How tall is Topher Grace ?

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Topher Grace height: 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)

American actor best known for appearing on tv series That 70's Show. In film he can be seen in Take Me Home Tonight, Spider-man 3 and Predators. He said in an Eonline chat "I'm not sure, like 5-foot-11 or something like that"
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bodwaya says on 24/Jul/15
how much would you say topher wegihs
youssef 5'8 says on 12/May/15
Well he's 2cm shorter than james franco who's listed 179cm here so he's probably 177cm max 178 and also this puts chris evans at 180-181cm cause he's just 3cm taller
Dmeyer says on 29/Apr/15
5'10.75 listing Will be nice
177-178 cm guy says on 28/Apr/15
I'd give him the 5'11" he claims.
lelman says on 8/Apr/15
Just fired up That 70s Show for the first time in years and I've got to say he does look 5'11" at times
Josh says on 9/Mar/15
He's definitely 5'11
Dmeyer says on 14/Feb/15
He only looks 3in or so under 189 Kutcher and looks almost as tall as 182-3cm evans is 5'10.75-11 possible rob ????
[Editor Rob: he can at times pull off more 5ft 11 than under.]
MD says on 10/Feb/15
With 5'9" David Annable:

Click Here

Nah, 179cm is the most he could be.
Hypado says on 8/Feb/15
179 cm for Topher Grace???

He is 180 cm and Chris Evans 182 cm in the trailer of Playing It Cool.
Njp says on 1/Nov/14
He looks about 1.5" shorter than 5'11.5" Evans
MaxB says on 27/Oct/14
@Ally, camera is rotated clockwise, in Topher's favor, and Topher is slightly closer to camera, and there is hair. When you straighten the picture, you can clearly see that Evans is slightly taller (about an inch).
lelman says on 14/Sep/14
@Ally I think Topher looks taller there because of his hair, and they're probably stood on a slight slope. Sandals often give more height than sneakers too.

Topher: 5ft 10.5
Chris Evans : 5ft 11.25
Ally says on 11/Aug/14
Click Here
Something is definitely wrong. He looks taller than Chris Evans, he isnt standing straight and Evans had a slight footwear advantage. I think both of them are just 5'11
5'11" barefoot 174lbs ripped says on 12/Jul/14
1 inch off or not this guy doesn't even look strong or powerful in anyway he has small frame with skinny arms a pencil neck, and no muscle tone whatsoever. His body is like a 40 year old man already. Who cares how short this loser is. I'm 5'11 barefoot and completely shredded and leaned out. 174 lbs vascular with absurd testosterone levels. Don't worry about others work on yourselves!
MD says on 22/Apr/14
With 5'9" Dave Annable and Odette (in heels, of course):

Click Here

It's why I have to kind of laugh at the 5'11" estimates. He's not taller than he's currently listed.
chrisssss says on 18/Apr/14
I MET HIM. And he was a full inch shorter than me 178cm, 180cm? No way
Hypado says on 19/Feb/14
180 cm

5ft 11
Lee says on 23/Jan/14
He claims 5'10.75" elsewhere, and that actually seems legit.

Why would he fib about his height by just .25"?
Elias says on 6/Jan/14
legit 180cm
Lenad is sexy says on 28/Dec/13
180cm max
Lenad is sexy says on 14/Dec/13
He's hard to pin. He can look 5'10ish and he can look solid 5'11
ajcf1995 says on 5/Dec/13
With 5'9 Richard Gere Click Here
ajcf1995 says on 21/Nov/13
Looked about the same height as George Lopez. Click Here
MD says on 18/Nov/13
With a leaning Rob McElhenney in the first picture, and with him not leaning in the second, but closer in so it's harder to judge the height with Topher slightly closer to the camera:

Click Here

Click Here

I'd say this is a pretty decent listing, certainly not taller.
ajcf1995 says on 25/Oct/13
what about the pic with brad pitt? Click Here
cole says on 18/Aug/13
Topher at 5'10.5 and Chris Evans at 6' makes zero sense to me. At most there is an inch between them, and possibly less. If Chris is 5'11.5 range, which I see as more believable than 6', Toper would be right at 5'10.5 - 5'10.75.
hurricane brat says on 1/Aug/13
maybe brad pitt was in lifts, but there did seem to be more than an inch difference between him and topher in Ocean's Eleven
cole says on 31/Jul/13
bodwaya says on 4/Oct/12
180 is 5 foot 11 he cant be 5 foot 11. In good company he us tiwerd by 6 foot dennis quaid by 2 inches. In the same movie he was 2 inches shorter then 6 foot tyeburell. No more then 5 foot 10 with shoes. his thin frame make him look taller. But like i said he is always towerd by 6 footers like luke wilson on that 70s show

I'm sorry, but I don't follow your logic. How on earth do you see Quaid "towering" him by 2 inches (btw. 2" isn't consideret towering)? If anything they look close in height.

