How tall is Chris Brown ?

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Chris Brown's height is 6ft 0in (183 cm)

American Singer. On his website it's mentioned "He's a lot like kid next minute he's 5ft 7, the next he's 6ft 1".

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Height183 says on 25/Jul/15
He clearly looks over 6'0''. He was taller next to guys like 50 cent and Hayden Christensen
George says on 23/Jul/15
Looks 5'11
MarcusTheSwede says on 11/Jul/15
Even: Dream on. Next to Kanye below show Chris at best is 6ft 183cm and that is If Kanye really are 174cm wich many doubt. Rob also you Say in the comment below with the picture next to Kanye Chris and Kanye you Say 6ft is about Chris height he can look that height generous meaning and Know Kanye taller in this latest comment come on..Chris is not a 6"1 guy not even close he would have towered Kanye but he doesnt. I think Chris listing here is correct and its a generous listing as is.
Even says on 30/Jun/15
I have seen and stood next to Chris Brown on two different occasions. I am 6'1" with shoes off and Chris was at least my height maybe an quarter inch taller. He was not wearing boots or dress shoes either. Rob you need to take a closer look at Chris Brown reconsider an upgrade to 6'1"
Sam says on 29/Jun/15
@5ft10guy, Bale I think measures a fraction or so shy of 6ft, even though he's listed 6ft, where as I don't think Brown ever dips below the mark.
NrB says on 8/Jun/15
Look at the new Videosong with Jamie Foxx "You Changed Me".
I can say there is no more than 2 inches between them so Chris is max 6 feet and no more.
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Lucy says on 30/May/15
He is tall. It is just that his face/head looks small, I could be wrong but it looks slightly below average. The length perhaps.
Judd says on 18/May/15
Maybe more 6'0.25" than 6'
HB says on 12/May/15
Thought he was taller than this, seems taller than 6' listed 50 Cent in these photos.

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mrs breezy says on 26/Mar/15
He is 185cm , 6ft1inch BAE
5ft10guy says on 26/Mar/15
Can someone explain to me how chris brown looks taller then other 6footers? Im looking at someone like christian bale and he looks lankier and strikes me as taller.Is it the weight difference?
Jake says on 26/Mar/15
Rob I don't think he is less than 184cm, i am not really sure about 185cm, but 184 could be his real height.
Height183 says on 19/Mar/15
6'0.5'' seems spot on for Chris. Even a flat 6'0'' is too low. He is one of the few people on this site who actually needs an upgrade.
Bishop says on 15/Mar/15
5'11" claims are ridiculous. This guy is one of the most legit 6 footers out there. Could even be a fraction over.
chasing a ghost says on 10/Mar/15
Theirs a pic of him with Tyrese an they have him listed as 5'11. An Chris barley towers over him, in fact they look the same height. I would say he's probably 5'11 or 6'0 6'1 I just don't see it.
chasing a ghost says on 10/Mar/15
Theirs a pic of him with Tyrese an they have him listed as 5'11. An Chris barley towers over him, in fact they look the same height. I would say he's probably 5'11 or 6'0 6'1 I just don't see it.
Height183 says on 23/Feb/15
Rob, you don't think in a picture like this with Kanye, Chris can look a little over 6'0''? I really think he is about 6'0.25''

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[Editor Rob: he can look a strong 6ft range yes]
S.J.H says on 23/Feb/15
@Height183 says on 4/Jan/15
Rob, any chance of Chris being slightly taller than 6'0''? He looks taller than 50 cent too.

Take a look closer look at Chris had footwear advantage than 50cent looks 1/2inch. They were both legit 6footer
Max says on 17/Feb/15
Just saw a clip of him and 50 cent talking im a dressing room..if 50 is listed at 6ft then he def is 6'2"-almost 6'3" because he was at least two inches taller than 50
MD says on 16/Feb/15
@Loki lover, from what I can tell in pictures of the two I've seen together, Brown has a good inch on Alsina, so I'd say about 5'11". This would also make sense since Alsina is very similar in height to Trey Songz. Alsina is very skinny, and I've noticed that when he stands alone that that can make him look taller. Without comparison, I'd have guessed him at least 6'0".
Height183 says on 15/Feb/15
August looks 6'1'' to me. He could also be just slightly under 6'1''.
Loki lover says on 13/Feb/15
Can you do August alsina's height please
Height183 says on 8/Jan/15
Rob, Maybe you should give him 6'0.25''? I really do think he is slightly over 6'0''. He is taller than 6'0'' Hayden and 50 Cent. Even with a luge lean he still dwarfs Bieber who you have at 5'6.5''

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Height183 says on 4/Jan/15
Rob, any chance of Chris being slightly taller than 6'0''? He looks taller than 50 cent too.

