How tall is Drake ?

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Drake's height is 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

Canadian Rapper.

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MD says on 14/Apr/14
Carson Daly is at least 2" taller than this guy. Now, because he stacks up so well, I see his height looks to have been boosted, when the smart thing would have simply told you to take down Kimmel. Drake is 5'11.5" at the very most.
Height181 says on 14/Apr/14
He can look like a weak 6'0'' guy and sometimes a bit shorter. 182cm is spot on for him.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 11/Apr/14
Close to 2" over Kimmel who's billed here at the same height
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Dan says on 8/Apr/14
Most likely 5.07-5.08. Here he is with Kevin Ollie (listed height of 6.2 with basketball shoes which means most likely a real height of 6.005-6.01).

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Rafa says on 4/Apr/14
Rob clearly he is not 182, he looks like 5.10 and i think is too much for him, look pictures with Jay Z who is a strong 187
Brad says on 21/Mar/14
Weak 5-11.
habbababba says on 6/Feb/14
@Silent d 180 cm is not short
MD says on 31/Oct/13
Since my posts are gone, I'll repost these for reference.

With Taylor Swift (5'9.5") in her (very) high heels:

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With Wiz Khalifa (6'3.5"):

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With Carson Daly (6'1"):

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The current listing is a rather accurate one. He's certainly not taller than listed.
5ft10guy says on 28/Oct/13
Rob how much taller do you think Drake is in this picture with Serena Williams?
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[Editor Rob: can look near enough 6ft]
JEAN PASCAL THE CHAMP says on 22/Oct/13
MD says on 11/Oct/13

Great screen capture. I've been arguing that this guy is a flat 5'11". He's not shorter than that, but he's not 5'11.5", either.
Silent d says on 5/Oct/13
He didn't look that tall in degrassi but he was still growin. He has the body of a 180cm guy. I used to think he was 5 foot 9 because he is quite muscular and never looked like a tall guy. 182cm is about right. No way he is 188cm. Talented though.
WAT says on 24/Sep/13
Rob, there is a clip of Drake, Snoop, some other rapper filmed by Minaj where Drake says about 6 feet tall and makes that typical hand shake which implies more or less. That is basically a direct claim. Almost 6'0 then...maybe even a little shorter
randomdude3 says on 18/Sep/13
he's 5'11
look at this pic with jimmy fallon and scarlet johanson
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the height man says on 7/Sep/13
looks 5'11 by 6'2 jay z
WAT says on 30/Aug/13
Rob, there is a clip of Drake, Snoop, some other rapper filmed by Minaj where Drake says about 6 feet tall and makes that typical hand shake which implies more or less. That is basically a direct claim. Almost 6'0 then...maybe even a little shorter
SAK says on 5/Aug/13
Looking at some of the photos below. I do see him closer to 5f11 then 6f.