Click Here
Click Here
bodwaya says on 14/Jul/13
gere is listed as 5 foot 9 not ten
John says on 13/Jul/13
Topher and Richard Gere sure seems the same height in The Double, Richard Gere even seemed taller in some scenes, so this listing makes sense, considering that Gere is listed at 5'10
ajcf1995 says on 1/Jul/13
@MD never mind you're actually right. Check out these pics with James Franco who is 5'10.5": Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Yeah Topher is about 5'10.
ajcf1995 says on 30/Jun/13
@Editor Rob Something needs to change. Those pics of Topher with Chris Evans shows one of these listings are wrong. We should get to the bottom of this.
ajcf1995 says on 29/Jun/13
@MD but how do you know those heights you list are actually without a doubt accurate. I'm 5'11 and I guarantee he will be my height.
cole says on 26/Jun/13
He is in fact 179 cm. Why he looks so close in height with Chris Evans is quite simple actaully: Chris Evans is not 6ft, he's 5'11.
Silent d says on 23/Jun/13
180cm. He is tall and skinny.
HellBoundPower says on 14/Jun/13
If Anderson Cooper is 5'10", Topher is EASILY 6'. I still think he's between 5'11" and 6'. Time for an upgrade Rob.
Balrog says on 14/Jun/13
Maybe 10.75 would be better for Topher.
ajcf1995 says on 3/May/13
Him with anderson cooper. Click Here
lenad is sexy says on 5/Apr/13
Ya know he only looked slightly shorter than Kurtwood Smith, only 3inches shorter than Ashton Kutcher, and nearly as tall as Chris Evans. Evans maybe more 5ft11 range, but all that evidence does make me wonder if Grace really is the full 5'11!
Len says on 30/Mar/13
I'd give him the 5'11" he claims. He seems to have grown a LOT and filled out over the course of That '70s Show. It's like late seasons Eric isn't even the same person as early seasons Eric, LOL.
bodwaya says on 13/Feb/13
he has only 1 inhc on 5 foot 9 david masterson
zac12 says on 2/Feb/13
rob r u sure, check this pic with chris evans Click Here
bodwaya says on 23/Jan/13
r u sure about that lol maybe we need a website about yours
bodwaya says on 18/Jan/13
rob how tall are you
[Editor Rob: still 5ft 8]
bodwaya says on 17/Jan/13
in giant mechnical man he was twoerd more than 2 inches by 6 foot 1 rich sommer more 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 10
Hew says on 10/Jan/13
Between 5'10.5 and 5'11 for sure.
bodwaya says on 4/Oct/12
180 is 5 foot 11 he cant be 5 foot 11. In good company he us tiwerd by 6 foot dennis quaid by 2 inches. In the same movie he was 2 inches shorter then 6 foot tyeburell. No more then 5 foot 10 with shoes. his thin frame make him look taller. But like i said he is always towerd by 6 footers like luke wilson on that 70s show
Silent d says on 2/Oct/12
bodwaya says on 8/Aug/12
in good company hes 2 -3 inches shorter quaid. My guess is 5 foot 10 with shoes 5 9 without .He may shorter then kutcher but hes a better actor than kutcher and should a better career then hes having now.
bodwaya says on 8/Jun/12
if gere is 5 foot 10 and he had over an inch on him then he would be 6 foot not 5 foot 11.
HellBoundPower says on 8/Feb/12
Had over an inch on Richard Gere in The Double. Gere is 5'10" (5'9.5" at the lowest), making Topher between 5'11 and 5'11.5".
SIlent d says on 25/Jan/12
Nice to c i hav some fans out there. this guy is a solid 180cm.
SIlent d says on 25/Jan/12
Imposter! I am the original silent d. 180cm.

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