear timberland styles, and yeah, his posture is great but so is Hartleys. With footwear disadvantage, Tom and Hartley look very similar at times, but ut'a clear watching the show Welling is the bigger man. B. Look, if you think Schneider is some big 191cm guy, fine, that's your bussiness, Rob has him 190.5, so 191 isn't that crazy, but if you really think John is 6ft3.25, then Welling is A6ft3 minimum, cuz they are the same! Saying John is 191 and Tom 188 is like saying Rob is 174cm and Jenny 171, it's just not true!!! ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/13
He has a better shot at 6ft3 than about half the other guys listed here
CelebLifts said on 18/Oct/13
You know Tom does have a real twitter account, so if you're so confused what he means by "almost 6'3" ask him.
The reason most of the Smallville cast kept going on about Tom being so huge was because he his. I don't think they just mean his height , but they said Tom has huge hands and he's broad. Plus Tom is superman, so they have to get the ratings in and hype the fact this 6'2 - 6'2.5 actor is so much taller hence the need for Timberland boots. Tom has high shoulders, no neck with small head so can pull the look to appear so much taller than he is. He has great posture. That's why you think he's taller than Schneider who not got great posture. I don't think actors big his height now he's not playing Superman. I was always confused why Justin Hartley kept saying Tom was so much taller, lol in some scenes I thought Justin looked taller and others times exact same height. I think this is a perfect example of bigging up Tom as Superman.
Lorne said on 18/Oct/13
Yeah, I wouldn't bet on it either, but I don't think I'd bet him shorter! They are both near enough 6'3, I think. And I agree in this listing, but yeah, it's the absolute minimum.
Lo sgozzatore said on 17/Oct/13
I perfectly know what you're talking about, in those scenes they look very similar but i still wouldn't bet on Schneider being taller... This listing could be ok, yeah, but i don't buy anything under this! I'm talking to people who try to say he's not over 6'2! That's crazy! He's noticeably taller than legit 6'2 guys, like Ritchson or Hartley. The fact he said almost 6'3 and probably measured it, it's not a "limit". I mean, look at that Gina Bellman woman who Rob met: she claims 5'6.5 but still gets listed at 5'7 on here because Rob thought she didn't stand at her tallest when she took that measurement. We could say the same thing with Mr Welling... Why everybody always talks about his height, as a first thing? That doesnt happen with a John Schneider. You guys say: that's because he's Superman, that's normal... Ok, but i've never heard anyone describing Henry Cavill as a huge guy. Why? Because he isn't, even if he played Superman ;) I repeat: the only way we could be sure that he's not a full 6'3 is that Rob meets this guy. I don't think he'd be shorter than a Zachary Levi or a Kevin Sorbo, in person... I could be wrong though. Rob get him!
Lorne said on 12/Oct/13
@Lo Sg: watch the 5th season episodes, if you can. Where Jon is running for senate, a couple of episodes of him and Clark wearing dress shoes, and Schnieder is absolutely not shorter. Just saying(same thing in the prom episode from S4. Where the dead girl possesses people) Still haven't seen em barefoot though, but seeing Schneider in dress shoes, he does look a 6'3 guy...(though I still haven't seen him cleanly edge out Tom, w/same footwear).
bulgyeyes said on 11/Oct/13
I met tom in NYC and hes around 6'2.5 inches max. I was surprised cause I thought he would be taller.
CelebHeights said on 10/Oct/13
Why are u so mad? What cause I don't share your opinion? Like I said guessing is not A FACT. I'm not going to talk to you anymore since you're acting like a child. Bye.
penguinboy25 said on 10/Oct/13
Looks as listed with 6'1 Colin Hanks. Appears to have him by an inch and some change.
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Lorne said on 9/Oct/13
Lol Kane has never been near 7ft. And I said Schneider could be a hair taller, quite possible. But his claim isn't evidence alone! And he never said 6'4, "almost 6'4" which could mean a lot of things, but read Rob's response to my question, he claims 6'3 or 6'3.5. But Timberlake claims he's "almost 6'2," so what. Don't get me wrong, I believe Schnieder measured 192cm early in the day at some point, but what your saying is silly. Rob changes estimates sometimes, based on EVIDENCE but people he meets, he's pretty damn solid. He does have Schnider at 6'3: and quite possible, but he has said he was "between 6'2 and 6'3" so I think it's a case of Rob giving someone benefit of doubt, and going with the highest possible estimate, but I would have him the same as Welling, but 6ft3 is fine. And seriously, Orton just happens to be wearing lifts around Batista and Rock? I remember only the one face off with Rock, but he pretty much Always looked a good 3cm over Mr Batista. Don't accuse anyone of idolatry when your announcing conspiracies to protect your heroes! Oh, and notice, Rock has some monstrous boots around Walker, Walker wears Vans! Vans 0.6-0.7, boots near 1.5, COME ON!!! And at times they look almost Identical. I'm not denying 6ft3 "peak" for Dwayne Johnson, but over that is a pipe dream! Look at him in 2002(+\-1) with Conan, a good inch smaller with bigger footwear! At "peak". So, was Conan wearing lifts, sir? (srry 4 the long post)
Yaspaa said on 8/Oct/13
There was a reason Batista was wearing those custom lifts, because he wasn't taller to start with. Schneider is wearing shox in the photo with Rob, so has a slight advantage and Kane's lifts don't make him 7'0 either, talk sense. If Rock isn't under 6'3... what about the Brandon Routh photos? Tom and John are both close to 6'3. Every photo and video has been unearthed in the past several years and displayed on this page. Quite a bit taller than Hogan... damn nuthuggers.
CelebLifts said on 7/Oct/13
Lol cause he's met him and guessed his height everybody supposed to believe that? It seems this editor doesn't like the truth.
Gambit said on 7/Oct/13
Welling was hardly taller than Alan Ritchson (6ft2in) in Smallville. Just a little bit. And Welling was in his usual boots, Ritchson on flip-flops. This listing of 6ft2.75in is an early morning height, imo.
Lorne?$! said on 5/Oct/13
Right on, Lo. They're really wasn't a good chance to compare them, and Batista had boots. I think Welling would prob edge him out, certainly not shorter, Orton looks taller with Rock+Batista than J Padelacki looks with Tom. But about Schneider, to be fair, Tom wears big Timberland styles a lot that give a good 1.5in, while Schnieder has work boots that give like 1.3in range. I'm not convinced Schneider is really 6-7mm taller than Tom, much less a strong 6'3, but really they look identical. Just a night or 2 ago, Welling Barefoot and Jon in work boots, he was comfortably taller, and with both in dress shoes at Prom, looked IDENTICAL, like I said, I don't really think he's taller, they should both be listed the same, but I wouldn't be SHOCKED if Schnieder was a few mn taller evening, but really they are just same height.
CelebLifts said on 5/Oct/13
Lo sgozzatore - Batista was wearing lifts? What about Tom's giant boots he wears in Smallville hey? Face it your idol isn't the tallest. You don't buy Schneider to be taller? Watch Smallville on a big tv if that helps you.

