How tall is Val Kilmer ?

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Val Kilmer height: 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

American actor best known for roles in movies like Top Gun, Willow, Tombstone.
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JJF says on 9/Jun/15
Yeah always looked a strong 5'11" to me.
Pete says on 4/Apr/15
Incase the link is broken- proof:
Click Here
Pete says on 2/Apr/15
5'10 on the dot! (You gotta downgrade him asap haha) Kilmer is a good example of a 6ft. looked 5'10 because of his huge body and those blonde hair!
Pete says on 31/Mar/15
CASE CLOSED! (Rob u need a downgrade) see this proof: Click Here
James B says on 17/Mar/15
Perhaps with Ed Begley Jr in that particular scene he dropped to his low of 181cm?

Today 5'10.5-5'11 range
Alex says on 14/Mar/15
How tall is his son, Jack?

Click Here

The cap throws things off a bit as does Val looking down to talk to him, but the eye level is an obvious difference. 5'9?
CDS says on 2/Mar/15
Kilmer is an interesting case since he consistently can pull off 6'-6'1" on screen, looking at his build and proportions, and even in his debut film, as Nick Rivers in "Top Secret", he definitely looks it. His ID in the film "Salton Sea" even had him listed at 6'1". But when you really start breaking down the heights of the actors he has appeared with, his height does start going down more to the 5'11" range. For instance, he looked no more than 2" taller than 5'9" Mira Sorvino in "At First Sight", and was totally dwarfed by Ed Begley Jr. in "Batman Forever". He did claim when he tried on Jim Morrison's clothes for "The Doors", they were too small for him, but I doubt Morrison was ever anything more than 5'9.5"-5.9.75" (minus the trademark big hair and boots he always wore).
Hypado says on 28/Feb/15
Val Kilmer cold be 5ft 11.5in

A strong 181 cm guy.
James B says on 9/Feb/15
Ed Begley jr 193-194cm peak
Val Kilmer 181cm peak
Judd says on 4/Jan/15
For sure 5'11.5" peak height is fine, but today he does look a bit shorter...maybe 5'11" today?
SAMMY DERRICK says on 25/Nov/14
1.Lewis G.Wilson-unknown,unknown.
2.Robert Lowery-6'1(185cm),unknown.
3.Adam West-6'2(188cm),6'2(188cm).
4.Michael Keaton-5'10(178cm),5'9(175cm).
5.Val Kilmer-6'0(183cm),5'11.5(182cm).
6.George Clooney-5'11(180cm),5'10.75(180cm).
7.Christian Bale-6'0(183cm),6'0(183cm).
These are the heights of all the Batman actors.The first part is the answer I get from any search engine and the second part is the height listed on this website.The average height of a Batman actor is 6'0(183cm)/5'11.25(181cm).
Val Kilmer is the average height and size of the Batman actor.
Lebensdorf says on 14/Nov/14
I saw him in New York. Stood right next to him at a cafe. I'm 6'1, he was about three inches shorter than me. He might be 5'11, but I think more like 5'10.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Nov/14
Looked an easy 6' next to De Niro in Heat actually.
SAMMY DERRICK says on 14/Oct/14
A mugshot taken in 2011 revealed that Val is 5'11.5 thanks to his blonde but graying mane.I personally think he was 5'11.5 in 1995.He had a realistic height and build for Batman.
Andrea says on 12/Oct/14
So, you think he already lost a big inch at 36, when he was in batman? It seems strange, you're almost 40 and you're still at your "peak"!
[Editor Rob: I'd need to rewatch his scene with ed to say how tall he can look. I know in that deja vu he didn't look much smaller than someone like bruce greenwood or denzel. At peak anywhere in 5ft 11-11.5 is possible.]
Andrea says on 12/Oct/14
So, you're saying Val is 5'10.5-5'11 range tops? Why is he still listed at 5'11.5 then?
[Editor Rob: at his peak he might have been, now he can look barely 5ft 11 at times though.]
Andrea says on 11/Oct/14
Rob, more chance he's 5'10.5 or Ed Begley Jr 6'5 plus? Ed completely towers him in Batman, like at least 5.5 inches, noway there are only 4.5 inches between them! Watch it, if you don't trust me :)
[Editor Rob: Begley and Goldblum done Transylvania 6-5000, I think 6ft 4 for both is fine.]
Andrea says on 10/Oct/14
Rob, more chance he's 5'10.5 or Ed Begley Jr 6'5 plus? Ed completely towers him in Batman, like at least 5.5 inches, noway there are only 4.5 inches between them! Watch it, if you don't trust me :)
Judd says on 9/Oct/14
when i watched the doors (1991) i tought he was at least 6'1...he looked very tall and thin in that movie, but in others movies he looks a bit shorter...5'11.5" seems accurate to me as a peak height but in the recent years he probably lost a small amount...
james says on 8/Sep/14
Val looks a legit 6'0" with shoes on .watch the movie Heat and he dwarfs 5'9 bobby de niro ..when bobs on the telephone you see val stand in next to Bob he towers him
James B says on 21/Aug/14
To me he looked 5'11 flat in Batman Forever
Dan says on 28/Jul/14
Hey Rob
Why is there two Val Kilmer pages? this one and one listing him at 6 foot?
[Editor Rob: other page was a duplicate, but it's deleted]
Alex 6'0 says on 23/Jun/14
Mamun said he looked 5'11.5ish. 5'11.5-6'0 range Id say. 5'11 flat seems bit too low
James B says on 7/Apr/14
Downey jr is 5'8 max
nikos says on 2/Apr/14
the measures they use at the police are quite there any possibility i lost 1.5 cm in these 20 years??????thank you
nikos says on 2/Apr/14
the measures they have in the police are quite accurate,is there any chance ive lost 1.5 cm in these 20 years??thank you.
James B says on 1/Apr/14
The only time kilmer has looked remotely close to 6'2 was in the dance scene in the movie 'top secret'. In most of his movies could look anywhere from 5'10 to 6'0.