morning: 182
afternoon: 181
evening: 180
KROC says on 5/Aug/13
I think the listed height is fair. Funny, I had a friend who met him a couple of years ago who told me that he was 6'4! LMAO
truth179cm says on 29/Jul/13
5ft11 to 5ft11.5 evening max. 6ft during the day.
Anickaa\' says on 18/Jul/13
In several groupie tales about him, they mention him as "6 feet 2 inches of a man", I met him last year, I am barely 5 feet 2 inches, i got up maybe up to his chest. He was in flats, so was I.So I bet 6'1 for this guy
TheVerve180cm says on 18/Jul/13
Jm dellapina says on 15/Jul/13
I think he's 6 0"and a half
not sure says on 2/Jul/13
Click Here here he is in sandals. He just seems so out of proportion.
Cj says on 25/Jun/13
Drake looks about 5feet 10.75 inches to be exact,doesn't look a tall guy but just about average..
5ft10guy says on 19/Jun/13
Drake claims 6ft2 three times once in a song second in a video clip in which he compares his height to snoop dogg and 2 chains both who are 6ft4 guys, third in a radio interview.Nicki manaj says Drake how tall are you? Drake says''6ft2,6ft1''he goes lower because of snoop and 2 chains being much taller. Snoop dogg says about 6ft and 2 chains says yeah about 6ft Drake then confirms with the two rappers.6ft is more towards Drake height he wore sneakers in that video with snoop. But if asked he would probably say 6f1-6ft2 like in the video
FACE says on 16/Jun/13
Rob, what does Drake actually claim?
[Editor Rob: someone mentioned 6ft 2, although I'm not so sure on that]
teej says on 13/Jun/13
He does tower rihanna because he's wearing heels in his sneakers, look at mine and Buzz's coments below, rio ferdinand is 189cm 6ft2.5 and he towers drake, and in addition drake has a foot wear advantage whereas ferdinand is wearing a thin soled shoe. Drake used to be listed at 5'10 now he's 6' hmm i doubt it. Besides 6' isnt even tall nowadays, im 6ft1 and i find myself to be slightly above average, id say 'tall' is 6ft3 and above, however im born in the 90's so our generation is a lot taller than older ones
Nate says on 12/Jun/13
Rob, What happened?? what made you change your mind?? if Drake is 5'11.5 then Trey Songz is not 6 feet but 5'11 at most..Do you have evidence?
[Editor Rob: looking at the comments and having a look last month, I think 182 range could be on the money ]
Peyman - 6ft says on 6/Jun/13
don't you think he's towering over rihanna in their MV?
5ft10guy says on 3/Jun/13
I think he's 6ft0.
teej says on 28/May/13
I have seen him with rio ferdinand also 'Buzz' he was towered and your right, he could even be 5'9!
Buzz says on 26/May/13
Drake is definetley 5'9, he stood next to manchester uniteds rio ferdinand, who is 189cm and has been measured by a laser scan barefoot and he is 189cm which is a high 6'2. And everyone knows rio is a legit 6'2 even though he can look taller as other sports men and celebs exaggerate their height. Drake was towered by rio by atleast 5 inches, drake also had a footwear advantage. Id say drakes 5'9 flat.
teej says on 25/May/13
Drake is 5'10 that is his true and honest height. And he was from listings i have seen when he was 22 it says 5'10. I doubt very much hes grown after that im 17 and 6'1 been pretty much the same height for over a year now. Drake can argubly look upto 6'2 in his videos, i honestly thought he was a 'tall' guy but from seeing him with other celebs hes average, and from a video i have seen on nicki minaj tv, nicki minaj asks him how tall he is? He says im about 6ft. He said 'about'. And moved his hand to indicate 'slightly' Which indicates he must be under 6 foot. He also stood next to snoop dogg and 2 chainz comparing their heights together, and he was towered over snoop who is a strong 6'3 had about 5 inches on him and 2 chainz who id say is a strong 6'5 towered him also. Drake seems to be concerned about his height alot, i notice he always wears huge shoes and stands straight when taking pics with tall celebs.
Drizzle says on 24/May/13
Look at this picture Click Here
Jay is supposed to be 6'2. Doesnt seem like a 2 inch difference. Drake seems to only wear boots and high top sneakers. Could be a strong candidate for having additional support in his shoes but who knows.
5ft10guy says on 12/May/13
Weak Tall but Tall
Rah 6\\\'0\\ says on 8/Apr/13
Drake looks like the typical 5'11 and spare change in the morning
guy claming six feet from what I have seen.
H-town says on 4/Apr/13
Terrance Ross is 6'6 like Kevin Durant is 6'9.
Both were measured at that height barefoot. Ross likely has shoe adv. over Drake in that pic as well.

That said, I saw Drake over that same weekend, and he's looks much closer to 5'11 than 6'0.
Cook_Coke_Crack says on 21/Mar/13
Rio Ferdinand is listed as 1.89 - high 6'2.