Lorne - Batista was also taller than Tom at that live award show thing. The one with Martha Kent dancing wild. How would you know Schneider isn't more than 6'3? You measured him? I didn't think so. Rob just meets and makes estimates not facts. It would be virtually impossible to guess somebody at 6'3.25 on meeting them. Half of his estimates are incorrect, he downgrades alot of the actors I think. I think it's funny Rob has Schneider taller than Tom which ruins what you're saying:) Fact is Tom himself as said IN BLACK AND WHITE he is "almost 6'3" so that means he's under and Schneider himself has always said either 6.3.5 or 6'4. The fact is Schneider is still at least 6'3 in Smallville so "like I said" he's a tad taller.
The Rock looks around 6'3.5 next to 6'2 Paul Walker in Fast 5 & 6. You going to say Paul Walker is shorter than 6'2 cause rob says so.

In the WWE heights vary each week. They come down with different bill heights and weights and different lifts too. So That day Randy who knows what boots or whats inside them on that day, sorry, you just can't use WWE as a "back up" since they always change their heights depending on role of character, e.g wear bigger lifts or flat types. Look at Kane for instance, he's 6'7, but wears huge lifts to make him 7'0 cause he plays a monster. The Rock isn't playing a tall monster, so no huge lifts. He was billed at 6'5 and I believe 6'4 was close in his prime since he was quite abit taller than 6'3.5 Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania when they faced. The fact is, The Rock is taller than Tom since Tom is under 6'3 (said so himself) and no way is Rock under 6'3. It's up to you if you want to stay in denial.
Lorne said on 4/Oct/13
Batista had big boots in small ville, and camera angles made him to look bigger. He's the same as Welling, (maybe?) a tad shorter. Schneider is NOT more than a flat 6ft3, Rob has met him and says 6'3 max. Rock is similar to Schnieder and Tom, but they would prob edge them out( peak Schneider, of course) And Jon really does look 6ft3 on early seasons of Smallville. Rock certainly looked 6'3 when younger, but always wore big boots. Like I said, Conan had an easy inch on him. And even in boots, Rock looked a good 3cm under Randy Ortin, in DRESS SHOES that gave max 1 inch, I posted the vid on. ortolans page. If Irtin is flat 6'4, how could Rock reach 181?(and it was 10 years ago.) I 'm just saying, peak Schneider would prob edge out peak Rock.
Lo sgozzatore said on 3/Oct/13
CelebLifts, there werent some good scenes with Welling and Batista to compare them in height, come on, be honest! And Batista was wearing lifts in those scenes, you can see clearly see that! If anything, Welling would be taller than Batista! And i just dont buy Schneider being taller than Welling. If you want to believe that, you're free to do ;)
CelebLifts said on 1/Oct/13
No no There's noway Schneider is under 6'3 if Tom is just under it. I have Schneider at 6'3.25inch in season 1 Smallville. There is a clear difference in many scenes when he's showing good posture.
The Rock is taller than Tom because Dave Batista was taller than Tom in Smallville and Dave Batista was shorter than the Rock in WWE.
Balrog said on 30/Sep/13
I think Welling would edge out The Rock by half inch.
Lo sgozzatore said on 30/Sep/13
Lorne, i admit i havent seen many pics or stuff of him but for what ive seen he looks about 189 to me, no more! Was he a bit taller when he was younger? I dont know... Maybe he was really 6'3 and now a bit under it... I think Welling might edge him out. He for sure is more honest than The Rock, since i doubt The Rock ever hit 6'4 in his life!
Lorne said on 28/Sep/13
Lo SG: Do you think Welling would be taller than the Rock? I think it's possible, esp. now!
Lorne said on 28/Sep/13
Schneider isn't more than 6'3 flat, actually I think he's a fraction under. He was only 43 when smallville started, he wouldn't have list anything, except maybe a small fraction by the time he left. It's possible Schneider would measure a tad taller than Tom, but that's all. They're both 190cm guys, IMO. And they'd be within a few mm of each other.
CelebLifts said on 17/Sep/13
He says on dvd that Tom is as tall as him, he didn't say he was taller. Schneider is a lot older in Smallville and still was a tad taller. He was about 6'4 in dukes in his prime where Tom prime height was 6'2.75 max so Schneider is the taller man.
Lo sgozzatore said on 16/Sep/13
Naa, Welling is taller than Schneider... Schneider himself admitted that and he does look a bit shorter than Welling!
CelebLifts said on 15/Sep/13
Yeah the more I hear what you guys are saying I reckon this listing is close... I think 6'2.75 could be Tom's bare foot height and he's over 6'3 with shoes on. On Smallville Tom looks a tad shorter than Schneider who I believe is just over 6'3 and cause of the boot type shoes they wear on the show they're both near 6'4 so that explains why Tom looks so tall on Smallville.
Lo sgozzatore said on 14/Sep/13
Welling always looked at least an inch over Eric Johnson, most likely 1.5 inches! About Johnson... I always thought he wasnt a legit 6'2 guy but i saw an episode with him and a guy who Rob met and Johnson looked pretty damn close to 6'2. Noway in hell is Welling nearer 6'2 than 6'3 :) Then you're free to believe what you want...
Ud191cm said on 14/Sep/13
Maybe you're right, the more I see him the more I think he's 6'2.5 slightly shorter than Schneider.And also that 5'7 guy reaches till his mouth which makes him a 6'2.5 guy.
Lorne said on 13/Sep/13
Yeah, no way he is measuring less than 189.5cm, NEVER. And I still don't think Schneider is taller, think they'd both measure within a few mm of 190cm, just hair under 6ft3.
Gambit said on 12/Sep/13
I'm pretty sure a strong 6ft3in is entirely out of the question. See Smallville, last episode of first season: Tom Welling hasn't much on Eric Johnson (Whitney) and he's only 6ft2in or even 6ft1.5in. Still thinking at the end of the day Welling is closer to 6ft2in than 6ft3in.
Lo sgozzatore said on 11/Sep/13
Yeah, i know there's no way he's 6'2 flat, guys like Alan Ritchson or Justin Hartley would be 6'1 range... I asked it for people who try to say he's just 6'2! I dont think he has twitter and, even if he had, i doubt he'd measure for me xD
Anyway, i agree with you, he can look a big 6'3+ guy. Whether he is or not, that's the point! He himself claims to be almost 6'3, maybe he really measured himself just under that. But who knows how that measurement was done? I mean, you cant be 100% sure he's really "almost 6'3". This listing could be ok, i think that's what he could be at worst, not under that for sure. In the pic with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, there's a bad angle for mr Welling. I mean, look at Jensen. He looks just a couple inches shorter when he's at least 3 inches shorter than Welling in reality and one inch at most under Jared Padalecki...
CelebLifts said on 10/Sep/13
@ Lo sgozzatore There's noway Tom is 6'2 flat. He looks bigger than any other 6'2 actor I can think of. He gives the impression of a 6'3+ guy. Why don't you tweet him and ask him to measure himself and upload the picture .
Balrog said on 10/Sep/13
He looks the full 6'3" to me of course he could be a fraction over or under.
KROC said on 9/Sep/13
Solid 6'2 for sure.
Lo sgozzatore said on 9/Sep/13
Rob, how much would you bet on him being 6'2 flat?
[Editor Rob: on Tom being flat 6ft 2, I wouldn't put a bet on it.]
CelebLifts said on 8/Sep/13
Does it really matter if he's 6'2 or 6'3. It's still tall and the perfect height IMO.
Gambit said on 5/Sep/13
Ah, didn't know that! Thanks for the heads up. How about this picture?