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[Editor Rob: always a chance of a little fraction above/below marks.]
Tom says on 5/Dec/14
Rob, I saw a picture of Chris Brown and Trey Songz,do you think the two can be the same height, because it looks like they are?
[Editor Rob: I think Brown can look taller than big Trey]
Ossi says on 28/Nov/14
I think he is 183.5 - 184 cm Max nothing less and nothing more
Height182 says on 10/Nov/14
Chris is a solid 6'0''. Can look 6'1'' at times to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Oct/14
Rob, is a fraction over 6ft possible for Brown?
[Editor Rob: not impossible, but I think around 6ft is ok for him. ]
184.9 on a bad day says on 15/Oct/14
he has more chance to be 184 than hayden christensen
6 ft 0.25 is possible, Rob ?
Nice says on 27/Aug/14
Wow I found a really nice comparison between Chris an Nelly (Celebrity Flag Football).
Here you can see the difference. Go to 7:16 min. and look at Nelly with Chris
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So I think 6 ft is right for him.
Dan 185cm says on 22/Aug/14
here's Chris being completely towered over by 6'4.5 Tim Hardaway Jr of the New York Knicks. looks like he's like 5'11 here.
Joe says on 10/Aug/14
At times I feel that he's a bit taller than 6'0, may be 6'0.25 or 6'0.5
Jeremy says on 12/Jul/14
He is definitely between 183-184
ryan says on 17/Jun/14
defiantly a 5'11 1/2 or 6'0 guy i seen him at a mall in la a couple times im 5'10 an i was looking at him eye to eye
Smith says on 3/Jun/14
Nice pic here with Ludacris who is 5'8. I will say 6ft is correct
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2F2F says on 6/May/14
@Jeff ROFL dude that is photoshopped
strong says on 2/May/14
I'm 6'2.5, I will say 184 cm for him, maybe he had heels.
surfer says on 15/Apr/14
I saw him in the airport getting something from the vending machine and I was no more than 3 ft. away from him I'm 5'8 and he was clearly over 6'1 more like a 6'2 to be honest and he was wearing old school converse so not much help from the sneakers, 6'2 is my guess
MD says on 31/Mar/14
@Jeff, you have got to be kidding me. Look at Chris' hands in those pics. Do you not see Bobby and Chris's heads are posted on someone else bodies?
Jeff says on 28/Mar/14
@MD:scroll down, you will find bobby brown standing chris brown.
MD says on 25/Mar/14
That is a picture of Usher. Hell, it even says it right on the picture. Are you that dense?
Jeff says on 23/Mar/14
Chris Brown is 5'8, here he is with 5'10 bobby brown Click Here
KROC says on 23/Feb/14

Nobody's lying. That's just my assessment of his height at that time. I believe he was 16 or 17 at the time. I saw him at a celebrity basketball game in Atlanta and he still looked 5'11ish too me..
MrTBlack says on 19/Feb/14
@ Mique

No he isn't. He claimed 6'1" so he can't be taller than what he claimed.
I know my shit says on 8/Jan/14
Chris Brown is 183cm at the very least. He has very long legs, and towers over most people he stands next to. I'd say he could even be 6'1. And there's no way he wears shoe lifts with the dancing he does.
hannah banana says on 24/Nov/13
Chris Brown looks good when he's tall but not that tall tall see I'm 5'6 so I'm like close to his shoulder
Silent d says on 5/Oct/13
6 foot.
vvv says on 9/Sep/13
he said on big boy's neighborhood that he's 6'2"
KROC says on 7/Sep/13
I use to see Chris at Rucker Park in NYC back in the day, before he got famous. He looked just shy of 6ft. 5'11.5 might be closer to the truth.
abc says on 31/Aug/13
look at this video. Click Here