Even in top secret didn't look over 6'1.
mister_lennon says on 31/Mar/14
No way kilmer is 6'2 or even 6'1. He could look 6 in a good day and with great posture, but nothing more at all. He is a solid 5'11 guy.
nikos says on 29/Mar/14
i want to ask you something rob, i was measured by the greek police when i was 23 yrs old for my i.d and the result was 181.5 cm i.d expired this year [20 years later] and i went to the police to renew it.I was measured and i was found to be 180cm tall!!Is this possible rob and if it is, is it normal??if you know please answer me ,thank you.
[Editor Rob: depends on how they measured - if they used a height rod/device there is always a chance it might not have been as accurate. I would always do your own measurement in your house as you can then take the time to know exactly how tall you are.]
Knowitall says on 28/Mar/14
How a person looks on film compared to how tall they really are can be surprising. If he's six-two then I guess I'm six-three!
mister_lennon says on 27/Mar/14
kilmes is at least 5'11. he looks every bit of it. and with good posture and in a good day, he could look's 6. 6'2 is too over the top for him.
James B says on 27/Mar/14
Kilmer looked close to 6' though in kiss kiss bang
Knowitall says on 26/Mar/14
Remove the hair and the top of his head would hit the five-eleven mark:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 25/Mar/14
Well, if he was five eleven, please explain why he looked slightly shorter than me. I was kind of surprised because I thought he was at least six feet. He was also quite heavy. Maybe he lost height due to weight.
the shredder says on 24/Mar/14
MD , Please stop telling people what to do. You come off as a bossy brat.
Knowitall says on 24/Mar/14

I posted them separately because I discovered them at different times. One problem is posts are held back while the moderator goes over them.

This business of some people becoming enraged by what they consider to be trolling is laughable. And indicative of some taking forums far too seriously than they should.

This website is for entertainment purposes. Lighten up.
mister_lennon says on 24/Mar/14
sorry, but val kilmer is 5'11, not 5'10. in the pictures with Tom Hanks, he has a bad posture and Hanks is closer to the camera. In other pictures, he looks taller than Hanks.

Chris O'donnell is a strong 5'8 or a weak 5'9 dude. Val is about 2 or 3 inches on him, but in his pictures as batman he looks even taller because his boots and costume is bigger than o'donnell's.