Click Here

Doesn't anyone agree that Welling never appears 'super tall'? Just doesn't seem so close to a full 6ft3 stature. It should be mentioned btw that the Smallville cast (often recurring characters weren't that tall, except for Schneider). And Welling is constantly in boots.
Lo sgozzatore said on 4/Sep/13
Yeah, in that pic tom doesnt even look 6'2 but we already explained that! Jared was made taller on purpose! Tom himself asked for Jared to play that part because he needed a big guy to "bully" him but he actually is just a bit shorter than him, so they made him bigger than he is! Rob, i know you are 100% sure he is under 6'3 but, seriously, you think there's even a chance he could be 6'2 flat?
Gambit said on 4/Sep/13
Click Here

That's more than one inch difference. I'd say 6ft2.5in for Welling, but only out of bed. Welling has a tall appearance, but I see him more like a tall 6ft2in dude. Never seems to have the 'towering' appearance like 6ft3in actors can have (e.g. Chris or Liam Hemsworth). What's your opinion, Rob ?
Lo sgozzatore said on 1/Sep/13
Ok, you're free to believe it :)
I think that this listing he's what Welling could be at worst! And there's a good chance that Schneider is more 6'2.5 than a full 6'3...
Btw, Rob, i heard that Welling is here in Italy, in Venice, to present his new tv movie. And from what i've read, he'll probably be in London too, in October. Maybe you could catch him. Or you just go to cons?
Scott said on 31/Aug/13
He's 6'2.5" at night tops.
Rey said on 31/Aug/13
I believe outside of Hollywood reality that Schneider is actually taller.
Lo sgozzatore said on 30/Aug/13
I repeat it, Schneider did say Tom is taller than him and he actually is! Then you're free to believe what you want :)
Lorne said on 30/Aug/13
LMFAO! Remind me to never make a bet with Rob Paul, he'd find a way to make Christopher Reeve measure 6ft3.9!!!
Rey said on 29/Aug/13
I believe Schneider to edge out Welling by .5" whether Welling is 6'2.75" or 6'3" even.
Lo sgozzatore said on 29/Aug/13
Wow, is the first time you are sure about someone's height! You always say you cant be sure on someone's height until you measure him! In this case you're sure he's under 6'3. I'll tell you what: i bet all my money on Will Smith being under 6'1.5, Pitt being under 5'11, Clooney being under 5'10.75, Damon being under 5'10, Carrey being under 6'1.5, Affleck being under 6'2.5, Kutcher being under 6'2.5, etc.
Lo sgozzatore said on 29/Aug/13
Yeah, Rob and in some cases it could even be 3 inches (see Justin Timberlake) :) Anyway, i was saying 6'2.99 because he always look over 6'3 (even considering the boots). Would it be so strange that he measured himself like at 17 and grew a little after that? I mean, not every guy measures himself every time of the day like some users on here... Or maybe he just mismeasured a little. Who knows? Would you really bet all your money on him being under 6'3 by night time? I wouldnt :)
[Editor Rob: I would ask him to hold a couple of crates of beer for 5 minutes, then quickly put him under my stadiometer, that'd win me the bet ;)]
Lorne said on 28/Aug/13
Yeah, but welling is pretty damn insistent with his claims. He has made 3 claims I know: 1. Almost 6ft3, "about 6'3", and then told Sam Jones III he was 6'2 or 6'3", and Sam I believe was telling it straight. Of course I wouldn't be surprised if he was a big 6'3 guy, like you said, it could just be a hair under, but I think to make repeated "about/almost" claims and to go 6'2 or 6'3" then he probably measured a good fraction under at some point. C. B. G. And I actually agree with you about him and Schnieder; I don't think he's taller, but I do think they are within a few mm, watching Smallville and they just look identical in height!
Ud191cm said on 28/Aug/13
I guess you can say almost 6ft 3 could also be just an 1/8th inch shy of the mark, and hence he says 6ft 3 aswell. I believe the almost part comes from a time he was measured. People usually don't come up with almost/just over - like in Kevin sorbo case, he usually goes with 6ft 3 but mentioned he was a little over 6ft 3.]

So Rob what you're saying is that if he was measured 1/8th of an inch under at not his lowest but probably in the afternoon and could go below that mark as well? If he was measured at the lowest height at this mark, he would have gotten away with 6'3?
[Editor Rob: yes, he might be a 1/4 inch shy of that mark at his lowest, maybe on other days he could be barely less than 6ft 3, it depends on time of measurement and how much exertion on the spine.]
Lo sgozzatore said on 28/Aug/13
Rob, you wanna cover his "almost" claim? Give him 6'2.99? :)
[Editor Rob: an almost for one man might be 1/2 inch under, for another an 1/8th inch. It's up to you to decide what you think he can go with the 1-2mm if you want!]
Lorne said on 27/Aug/13
Rob, I agree completely on Wellings height, he is 190 legit, just shy of 6'3. But IF YOU HAD to choose between 6ft2.5 or 6ft3 for Tom, which would you go with? I believe his claim, but can't see him 189cm flat, so would go with 6'3, but just curious what you think since you say Jon Schneider is proba ly taller?
[Editor Rob: schneider goes with 6ft 3 or 3.5 as his own claim, I think both are actually very close if you measured them barefoot.