Nelly is 5ft8 and there are max 3 inches to chris brown no more.
Phormie says on 9/Aug/13
The video of don't think they know showed Chris with more than 40 guys behind not one came close to his height and a recent study shows that a person who is 6"2 is taller than 94% of the world's population. Conclusion: my boy breezy's between 6"1 and 6"3. He may be 6"2 but he is most definitely over 6 feet and not just by an inch.
cole says on 29/Jul/13
I thought he looked shorter than 6' Hayden Christensen in Takers. 5'11-5'11.5 range.
Breezy Smile says on 23/Jul/13
I read a comment that said he doesn't have the proportions of a tall man. I guess you're blind and can't notice right away that he has long legs. lol
teej says on 11/Jul/13
Id say strong 6 foot i84cm
Liam says on 6/Jul/13
Make him less than 6 feet for hitting Rihanna
[Editor Rob: there should be no bias when guessing heights, personal emotion has to be left at the door!]
Cj says on 25/Jun/13
Chrisbrown is 6feet 1inches,have you seen him in pics with trey songs who claims to be 6feet,chrisbrown is like looking right over his head in all of them,and even with drake,who thinks he's 6feet 2inches,chris brown is clearly taller than him,I say breezy is 6feet 1inches,no taller,no shorter....
Cj says on 25/Jun/13
Chrisbrown is 6feet 1inches,have you seen him in pics with trey songs who claims to be 6feet,chrisbrown is like looking right over his head in all of them,and even with drake,who thinks he's 6feet 2inches,chris brown is clearly taller than him,I say breezy is 6feet 1inches,no taller,no shorter....
PMP says on 1/May/13
@do 4" heels won't push someone become 4" taller. it's only can makes you 2" taller. if Cris is really 6" then Rihanna is 5'9", but if Rihanna is 5'8" chris is 5'11".
Nils says on 10/Apr/13
Always seemed quite tall to me 183-184 is ok
185 is not impossible.
do says on 3/Apr/13
Rihanna is 5'8. She's wearing 4" heels which makes her 6'. Plus he's bending forward a little. He is taller than 5'11
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joak says on 1/Apr/13
i never really thought about his height until i saw him in his Yeah 3x music video. it was the first time i saw him wearing clothes that fit him properly. before it was big jackets and baggy pants. i say 6 feet is pretty accurate. he's really skinny too (could have sworn he wasn't this skinny back then) and that can make him look taller.
penguinboy25 says on 29/Mar/13
Anything over 6'0 is hilarious. Clearly 5'11 range.
Greg says on 9/Mar/13
He looks like 5'11. Doesn't even have the proportions of a tall man.
Double E says on 6/Mar/13
Always seemed tall to me ... I think he is almost 6'2 ...6'1 atleast
brastor says on 4/Mar/13
very itresting
yeah says on 3/Mar/13
He's alot more than two inches taller than rihanna. You must be talking about rihanna in heels. When she is flatfooted he is atleast a head taller than she is. When she has heels on she is alot closer to his height. He is between 6 feet and 6 foot 2. There are recent pics of them together in the studio and he is much taller than her.
Silent d says on 4/Feb/13
I remember he said he was 6 foot 2. I remember on ellen, he towered her. He has to be close to 6 foot 2. The photo with idris, he is leaning a bit. 6 foot 1. Busta rhymes is not 6 foot 1. Remember when he completely towered nicole sherzinger in heels. I remember he was listed as 6 foot 3 or something.
kato says on 4/Feb/13
he's 1.80cm
kato says on 4/Feb/13
he's something like 1.80cm. If you've seen him and Rihanna together he only looks 2 inches taller then her.
.... says on 2/Feb/13
clearly shorter by an inch or two than Chris Paul from the this listing is with shoes he's about 5'11....
WeEeEeEeEeZy says on 11/Jan/13
I went to this FAME tour back in 2011 and he walked by me and he was basically the same height as me, im 6 foot barefoot, real cool dude too
shay says on 26/Dec/12
I think chris is 6'1 or 6'2. My dad is 6'3 and i think chris many by my cuisine my last name is brown and we look a like. LOVE SHAYL
Joak says on 25/Dec/12
LMAO! sorry.. but if that magazine says Usher's height as 5-11, then you should know right away not to believe anything else it prints.
Chris Brown is tall. he may be 6-1 now, but he was most definitely not 6-1 when he was 16 years old.
Bane says on 22/Dec/12
he looks like 6 foot
JB says on 3/Dec/12
chris is pretty tall but not much taller than me i saw him in la once im 5'11 and he was about an inch or two taller than me, he had high top jordans on and i had on low top vans, definitely a 6 footer
Footflip says on 29/Nov/12
Chris Brown is 6'2 , pay attention to Idris Elba shoes in the pics when he seems taller
Footflip says on 24/Nov/12
Barefoot , you're the one who needs to learn to see straight , Brown is clearly taller than Hayden Christensen who's 187 cm .
Footflip says on 24/Nov/12
You guys are nuts , Wiz Khalifa is not A LOT taller and he's 193cm so that makes Chris Brown around 188 cm .
Conti says on 23/Nov/12
I personally think he's 5'11 barefoot,because he wears 1" basketball air jordan retro 6 sneakers that makes him 6'0.He doesn't look like he's 6'0 when he's barefoot.
MarcusTheSwede says on 6/Nov/12
I have seen Chris Brown and I am 183cm he isnt a centimeter over 183cm.
This listing is correct.
Derek says on 10/Oct/12
Looked about an inch shorter than 6'1" Busta Rhymes in the "Look At Me Now" music video. 6'0" is about right.
Hov says on 17/Sep/12
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in a 2006 magazine he said he was 6'1, he was only 16, now its 6 years later so obviously he grew an inch or two, Chris is definitely 6'2-6'3 in shoes depending on what shoes he's wearing, but definitely 6'0' barefoot because there are pics of him barefoot at the beach with his bodyguard Big Pat who is 6'3' and Chris is just about an inch or so shorter than him.
Breezy says on 8/Sep/12
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5'11 Romeo Miller next to 6'0' Chris Brown???? that is not a 1 inch difference, Romeo has to be 5'9'-5'10, because Chris is over 6'0 in shoes, about 6'1-6'2
mike 6 feet out of bed says on 5/Sep/12
Penguinboy25 says on 14/Jun/12
Wow, how can this guy be listed as 6'0. Both he and Chris Paul have the same posture and Brown is 1 inch shorter. Chris Paul was measured at 5'11.75 barefoot at the NBA draft. This make Chris Paul 5'10.75 or somewhere between 179 and 180 cm. 0% chance this guy is 183.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

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