But Val is a solid 5'11 guy, even he could looks 6 sometimes. George Clooney is a little bit shorter, he is 5'10.
James B says on 24/Mar/14
Can look 5'11 flat as well in some of his past movies such as top gun, batman forever, at first sight,
MD says on 24/Mar/14
Knowitall, it was not at all necessary to use five different posts for five different photos in one day. I'm much more on your side as far as Val's height is concerned than Dan's, but this is just trolling. This is simple internet courtesy, people.
nikos says on 23/Mar/14
i read everyones opinion on val s height the list is on the spot rob [182cm]but you need to downgrade carrey and kidman immediatly!!!
Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14
Five-nine Jared Leto, five-ten Val Kilmer, five-six Angelina Jolie, five-nine Colin Farrell, and six foot Oliver Stone:

Click Here

I know I'm right folks.
Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14
Another shot showing Val shorter than Tom Hanks:

Click Here

The Kilmer I saw was around five-ten. Maybe he wears big lifts when he appears in public. When I saw him he was wearing normal shoes.
Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14
Val is shorter than Tom Hanks:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14
Val with five-ten Zeta Graff:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14
Val and Daryl Hannah:

Click Here
Dan says on 20/Mar/14
I can guarantee I am 5'9. My license has me measured at 177cm in flat shoes. Am at work ATM so will post picture of me and Chris Lloyd on the same day. In the pictures, he looks two inches shorter than Val!
the shredder says on 20/Mar/14
Dan he looks shorter than 6'2 in your pic.
Knowitall says on 20/Mar/14
O'Donnell is no more than five-eight.

Here he is next to five-ten George Clooney:

Click Here

Time to get real here. The Batman shots are not accurate. You think studio publicity doesn't manipulate them? If you don't, I have a great bridge to sell you.
Knowitall says on 20/Mar/14
Chris O'Donnell isn't five-nine.
Johnny says on 20/Mar/14
Click Here

Pic of 5'9" Chris O' Donnell and Val. Height difference looks to be the same as Dan's photo. 6'2" is not out of the question...
Dan says on 20/Mar/14
@ Knowitall,

I am 5'9, measured barefoot at night by myself, my fiance and several others over the years. Morning height I am 177cm, but I always go by night height.

@ Shredder, are you saying I look shorter than 5'9 or Val looks taller than 6'2?
MD says on 20/Mar/14
Yep, that's definitely not 6'2" on 5'9", but I, too, don't believe that Dan is 5'9", either.
Brad says on 20/Mar/14
As listed 1 foot from me. Dan needs to stop the G-isms. Russell is a notorious big boot guy, throw out anybody by him to judge.
Knowitall says on 19/Mar/14
Dan, pardon, but either you're telling us tall tales (pun intended) or you're nowhere near being five-nine barefoot.

First of all, Chris Lloyd is slightly over six feet tall. I've met him a couple of times. By the way, very nice man. He's at least an inch taller than me. Perhaps as much as an inch and a half.

The time I saw Kilmer he wasn't taller than me. He looked shorter by about an inch. I'm five-eleven.
Dan says on 19/Mar/14
@ Knowitall,

I can guarantee that I am 175cm (I go by my night height BTW), which is why I was shocked at home tall he was! My fiance is 6'2 and she was like a quarter inch taller than him, if that! He had to be wearing some massive lifts, as I met Christoper Lloyd on the same day and he was no wear near as tall as Val in my pictures.
the shredder says on 19/Mar/14
That is not 6'2 vs. 5'9.
Knowitall says on 19/Mar/14
Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie and Val Kilmer:

Click Here

Colin is supposedly five-nine. I believe he's more like five-eight. He's obviously wearing lifts. But so is Val!

Dan, I don't believe you're five-nine. Measure yourself barefoot. But don't stretch yourself. Just stand there erect but relaxed. Most people think by stretching upward that's there correct height. It isn't.
Knowitall says on 18/Mar/14
Val with Tom Sizemore:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 18/Mar/14
That height chart Val was standing in front of showed him under six feet.
Knowitall says on 18/Mar/14
Kurt Russell is five nine. He wore huge lifts in Tombstone.

Either you're not five-nine, or Val borrowed Stallone's boots from Judge Dredd!

I see where the website I posted the link to which showed Val next to a height chart was quickly yanked by someone.
Dan says on 18/Mar/14
I met Val in 2012. I'm 5'9 (175cm on the dot) and he looks around 6'2 next to me! Here is the proof! Click Here

I was wearing cons and I didn't see what shoes Val was wearing. I was actually surprised at how tall he was. Kurt Russell is my height but looks taller than me in Tombstone!
Knowitall says on 15/Mar/14
Let's see you explain away this photo:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 15/Mar/14
My posts are completely useless only to those people who cannot or will not accept the truth. Seems there are loads like that.

I've seen Kilmer in persons stood not more than five feet from him. He looked five-ten max.

I see lots of celebs because first I live where they live and hang out and second, I worked in the biz for forty years. You'd be surprised how many are not their officially listed height.