I guess you can say almost 6ft 3 could also be just an 1/8th inch shy of the mark, and hence he says 6ft 3 aswell. I believe the almost part comes from a time he was measured. People usually don't come up with almost/just over - like in Kevin sorbo case, he usually goes with 6ft 3 but mentioned he was a little over 6ft 3.]
Lorne said on 27/Aug/13
Lol, I mentioned his massive boots I saw, prior to the Rob's lift joke. Hehe your gonna give him a heart attack man! But why does everybody think Welling is taller than he is? Apperantly the man is harassed about is height, I completely trust his "about 6'3" and "almost 6ft3 claims". And in normal footwear, he does NOT look over 6'3. He's a big guy, but come on. If he was 192-193cm he wouldn't have told Sam Jones III he was "6'2 or 6'3". He is completely honest with his claim, and you should accept his word:).
Lo sgozzatore said on 26/Aug/13
Ok, if you're joking you would agree that Lee Thompson Young was noway a 5'9 guy like you said! If you see Smallville, Lee did wear something which seemed lifts! I dont know if that was because he didnt want to appear short next to Welling, Ritchson or Hartley but i can post you photos! :)
So, even if Welling was wearing 1.5 boots, Lee for sure had shoe advantage. This time you failed, Rob :P
And i repeat that even if yeah he has those big boots on, there are a lot of scenes (where you dont see his feet) where Welling wears birkenstocks! I remember those photos with James Marsters, with Justin Hartley, even with John Schneider :)
[Editor Rob: I said 'possibly 5ft 9']
Lo sgozzatore said on 25/Aug/13
Yeah, Yaspaa! The funny thing is that Rob is trying to say that Welling does wear lifts on Smallville when they try in every way to make him look shorter! So let me understand, Welling is wearing lifts but then Callum does wear lifts (and that pic shows he really does), so its like a war between who has the bigger shoes?
[Editor Rob: I'm joking about lifts of course...Welling wore timberland styled boots and a brand called Redbacks, both in the 1.5 inch range.]
Lorne said on 24/Aug/13
I say this listing is spot on. Remember, he wears some big boots on Smallville at times. Just watch the season 3 premiere with him and Rutger Hauer. In an early scene, Tom puts his boots on the table, and you can clearly see, they are BIG! Not only is the heel large, but the entire bottom is thick as well. So those boots we're giving a solid 4cm of height. I'm just saying, legit 190cm will have no pronlblem pulling off a solid 6'3 at times; and it's no wonder he can look a big 6' 3 guy with his boots. Tom is a big guy, might even hit 6'4 after a full nights sleep, but I think just a fraction under evening time.
Yaspaa said on 23/Aug/13
6'1, Callum, wearing some nifty and plentifully heeled footwear. Always believed his claim. Superman never lies.
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Yaspaa said on 22/Aug/13
Sam Winchester tried to bully him, but Tom was having none of it. :D
Rey said on 28/Jul/13
PepsiCola--it was a behind the scenes when filming Cheaper by the Dozen. There was also a scene where Tom puts a liplock on Bonnie Hunt. Yes, there is a cut scene with him wearing socks as the camera pans back.
Balrog said on 27/Jul/13
Who would have thought that Superman got bullyied by Sam Winchester.
Lo sgozzatore said on 27/Jul/13
In fact, Pepsi, he did mention it in an interview. If i find it, i'll post it! Anyway just lookst the cw vid with Jared, Jensen and Tom Welling! There's much less difference there that in this photo! Just ask yourself why. The real difference is one inch at most and more likely 2-3 cms. I think Tom might be in the 6'3-6'4 range and Jared a good 6'4...
PepsiCola said on 26/Jul/13
I watched Jared Padalecki in Bonnie hunt show and he never mentioned tom welling took off his shoes.
SID said on 25/Jul/13
I saw Tom Welling here in Vancouver shooting Smallville he is a 6'2 guy well thats my guess, he couls be 6'3 Im usually got in guessing heights
Lo sgozzatore said on 25/Jul/13
In that pic Tom does look a weak 6'2 max! But Jared himself said he was standing on something or anyway he was made taller because of his role. Tom asked Jared to play that part because he's pretty tall and it's hard to find someone taller than him (than Tom i mean).
Askany said on 25/Jul/13
moe's picture could be an actual proof if his own height is close to 6'3" (and an additional proof would be needed) and the picture includes the ground (even ground) and they wear similar shoes. This could give a 1/2 inch accuracy, of course we couldn't get any more than that in any case.
Yaspaa said on 24/Jul/13
That shot, Tom is on slightly lower ground, when he steps closer he gets a little taller, he looks more 6'2 max there, definitely taller when he stands closer though.
Rey said on 24/Jul/13
I heard that Tom Welling took off his shoes in that scene to appear shorter. I believe Bonnie Hunt had mentioned that on her show when Padalecki was a guest.
PepsiCola said on 24/Jul/13
190 cm for Tom welling is spot on picture with Jared padalecki Click Here He is a little under 6'3 maybe hes 6'3 just maybe
Lorne said on 22/Jul/13
Balrog said on 12/Jul/13
Crews I think is a solid 6'2'' guy maybe over so Welling should be around an inch taller than him if he is the full 6'3'' that I think he is.
Lo sgozzatore said on 11/Jul/13
DaMan, if they have some scenes together it would be interesting, yeah. He'd for sure be taller than all of them...
DaMan said on 10/Jul/13
Welling is cast in Draft Day, along with Terry Crews, Sam Elliot, and Kevin Costner. It will be interesting to see how much height he has on Crews.
penguinboy25 said on 7/Jul/13
I don't understand what the argument here is. 6'2.75 is likely his height most of the day. Might he be over that in the morning? Yes. Might he be under that in the evening? Yes. Arguments are being made over .5 cm's here?? Wow. IMO this is an accurate listing.
Rey said on 3/Jul/13
Moe's observations are sound and very reasonable. I did hear Erica Durance on two different talk shows (Howard Stern and Bonnie Hunt) that "Tom is 6'4" or 6'5")these statements serve many purposes--especially while under contract with the CW. It serves Erica who claims to be 5'8", it serves Tom who want to be 6'3" and may be close, but it also projects and serves Smallville and the mythos of Clark Kent. Most people know Brandon Routh is an approachable and engaging man--who appears to care about the well being of others. Tom Welling is a very reserved person and would prefer to be left alone. I would even say Tom is a very moody person at times. I was stunned when on the Jimmy Fallon show that Tom said he did care for a friend of his wife on national tv-I am sure he was exhausted of the season finale interviews, etc, but I thought it was uncalled for. I have seen both and it appears Brandon seems to be more comfortable in his own skin. I like them both and don't wish ill on anybody, but the illusion of Hollywood is very powerful--and we have all heard the phrase--believing your own press.