Drake looks about 5 inches smaller, which would have him at strong 5'9. There are numerous pics on google.

ms_bri says on 6/Mar/13
drake is def atleast 6'0. i met him on saturday nite during ciaa. i was surprised at how tall he was and how attractive he is in person.
HeightFluctuates says on 24/Feb/13
Looking at that Carson Daly pic... LOL there is no way Drake is 6 foot. That is not the height difference of 1 inch, come on ROB! And why does he get listed at 6'2" - for all of those people asking. Most of Nike shoes do offer over an inch in the sole - plus cussion... rounding off, maybe around 1.5 inches. Add about another inch in hair... ok so now he has about 2.5 inches to add to his height. The guy must be around 5'11"... maybe a hair over. Now add 2.5 so he's around 6'1.5"... he rounds off to 6'2" lol... he may appear around that height but he's nowhere near it barefoot to scalp, standing straight. Drake probably doesn't know any better, his PR spokes person doesn't either, so his height is given at 6'2", only to stand next to 6'1" Daly a few years later and get ridiculed on this website... Tell the truth from day one Drake
Rah 6\'0\" says on 21/Feb/13
Everyone plz go on youtube and watch math hoffa vs pat slay rap battle. Drake was a special guest and he gets towered by most of the crowd. Either everyone in toronto is over six feet tall or drake wears lifts. Downgrade needed maybe. Looked 5'10" to me average height.
Tony says on 21/Feb/13
dang he looks significantly shorter than 6'6 terrence ross..
Duhon says on 17/Feb/13
Drake posing next to 6'6" measured NBA player Terrance Ross.
Conti says on 17/Feb/13
Drake looks like a solid 5'11.
BP says on 14/Jan/13
I just saw Drake at an LCBO on Yonge St. in Toronto with his crew. I basically walked right up to his crew and asked them if I could grab a pic of him, or with him and they said no. Anyway at one point I was about 2 feet away or less and Drake is SHORTER than me and I'm about 5"11.5, though I was wearing dress shoes that have a one inch heel. So Drake is between 5"11 to 6"0 but NO taller!
Peyman-6ft says on 14/Jan/13
Drake is a true 6footer
FACE says on 13/Jan/13
181cm - 182 cm absolute MAX
SolidSnake says on 5/Jan/13
Why is Drake listed 6'2'' sometimes?
Godred says on 21/Dec/12
@bre - He clearly isn`t.
bre says on 19/Nov/12
He's 6'2 !!!!!!
hello1234 says on 21/Oct/12
6ft looks spot on maybe a hair over. One of the tallest actors in Degrassi. He was several inches taller then both Daniel Clark and Shane Kippel.
What????l says on 11/Oct/12
Drake is clearly like 6'2. Google meek mill Rick Ross and drake. U will see a pic of all of them together. Meek mills is like 6'4. Rick Ross is known to be 6'0. In the picture drake is between the both of them in height. Do the math. Forget what u think you know. The picture speaks for itself
Mattie says on 20/Sep/12
Under 6 foot, beiber is at his eye-level, maybe over.
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m says on 12/Sep/12
Drake could be around 182 cm I guess, but near enough 6ft seems accurate.
bigcawk69 says on 9/Sep/12
im about 6'0 1/2 bare foot and 6'1 1/2 maybe 6'2 with regular vans... anyways i saw drake and even though i was kinda far from him, i could still see that was at least 3 inches taller than him... so hes about 5'11 or 5'11 1/2 but not 6'0
johnnyfive says on 30/Aug/12
I haven't met Drake but I have met Carson Daly before, back in his TRL days, and Carson is about 6'1 to 6'1 and a half. He was about a half an inch to an inch taller than me (I'm 6'0.5) Drake most definitely looks about 2 and a half inches shorter than Carson so therefore I say he's 5'11 flat, about the same height as Chris Brown.
Mimi Luvs U says on 15/Aug/12
The guy who said rihanna was 5'7... She's 5'8
jj says on 27/Jul/12
I've met him before, and he's about the same he's slightly smaller than me. I'm 6'1 :)

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