And one more thing, I find those who accuse others of being trolls should first look into the mirror.
Dural says on 14/Mar/14

Mamun said Kilmer is 5'11" max. Kilmer had a significant footwear advantage over Mamun.
SaveUsY2J says on 13/Mar/14
Knowitall, as usual you post photos which are completely useless for judging height and where the celebrity concerned is at an obvious disadvantage because it's convenient for you. Anyone with eyes can see 50 has a camera advantage there. And he still doesn't look much taller than Kilmer. With Mamun, a proven 5'8"er, Kilmer looked nearly 5 inches taller, but Mamum said he was wearing cowboy boots so we can dock an inch from him. That still leaves him at a weak 6ft. If he's 5'10, Chris O'Donnell is barely over 5'7, Jim Carrey struggles with 6'0, etc. 5'10 is laughing gas, stop trolling.

Also, Mr. R, Mamun didn't get banned- Rob just stopped hosting others' photos because it was easier (as he's explained below) I think the guy just lost interest in posting after his photos were taken down.
Mr. R says on 13/Mar/14
Rob, that reminds me, what happened to Mamun? Was he banned?
[Editor Rob: I couldn't host photos directly anymore, apart from those I am in or have seen been taken.

How can I say this...there is several reasons, one was to do with some photos from US/Canadian Cons (I do not have a relationship with those Conventions like I do in the UK with ones I attend so it exposed the site to an issue)...but also I realise every photo has to go up warts and all, I cannot suddenly make my eyes bluer, shrink my nose or whatever, I know I look like meh in a bunch of photos myself, but I'm not going to be editing them for vanity sake! Only edits are minimal, maybe occasional cropping/colour/tilts.

In the long run, managing my own photos is easier.
Knowitall says on 12/Mar/14

Check this out:

Click Here

That's Kilmer with rapper 50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson III) who's reportedly six feet. Kilmer is definitely shorter.
SaveUsY2J says on 12/Mar/14
If only Mamun's photo were still here to prove how hilariously wrong that statement is.
Knowitall says on 26/Feb/14
Val is five-ten. No more, no less.
James says on 27/Dec/13
Rob perhaps consider having another look at kilmers peak height?

Click Here

In the video ed begley who is listed at 6'4 clearly looks more than 4.5 inches taller.

I know u think that val is no less than 182cm but how do u explain the size difference between him and Ed? I'd even go as far as saying he looks 5'9 range if ed is only 193cm.
James says on 9/Dec/13
oh wait Ed was upgraded
James says on 9/Dec/13
Lo sgozzatore says on 8/Dec/13
The fact is that if Ed Begley Jr is only 6'4, he does struggle to look 5'11 with him, he really dwarfed him in Batman Forever!

He's actually 6'3.5 according to this site..... he did tower over both Jim Carey and kilmer. Carey posture was poor though.
James says on 9/Dec/13
Rob am i right in thinking that val kilmer is probably not over a flat 5'11 in 2013? He's in his 50s and given his weight problems in the past some height loss is not impossible?

Tallest i have seen Val look was that dance scene in the movie top secret where he looked 6'2 but he was very slim back then and had on heeled shoes in that scene. In Batman Forever he did not look over 5'11 though.....
[Editor Rob: at times he can look just 5ft 11, but may still be above it if measured.]
Lo sgozzatore says on 8/Dec/13
The fact is that if Ed Begley Jr is only 6'4, he does struggle to look 5'11 with him, he really dwarfed him in Batman Forever!
MJ says on 26/Nov/13
Actually I met Val Kilmer a couple of years ago, he seemed a little taller than 6'0" He was likely around 6'1" when I met him. I'm 6' and he had at least half of an inch over me.
afka says on 1/Nov/13
he look quite tall in great Alexander.6 ft is good for him
glynny 182 says on 27/Oct/13
is 6 ft solid 183 peak possible for him rob he looked that height in top gun ?
jtm says on 5/Oct/13
5'11 flat
Han says on 30/Sep/13
Maio, even if he had shoes, they could give him around 2 cm(a weak inch), and hunching over can make you lose 5 cm/2 in, at least 3 cm, so he could be a proper 6-footer. Not saying that I am 100%, though.
Balrog says on 19/Aug/13
5'11" at best, next to Cruise, Ed Begley Jr and O'Donnell this guy can look sub 180cm.
cole says on 2/Aug/13
Shade over this. 5'11.75.
Lenad is sexy says on 19/Apr/13
He's never looked over 6'0 to me
Anonymous says on 29/Mar/13
This makes sense since greener was downgraded but 6ft peak isn't out of z question. Tough to tell with him, but my estimate remains 5ft11.75in, or a solid 182cm
AD says on 24/Jan/13
Here's an interesting and rare photo ...standing with Kevin Bacon (listed on here as 5'10.5") and Sean Penn (5'8"?) ... I'd say 6ft for Val looking at the pic?
Click Here
Jamesy says on 21/Jan/13
Didn't look 6'0 compared too Chris o'donell
LJ says on 16/Jan/13
Definitely looked 6'0 in Batman Forever.
Byron T. says on 16/Jan/13
Click Here