moe said on 29/Jun/13
Ok,clearly the Tom Welling obsession has gone to your head. I guess there's no talking to you.
Lo sgozzatore said on 28/Jun/13
Even a picture from you would mean nothing! That would not be a proof! He always got described by all his mates as 6'4 or 6'5, sometimes even 6'9 by Michael Rosenbaum, who was obviously joking! No way is he 6'2, better chance dear old G is 5'8! I dout Smallville members are dwarfes, you have Rosenbaum at 5'11.25, Glover at 6', Alan Ritchson at 6'2, Hartley at 6'2.25, John Schneider at 6'3 and Tom Welling is taller than all of them! Yeah, they're pretty short. Midgets i'd say ;)
moe said on 27/Jun/13
I stand a decent chance of running into him again soon. I agree that a picture is in order to prove this claim. I certainly spent years thinking he was 6'3 until I met him, and different cast members at Comi-cons. On Smallville he was surrounded by dwarves. I will do my best to procure a picture and put any naysayers to rest.
Lo sgozzatore said on 27/Jun/13
Maio, he'd be taller than all those guys! :)
Lo sgozzatore said on 26/Jun/13
If Welling is just 6'2, then all the people of Smallville that Rob met are upgrade by at least an inch
Askany said on 25/Jun/13
moe you could even be Tom's wife, but what people need here are proofs.
I'm with you guessing Tom is "just" 6'2" but still it's my opinion I can't provide any proof, as well as you.
Lo sgozzatore said on 24/Jun/13
Moe, i repeat that 6'2 for Tom is crazy. Just think about a Justin Hartley, who's a legit 6'2 guy. He does look at least an inch shorter than Tom. He said it too. Gabriel Aubry did look at least 188-189 with Bruce Willis but still was like 1.5 inches shorter than Tom. AT LEAST!! You're obviously trolling ;)
Balrog said on 23/Jun/13
6'3.5'' is a little bit to high I'd say but 6'3.25'' is a chance and most of the time he looks the full 6'3'' not under.
moe said on 23/Jun/13
The fact Tom has said 6'2 before he said 6'3 means he's 6-2 but wishes he's 6'3. Otherwise he wouldn't say "almost" and "about" on multiple occasions. Having seen him in West Hollywood, he is a good solid six two. I've seen plenty of tall celebrities. I've seen Joe Manganiello, Josh Duhamel, Tim Robbins, Zachary Levi, and Ryan Mcpartlin. They're all taller then Tom. Some are not as tall as they claim. Jason Segel is more 6'3 then 6'4. I saw him on the set of the Muppets. When they used a stand in for Segel, the stand in was six two. Joe Manganiello is definitely six five, and could pass for six six. I saw Kevin Sorbo at the Grove doing a reading of his book "True Strength". He could pass for six four. Tom Welling is not as tall as Sorbo. This only blows your mind, because you have never stood on sets like me watching guys walking around with elevator shoes. Don't get me started on LL Cool J. Celebrities abound in West Hollywood. One sees them around, if one's in West Hollywood long enough. Again, Tom Welling is six two. I have no agenda, no reason to lie to you, I'm not getting paid a million dollars for saying this, no evil organization is forcing me to say this in exchange for the safety of my family. I'm saying it because it's the truth. I once briefly saw Rosenbaum who struck me as being five eleven, but I didn't get a great look at him. I saw Sam Witwer and Sam Huntington at comi-con 2011 walking around with a publicist. Sam Witwer is five ten. He claims six one for himself. He also has claimed six five for Tom Welling, in order to booster his claims of six one for himself. Those claims are not for the interviewer who can tell Witwer is lying, but wont say anything on camera. The claims are for viewers at home who cant see the apple boxes and are likely never to meet most of these celebrities in their lives. In Sam's fib however, there is truth in the claim that Welling is four inches taller then him. After all...just like 6'5 is four inches taller then 6'1, 6'2 is four inches taller then 5'10. Look at any photo with Witwer and Huntington. They are the same height.
Click Here
Also look at Tom and Callum at 3:00 in this clip. Ive never met Callum, but I was an extra on Welcome to People with Chris Pine who is the same height as Callum. Click Here Pine is maybe six one. Callum is not that much shorter then Welling. I would rather use a picture of Tom and I as an example then these clips, but like I said before Tom was standoffish in person.
moe said on 22/Jun/13
Dude, I don't care if you don't believe me. The fact is I've met them both and you haven't (as far as I'm aware). Routh is taller then Welling. That doesn't mean Welling is short. He's obviously not. But Routh is taller.
Lo sgozzatore said on 22/Jun/13
Yeah, Rob. I know what you thinks! That he can look taller just because he has boots or at least you say that! But who tells you he's not wearing those birkenstocks in the scenes where he looks 5 inches taller than an Aaron Ashmore? I repeat, I looked at some backstage photos and he often wears those things! Even when he's on the street! You still think they wanna make him taller? Dont think so. Maybe it's the opposite! In all the scenes with Michael Rosenbaum, they always use low camera angles to favour Rosenbaum! Always! My question is why? Shouldnt do they make Superman look imposing? They do the opposite with Welling.
@Moe, no way Routh is 6'3 and Welling is 6'2. That's funny! Rob met both Routh and John Schneider and said Schneider looked similar to Routh in person. The same Schneider is shorter than Welling, he said it himself.
moe said on 21/Jun/13
Tom goes clubbing a lot in West Hollywood. Extremely shy in person. I've met both him and Brandon Routh. Routh attends a lot of Scott Pilgrim screenings. I met Routh at a signing in Amoeba. Routh is a clear cut six foot three. Welling is six two. That's just the way it is. If you have to talk to one of them, Routh is friendlier.
Lo sgozzatore said on 21/Jun/13
Rob, so when you say he can look taller than he is just because he wears 1.5 boots, who tells you he's not in shoe disadvantage? Those birkenstocks are pretty thin and i saw a lot of backstage photos where he is in these shoes. Even when he's outside! I'd say he's the opposite of Robert Downey Jr, that, when not filmed on his feets, is probably in 5 inches heels!
[Editor Rob: as I've said before even with guys like Aaron, if he's in his boots he may be 1.5 inches, and if the other guy is in converse suddenly a difference can look nearer 5 inches.

