How tall is Lady Gaga ?

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Lady Gaga's height is 5ft 1in (155 cm)

American Singer.
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David says on 16/May/14
Lol, all you females stating you are 5'8-5'9 and males saying 6'5. Lying bunch. I cannot tell you how many times a female has told me that she was 5'7-5'10. I'm a 5'7 male. When I finally meet them in real life, they're shorter than I am. Don't like, you just come off shortin the end. Also, I live in the U.S and about 90% of females I see are 2+ inches shorter than I and I wear half-inch does. I'm not done growing either so it would be worse to lie to someone who's 5'10 claiming yourself to be 5'7-5'10. Just stop lying. I've actually met Selena gomez at Universal Studios Hollywood next to the tour/King Kong ride. She has stated that she's 5'5 while she was a good 3-4 inches shorter. Lying celebrities and people. Sad...
Brad says on 8/May/14
She hates being short.
artfreak says on 16/Oct/13
she is a tiny woman, and that is adorable! She is like a little fairy queen. She does not always wear heels, and lately has been in flats more than usual (probably to give her hips a break every now and then.) Size has nothing to do with spirit, and hers is massively huge! She is an amazing artist and always looks great in all her outfits. In the song You And I, she sings, "I give anything again to be your baby doll" She uses her small size to her advantage and uses fashion, makeup and props to make herself larger than life! I love her!
Waybackmachine says on 7/Jul/13
I thought we weren't supposed to make negative, snarky comments, "Brad". So if Kady Gaga is a megastar, it's because she has a height complex? Maybe she's just friggin good.
Zoey says on 3/Jul/13
Yh she's 5ft 1. I think her music and talent is great. I'm 13 and 5ft 7, and I wish sometimes I was shorter.
Nicky says on 26/Jun/13
5'1 according to this next to Adam Sandler Click Here
Brad says on 3/Apr/13
Height complex times one hundred.
Bubba says on 25/Mar/13
Wow, I never would've thought that she is just above 5 feet. I'm 5'6" and only 14 years old (then again male) but I would agree with a lot of you, her heels do give an illusion on her height. But, I'm not judging her on her height; really nothing. She has great music, voice, and a wonderful personality.
lightoller says on 22/Mar/13
I stood next to GAGA outside Radio City when she signed autographs...She's 5'1" or less
Cyrus L says on 17/Mar/13
I'm 193 aka 6"4, and it's good when girls are short, she actually said that she was 5"1 so if there are any doubters, then you're wrong
finnishgirl says on 3/Mar/13
I don't think height is such a big issue! i'm a girl and i'm 5'11 so yes i'm relly tall and to me, 5'1 is tiny but maybe in like peru it's normal? I come from finland and here like all of my girl friends are 5'7 and 2 of my (girl) best friends are taller than me and i wouldn't consider them giants. the only place where height could matter to me is in a relationship and i'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who couldn't care less about my height or who knows, maybe they'll like it. but in finland i'm not even THAT tall so it's all about where you live.
mike says on 11/Feb/13
@ mars321, either that or shes used to having her front toes on an incline relative to her heels, given the amount of heels she wears.

But it's probably a height complex. Strange, given she was "born that way"
mars321 says on 21/Jan/13
I think Lady Gaga has a height complex. She always wears platform heels and in this photo she stands on her tiptoes during a security check at the airport.
Click Here
Kia says on 7/Jan/13
Hey it doesn't matter if your short or tall you are who you are and people like you that way. So who cares if your short or tall. :)
theblacklab says on 29/Dec/12
anonangel, have you seen her heels? They're huge. They are much larger than these '6 inch' heels you see a lot nowadays. They're abnormally huge. She is very small, possibly as low as 5'0", but gives the imperession she is tall due to the heels she wears.
anonangel says on 22/Dec/12
People please. I mean NO disrespect. But judging from her videos, does Lady Gaga look 5'1"? I would be surprised if she is under 5'6". She is definitely NOT a short woman. And I know what a short person looks like. I am only 5'1.5" myself!!
super mario says on 25/Sep/12
my comment about scandinavians was stupid to be honest.sorry
Viking 2yo says on 4/Sep/12
Dontget me wrong.
I dated a black woman that was taller than me but I thought she was more suitable to my friend the "tiny" who is intelligent and near 220cm tall.
Im 196cm+ because I seem to grow height still.

Being shorter than the man is womanly and sexy.

My woman is a foot shorter than me.
Ive acted like a poor man for months and she still likes me.
Ive taken her on a motorcycle ride many times.
Nina says on 30/Aug/12
I am 5'8 actually and now I am considered freakishly tall? haha
Well I live in Holland and most people here are taller. With my 5'8 I am still smaller then most guys and some guys even insist on telling me I am small..

Short isn't better and tall isn't better!
I hate that those discussions come from this.
Being taller has it's positive things but being small also but they both also have negative things.

For example: Because I am 5'8 I won't be wearing high platform shoes anytime soon!!