He's taller than a 5'11.5''listed Dean Cain. Val Kilmer needs an upgrade to 6'1.''
[Editor Rob: dean never stands at his tallest in photos...that's why I'm dropping several cm myself with dean, to even the photo up.

if I didn't he might have looked 5ft 9.5 ;)]
Yello says on 14/Dec/12
haha Young Val Kilmer looks very much Sergio Ramos. Player from Real Madrid who is solid 6.0
James says on 21/Nov/12
Ed begley Jr 6'4 (193cm)
Val kilmer 5'11.5 (182cm)
Anon says on 18/Nov/12
Stood behind Val and his daughter Mercedes the other day in Beverly Hills. He was wearing Nike running shoes and didn't have the best posture, but I'd say he's a solid 6'.
Lo sgozzatore says on 15/Nov/12
Well, when he did batman i dont think he could have already lost height, if any... But he was still dwarfed by Ed Begley Jr! I saw some 6'5 listings for Ed Begley Jr. If Val Kilmer were 6'0, they would make sense!
Lo sgozzatore says on 15/Nov/12
For once i agree with you, James :)
He was dwarfed by Ed begley jr!
[Editor Rob: it's probably time at least a little was taken from this although there is always a chance kilmer has lost a little himself aswell by now, I know last year there was a mugshot from a movie that could make him look struggling to hi 5ft 11.]
James says on 14/Nov/12
Looked 5'10 next too end begley jr
themotorbikeman says on 23/Oct/12
Dave says on 10/Jan/12
Hey Rob check this out Click Here his head is clearly under the 6ft mark , he is 5'10.5" at best IMO , 5'10 is the truth

Shame it's not a full view because that board he's standing behind could be positioned higher up to give him a shorter height, you never know.
Dan says on 9/Oct/12
I met Val last year and was really surprised how tall he was. I'm 5'9 and my GF is 6'2 and we had our picture taken with him. My GF was about an inch taller than him and I looked like a midget LOL! He was wearing a suit and a hat and had boots on. I'm guessing he could have been wearing lifts in his shoes?
James says on 8/Oct/12
Ed begley made this guy look quite a bit under 6ft
Nickname says on 2/Sep/12
In tombstone Kurt Russell looks to be taller than Val Kilmer and he's about 5'9 was he really wearing 3 inch thick shoes during the entire film?
Godred says on 4/Aug/12
I think he`s a fraction under 6 ft.
John says on 2/Aug/12
He's a little taller than Jim Carrey in 'Batman Begins,' but Carrey is hunched over to match his character's social awkwardness - probably reducing his stature by a half-foot. If Carrey is 6'3 then 6'2 seems about right for Kilmer.
achello says on 30/Jul/12
Click Here

here he seems taller than Adam Lambert.
Ke says on 4/Jun/12
Oops, I forgot to mention that on that first time meeting Val, he was wearing dress shoes, not thick soles.
Ke says on 4/Jun/12
Oops, I forgot to mention that on that first time meeting Val, he was wearing dress shoes, not thick soles.
Ke says on 4/Jun/12
I've met Val - for real met him - on a number of occassions, and spent a good amount of time talking to him one on one. My husband is 6'2". My father and two of my brothers are exactly 6'0". So I have a good perspective on Val's height I think. I remember thinking the first time I met him that if I took one step in and put my arms around him, his chin would pretty much fit right on top of my head, just like my husband's does. He is soooo not 6 feet or below. He is at least 6'1" and probably at bit taller. My call is a solid 6'2".
Connor says on 13/Feb/12
Rob im confused here in the first picture he looks bang on 183cm, but in the second he looks 180.2cm because he is looking up to be taller but may look either 179-180 if he looks directly at the camera could you explain this please?

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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