I watched some episodes with other guys like justin/alan/callum and near enough 6ft 3 I still think is reasonable, over 6ft 3 like 6ft 3.5 I am not as convinced he would be.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jun/13
Rob, maybe even the full 6"3"?
Lo sgozzatore said on 20/Jun/13
To those who say he looks taller just because he wears big shoes. As his costars said, he often wears birkenstocks, which are pretty thin.
Click Here
@Balrog, yeah. I think he'd be similar to Liam. Both could be in the 6'3-6'4 zone
Balrog said on 18/Jun/13
It would be interesting to see a guy like Tom next to Liam Hemsworth. I think both are a little over 6'3''
Larc 74in said on 18/Jun/13
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover:'re to funny, height has nothing to do with an actor performance, even Bale at just 6'0 wasn't tall enough for the "perfect" 6'2 Bruce Wayne\Batman but he still managed to get the work done.
Cavill is tall enough at 184 and his face totally looks like Clark Kent\Superman.

And Tom Welling is at least 190cm (more chances on a full 191cm), he's always a bit taller than 189 Schneider on Smallville and almost towers Rosenbaum all the time.
Sam said on 17/Jun/13
Just because those guys would fill out the suit better in your opinion...I think getting a better actor in the role is more important than stature IMO. I haven't seen Man of Steel so I'm not necessarily defending Cavill's performance, but from what I've seen these other mentioned guys, they range from just ok to pretty dull in other performances.
Lo sgozzatore said on 17/Jun/13
Ahahaha 6'2 o yeah. There's more probability he's 6'4 than 6'2 flat! I've just seen the episode with Alan Ritchson and he can look 1.5-2 inches taller than him but he has shoe advantage, so he's probably only 1-1.5 inch taller. I repeat he can look anything in the 6'3-6'4 range, he said this "almost" 6'3 thing but he could have measured him wrong. Who knows? Anyway, this listing is what he could be at worst. He never looks under 190, never! He looks huge next to James Marsters and he makes Rosenbaum, Glover look shortish. He's taller than John Schneider, who's not under 189.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jun/13
The real Man of Steel, IMO. Henry Cavill is quite disappointing I must say. This guy, Brandon Routh, Jerry O'Connell, Alan Ritchson or Brandon Molale should've gotten the part. They all stand between 6ft2-6ft4 and have big, muscular builds.
moe said on 13/Jun/13
I've met him. He's in West Hollywood all the time. He's 6'2.
Lo sgozzatore said on 10/Jun/13
When they dont use tricks to make Rosenbaum taller, Welling can easily look near the 6'4 mark, but then again he has near 0.5 footwear advantage, so yeah. He's not a big 6'4 guy, but he generally looks taller than 6'3 flat...
Yaspaa said on 8/Jun/13
His word, and the listing looks good. 3cm under Padalecki.
Lo sgozzatore said on 5/Jun/13
6'3 maximum in the morning? O yeah, in the morning he's for sure close to 6'4. This listing is, at worst, is low. He can look nearly 4 inches taller than John Glover, who's a legit 6'.
Balrog said on 26/May/13
Looks full 6'3'' to me.
penguinboy25 said on 24/Apr/13
Eeasily more than an inch shorter than Padalecki. Stop with the close to 6'4 remarks. 6'3 maximum in the early morning.
Lenad is sexy said on 23/Apr/13
I always knew 190cm was closer to the truth than 189.
Balrog said on 10/Apr/13
After looking him next to Aubry, Somerhalder, Buckley, Hartley and Ritchson my guess would be solid 191 cm for Welling or 6'3.25''.
jgdomino said on 5/Apr/13
He looks over 6'4 with Gabrial Aubry. Unless Aubry is shorter than 6'2.
gian92 said on 4/Apr/13
he is taller than justin hurtley ! Tom is at least one 6'3 !
5ft10guy(Not GrowingAnymore) said on 15/Mar/13
This guy's height is ideal strong 6ft2 almost 6ft3 and he looks like superman.
Yaspaa said on 13/Mar/13
Just as long as this 6'1 bollocks is over with.
Jay said on 25/Feb/13
Dude should be listed as 6'3. He is huge!
Lo sgozzatore said on 10/Feb/13
He' standing straight here, Rob. And this is not last few years, i mean its ten years ago and you still havent downgraded Martin, even if you think he was a weak 5'11 10 years ago!
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Feb/13
Rob, honestly, how much difference you see with Steve Martin? Click Here
Considering Martin is also closer to the camera, Welling really looks about 6'4, if Martin is really 5'11.5 (is he really that tall)?
[Editor Rob: he can at times look around 4 inches taller than martin...who at times himself can look a weak 5ft 11 last few years]
Lo sgozzatore said on 4/Feb/13
Balrog, there are few bad pics of Jared and Welling together... There's that famous video, with Ackles too, but that's not much a proof since they're standing on a stage with high camera angle... They look very similar, i agree that Jared Padalecki is taller but less than you think. He himself said Tom is as big as him, his own words... For sure Jared is no less than 6'4! Tom is a bit shorter than him and i think he's between 6'3 and 6'4, looks a big 6'5 guy in those shoes he wears in the first seasons. They give about 1.5 inches over barefoot height so i think 6'3.5 is not impossible at all...
Balrog said on 4/Feb/13
Lo sgozzatore. Welling constantly looks around 1in taller than Hartley and 1in shorter than Padalecki. If you put him at 192 then Hartley should be 189-190 and Padalecki 194-195.