So tall or short or average: it's al good! Just be happy with who you are :)
mrleft says on 30/Aug/12
there are no SHOULD and MUST in height.anyone can be cool at any height.mi gfriend is 5'10.5'' i tottally dissagree that short is better than tall,even in women
poco loco says on 30/Aug/12
@Viking 22yo
and jerks are shunned by the whole society
shaun says on 30/Aug/12
@rob i dont think that the comment of that giant @Viking 22yo goes along with the rules of the forum
Tall women are shunned by men.
----Shunning can be the act of social rejection, or mental rejection. Social rejection is when a person or group deliberately avoids association with, and habitually keeps away from an individual or group. This can be a formal decision by a group, or a less formal group action which will spread to all members of the group as a form of solidarity.-----
this is getting ridiculous
shaun says on 30/Aug/12
I often find tall women attractive, more so than shorter women I think. Obviously there are some 5'1" stunners and 6'0 stunners which exist. 5'5"-5'8" I think is an ideal range for women but I can recall 5'10-6' blondes I've seen which look amazing, sort of like Vic Reeves's wife Nancy Sorell types. I'd happily date a 5'11-6' woman but no taller but to date a woman around my height if she's wearing heels, hmmm, don't know about that!!
super mario says on 30/Aug/12
@Viking 22yo you are ridiculous and immature.go watch a jason statham film and get some steroids.and then come back to let us know your promotions...
1.75-1.80 mediteranian women are fine,i dont know what you are talking about
it is true though,that scandinavian men and women are tottally bad postured and out of are very very insecure by the way for wanting to feel like a huge giant next to your gfriend and dating only short women
Viking 22yo says on 22/Aug/12
Hello from Finland!
Im 196cm (64 feet)barefoot, I wear big leather boots and they elevate me to 2m height.
I appear to be taller than that because I bulked up after seeing "Thor 2011" and now my muscles are a little bit bigger than Chris Hemsworths muscles.
If Lady Gaga is 155cm it means I would literally have to kneel down before her to kiss her lips. Or I just grab her ass and lift her to my lip level :).
My GF is about a foot shorter than me and I call her "the smurf" when I wanna piss her off :D.
I think shes smoking hot cutie pie. I think all sexy/beautiful women are cute.
Ive dated women below 160cm height to near 200cm height.
In my experience, tall women are far more insecure than "short" women.
Tall women might come to talk but they are really shy and quiet so I have to be the talker and the joker, not that I mind.
Tall women usually have very bad posture and they are skinny which is not sexy.
I consider 180cm woman very tall and so do all my friends.
Tall women are shunned by men.

Men feel the need to be bigger than their women and women feel the need to be shorter than their men.
Every woman wants to be loved, protected by a massive sized teddy bear :D.

I would date a 180cm sexywoman because shes still short compared to me but men my size are extinct outside of nordiclands.
K says on 21/Aug/12
She use BIG shoes
super mario says on 12/Jun/12
this site doesnt reflect the normal wordl.because arguing on a side all day and night about who is more insecure and who is better is ridiculous. 70% of the people who wrote here are facist,they dont accept a different opinion and they respond like 8 year kids--bla bla bla you are jealeous,insecure,men prefer that,women prefer the other,go cry bla bla bla
you are all pathetic,tall and short
a healhty society doesnt care about the others height(weight is different since you can control it and it affects your health-i would never tease someone for weight of course )
when someone says he prefers short women doesnt mean that he hates tall women and thiks that the arent feminime
me my self i prefer tall women around 5'8''-5'11'' cause i am 6'3'' but that doesnt mean that i hate short women and i find them childish
i hate generalizations they are disguisting
and no 5'10'' isnt giant for women exept if you are all asians
@zarina you said your self that height doestn matter and here you are again with your generalizations.there are tall girls who are attractive and shapely
when a tall person protects his-hers opinion he/she is insecure and jealeous
when a short girl says something she is right even if her opinion is ridiculous,fasist and rude
this is the side with the most insecure persons ever.go write somewhere else.this is not a group therapy,this site was made for fan.i didnt know that there are people who give height such an importance and hang around with people only because they are tall or short
Rino says on 9/Jun/12
LOL Check out SAK's comments i'm sure she's a giant girl and obviously JEALOUS !
chachacha says on 5/Jun/12
people with special needs are also unlucky.even more unlucky than tall women.i feel sorry for you

spending all day and night in front of a pc screen waiting a chance to insult tall(short-blond etc)women(or men) is the real meaning of life.bravo
Zarina says on 2/Feb/12
@ Caitlyn- who sets the standards? It is well known the standards for men are sexy, shapely women, not tall beanpoles. You obviously are not very wordly, I bet you are a beanpole yourself, you are not 5ft3!
Justin says on 30/Jan/12
She really is 5'1. When she was at the VMA's as Jo Calderone, she had a heeled men's shoe to give her a few extra inches.

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