I'll give him Tom the full 6'3'' because he looks more genuine than a lot if guys who claim the same height.
Lo sgozzatore said on 31/Jan/13
Rob, another shot where Welling is standing between the door frames and if anything he's standing a bit behind the height chart... Do your conclusions...
Click Here
Lo sgozzatore said on 31/Jan/13
I think too he got measured that height but that doesnt mean he really is that low. I repeat it could be a lot of things: maybe he measured wrong, maybe he measured when he was like 18 and thought he didnt grow anymore and did not measure himself again. I mean, he's not obsessed with height, like a lot of guys on this site who measure themself 100 times a day. He probably measured almost 6'3 once and always went with that measurement...
Lo sgozzatore said on 30/Jan/13
I've just seen another scene and he really looks no less than 6'5, if that chart is ok. Ok, he's probably wearing big 1.5 inches shoes, but i doubt he looks under 6'3.5... So that makes sense when all the people that worked with him have said he's 6'5... He's probably 6'5 in those shoes, about 6'3.5 barefoot, which is what i always said, between 6'3 and 6'4. Rob, are you still of the idea he doesnt touch 6'3? I know he's said that, but what if he got a wrong measurement? I think it can happen...
[Editor Rob: my belief is welling got measured close to 6ft 3, else he wouldn't have come out with the almost part. He could shrink a solid inch and be 6ft 4 out of bed and got measured at his lowest I guess.]
Lo sgozzatore said on 30/Jan/13
Rob, i just found this by rewatching first season of Smallville: Click Here
You think that's a reliable height chart? How tall does he look to you? 6'5?
If it helps, this is another scene with Allison Mack, that you met... Click Here
[Editor Rob: if he was standing directly between the door frames it might be interesting but it's a tough shot to really say]
penguinboy25 said on 26/Jan/13
I don't think it's out of the question that others guess him at 6'4 or more. People way overestimate other peoples height because they overestimate their own height. This guy I know says he 5'11 but in reality hes probably 5'9 barefoot. The other day he goes dang your pretty tall what are you 6 or 6'1? I'm like no I'm 5'11 and change. Point is I've had various people guess my height as 6 to 6'1 range. I have measured many times and am actually 181.5 cm. It is believable that he is 6'2.75 and people guess him at 6'4.
Balrog said on 25/Jan/13
Hartley claimed that: "Tom's got me by a little bit" Hartley we know is 6'2'' range then Welling at 6'3'' is fine.
Lo sgozzatore said on 25/Jan/13
Yeah, Nils, that's strange. You say "it's the footwear". But a lot of his costars said he wears birkenstocks in a lot of scenes where you dont see his body. So, even if they have shoe advantage, dont they see he's not a 6'5 guy? He's a tricky guy, everybody and i mean everybody always talks about his big height, no matter if people are tall or short but they always see this thing. I'm rewatching the season one and there are some scenes with Allison Mack where he looks almost a foot taller, but she's also wearing heels. I dont know... Maybe he really got measured "almost 6'3" but didnt measure well. It can happen, if someone is not obsessed by height (unlikely many guys on here) is not gonna do measurements everyday, i think he just doesnt care about being tall.
Nils said on 24/Jan/13
If Tom is 6'3 it's not wierd that people guess him 6'4-6'5
But if he's under 6'3 it is abit wierd that so many said 6'5
I would guess him a good 6'3 but yeah i guess he knows his own height
Why would someone who plays superman downgrade their own height? it must be the footwear. Most likely he does measure 6'3 a good part of the day but has been
measured a shade under aswell that's the only sense i see.
Lo sgozzatore said on 23/Jan/13
Rob, here's an interview with Aaron Ashmore: Click Here
He also comments on Tom's big height and he's not short, he really looks around 5'11.5 with you.
Patrick said on 11/Jan/13
Well posted Balrog. I agree with both of you. Tom is so decent that...he just doesn't have any job in Hollywood. What a shame...when i see the current pimply weak - in any meaning - young movies or tv stars. Tom the only young...'old fashioned' built, physically and spiritually.
Balrog said on 10/Jan/13
Patrick, I already posted a reason and Nils agree with it. Welling always looked a decent 6'3'' guy to me, and one of the few honest in Hollywood.
Patrick said on 9/Jan/13
Lo sgozzatore says on 28/Dec/12
"I just read an interview of Eric Marstolf, who played Booster in the last Season... He gets listed at 6'2 and he describes his first meeting with Tom Welling, saying he's a big 6'5 guy..."
Why a 6'2 guy would say a lie and how could he be so wrong after having shared so may hours with Tom...Strange, all the actors - male and female - say the same thing, never the opposite, never, ever. I repeat WHY?
Nils said on 9/Jan/13
I agree Balrog
I'm 6'1 people have guessed me to be 6'2-6'3 often even 6'4 once.
Alot of times new people comment on my height that im tall, and i think to myself that im only 6'1 but in reality i guess average 6'1 or whatever height claimed is much shorter.
Anyway tom can be a good 6'3 he looked that last time spotted with justin.
Ash Navarre said on 9/Jan/13
Assuming that Jared Padalecki is 6'4" (he looks a REAL 6'4", and a strong one - he could easily be 6'4.25") and taking a look at the pictures and videos posted here, my money would be on a full, very strong 6'3" for Tom (let's just say 192cm. There's less than 1" difference between the two IMO - although they body proportions and frame is pretty different..
Balrog said on 5/Jan/13
I think he's a legit 6'3'' and legit 6'3'' people is very tall. People who tends overestimate others height is because they inflate their height's aswell. For example I got measured at 186.2 cms at 2 pm, so a strong 6'1'' myself and people always think I'm six two "at least"
Lo sgozzatore said on 29/Dec/12
So he always gets described as 6'5 or 6'4... Does this happens with other 6'3 guys, like Zachary Levi? Dont think so... I dont think he's a big 6'5, nor 6'4 but he's gotta be bigger than this mark. The only guy who i think could be as tall as him is Sacha Baron Cohen, who always looks very tall.
Lo sgozzatore said on 28/Dec/12
I just read an interview of Eric Marstolf, who played Booster in the last Season... He gets listed at 6'2 and he describes his first meeting with Tom Welling, saying he's a big 6'5 guy...
Arch Stanton said on 28/Dec/12
Anybody know his weight? Dean Cain estimates him at 240 pounds which I think is rather extreme, a bulked Manganiello would barely be that. I think he looks near 220 pounds, even a bit less.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Dec/12
ANDREA[ITA] says on 12/Sep/12
He's more 6'3 than many actors listed at 6'3 here! Only few guys on here are 6'3 and look all that tall: Hemsworth's brothers, Sacha Baron Cohen. I think they'd be about the same height of Tom!

Agreed, but some clown on the Hemsworth brothers pages thinks they're 6'1.5" max!!!
PepsiCola said on 4/Dec/12
Tom welling wearing Redback boots, Click Here and
Click Here

,even mentions that smallville used Redback boots in,(Proof) Click Here
patrick said on 2/Nov/12
Larc. you speak 'gold'...exactly the prefect measure in commenting.Should Tom finally be proven to be taller than 6'3, i certainly would not be surprised but effectively, the real absolute lowest could be 6'2.75. To me he is taller and not only in height. He does not act anymore, so far, and that shows how our world has become. In the 50ies he would have been a star for sure. No doubt about that.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 28/Oct/12
A big 6'3 is what he is, maybe he drops to a small fraction under that at his worst (who knows?), but he still looks big.

6'2.75 is his lowest.
Lars said on 25/Oct/12
Really, I've always thought he was 6'1" and something, never looked bigger than that! Seriously, he really is 6'3"???
Nils said on 22/Oct/12
He sure gives the impression of a good 6'3..
i saw pics in cheaper by the dozen behind the scenes
and he were either barefoot or in sandals and still looked close to 6'3?
Aragorn 5\'11 said on 22/Oct/12
I think I know what Rob is trying to say here. Sure, Tom Welling can be 6'3, 6'4, or even 6'5 in shoes. But barefoot he is 6'2.75. He just needs to wear 1 inch shoes and he'll be 6'3.75, basically 6'4. And if he wears 2 inch shoes which is normal, then he''ll be 6'4.75, basically 6'5! That's why many of the Smallville cast members like Erica Durance, Sam Witwer, and many others said he looks 6'4 or 6'5 to them. But he was probably wearing 1 to 2 inch shoes at the time. And if we say at the least he wears only half an inch of footwear the he'll be 6'3.25 just 3 quarters away from 6'4! And in the morning he's definitely a very strong 6'3 but throughout the day it's very likely that he could be a little less than that like 6'2.75. And he even said that he's almost 6'3 because he's probably that barefoot. But, if we were to say his height wearing shoes then it would definitely be over 6'3!
balrog said on 22/Oct/12
I watched Smallville since first season and Welling has always looked 6'3'', a 6'3'' man is very tall and has 5-6 in on average people so he always is going to look big. If he were 6'4'' then why is he shorter than Jared Padalecki and why he would claim "about six three". Higher I can see Tom is 6'3.25'' and lowest is as listed, anything under 190 cms it's difficult to believe, in fact I don't know why they don't just give the full 6'3'', he looks that and has claimed several times, maybe the almost six foot three was only a one time measure.
Lo sgozzatore said on 21/Oct/12
Patrick, we know rob is not gonna change the listing for any reason! We gave lots of proofs that he's likely taller than his listing but i think that the only thing which could change his thought is to meet him, which is highly improbable...
patrick said on 20/Oct/12
I once more invite you to re-watch the first season of SV and especially the first episodes. I heard that they then did not give their full attention to the height differences but concerning the relation father-son. They then wanted Johnathan look a tad taller or as tall as his son Clark. Tom then always looked immense. That is exactly what said the crew members i met in 2008. 6 foot heigh is a minimum.
Aragorn 5\'11 said on 20/Oct/12
He's almost 6'3, like 6'2.75 (as listed here). In shoes he can look 6'4 or more.
balrog said on 14/Oct/12
To me he is a full 6'3''.
penguinboy25 said on 29/Sep/12
Below 6'3.75 should read 6'2.75
penguinboy25 said on 27/Sep/12
Too often Have I seen pics of him (I know there just pics) next to a 6'0 flat type guy where there is just no way he is 3 inches taller. I believe he is between 6'2.5 and 6'3.75. He didn't look that much taller than 185 Carson Daly, and does not look 3 inches taller than 6'0 speed skater Dan Jensen. Def. tall guy and one of my favorite actors but 190 morning height max.
patrick said on 24/Sep/12
Welcome back my dear british friend! I missed you. As i miss DaMan and...6'3...or more Tom!
Yaspaa said on 21/Sep/12
Hey Patrick, you doin' Ok. :)
patrick said on 20/Sep/12
zero, i was not defensive at all, on the contrary. Tom incidentally does not do anything else since his last SV episode. I find that quite sad when i see who are the current so-called stars...Tom is of Wayne, Flynn, Grant descent. Not the 2012 fashion...
Lenad is sexy said on 18/Sep/12
i would not rule out a full 6'3 for tom. No more than that though
ANDREA[ITA] said on 12/Sep/12
He's more 6'3 than many actors listed at 6'3 here! Only few guys on here are 6'3 and look all that tall: Hemsworth's brothers, Sacha Baron Cohen. I think they'd be about the same height of Tom!
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 11/Sep/12
I've always read 6'3 for him almost everywhere, he also claimed to be that height.
zero said on 9/Sep/12
Patrick, why so defensive? I'm not talking to you. Like I said before Andrea, that is just people opinion, Welling is an honest guy and looks 6'3, the listing is okay if he really claimed "almost six foot three". He looks this height next to Justin Hartley and also next to Alan Ritchson who I think is just under 6'2''.
patrick said on 4/Sep/12
Voila! At last civilzed tone. I exactly feel the same thing, word by word Andrea...''why?''. Many guest stars were about 6'3 in SV,,,and Tom always looked taller and bigger. That is a fact.
zero said on 3/Sep/12
I understand your point but that's people's opinion, i'm 6'2 out of bed, and just over 6'1 before go to sleep, so 6'1.25 and 187 pounds and all my friends describe me like the "big guy". I'm sure that a 6'3 man and over 200 pounds like Welling looks bigger than me.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 3/Sep/12
Im not obsessed with him! I usually write in pages of celebs i see in tv shows or movies! For example, i rarely write in pages of "big" celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Stallone,... Just because i saw few things of them and im not much interested about how tall they are! I saw all Smallville, all Lost, all Prison Break, and i'm kinda stuck into Welling because everybody says he's huge, enormous, too tall, etc. I know many 6'3 guys but i dont think they are that extraordinary tall, just tall people! The question is: why does Tom get all those comments, if he's just 190? When you see him next to legit tall guys, you understand why! But Rob doesnt want him taller than this mark, so, unless new photos come out, i've stopped commenting him ;)
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 3/Sep/12
We all know that he's shorter than Padalecki, the real question is, "By how much?"

He isn't for sure under 189 or over 191, so 190 seems good.

He has the height of Superman.
patrick said on 3/Sep/12
So, i confess i did not know that you were a man Andrea and that doesn't change anything for me. You will just admit how strange those anonymous comments can create an image of people writting a bit like novel's heroes or radio guys...Nice to meet you again Andrea and sorry. As for m. zero, defending once point of view, any opinion of one's own does not make you an obssesed person. If so, you can be considered as obssesed in the revers position whether it Andrea's or mine or many ithers who alas, have disappeared since the comment-site-issues. Tom is obviously 6'3 minimum but at least for me and taht doesn't make me a mad guy for all that.
zero said on 1/Sep/12
I know everyone has his own opinion and in my opinion ANDREA is obssesed with Tom, ok maybe it wasn't cool what I said before, I apologize but the guy has claimed 6'3 several times, why he would downgrade himself?

And I knew that ANDREA is a common male name in Italy, like Andrea Pirlo or Andrea Bocelli.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 30/Aug/12
I repeat for the last time, i'm a guy (not a girl)! Here in italy its pretty common male name!

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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