How tall is William Shatner ?

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William Shatner's height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 9in (175 cm)
Canadian actor best known for playing the iconic role of Captain James T. Kirk on the TV and movie series Star Trek. In 2001 an Italian shoemaker DiFabrizio revealed that he may have worn lifts, saying "I give you one more -- I made William Shatner 3 inches taller in the show [star trek]."
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Travel says on 25/May/15
Was on a flight with him-not tall-5'6-5'7...
diavolo says on 24/Apr/15
It's a reported fact that Shatner wore lifts on Star Trek, so your 5'8" estimate is quite correct. The producers actually often joked about Shatner's height (or rather the lack of it) as well as his baldness and expanding waistline.
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 18/Apr/15
Shatner was 5 ft 9, 180 pounds at his prime. There is a solid 3 inches difference between 6 ft 0 Nimoy and Shatner. I assume both men wore 2 inch heels, but if Shatner had 3 inches, then he may have only been 5 ft 8 tops!
mc6809e says on 22/Mar/15
Watch a private little war. He appears to be about an inch taller than Nancy Kovak who is 5'8.5" Of course she's barefoot and he's wearing shoes. Funny, she's the only one in the story that's barefoot, a decision made possibly to increase the apparent difference in height between herself and Shatner.
Brad says on 2/Mar/15
1 foot after the wrath of not appearing at Nimoy's funeral by Trekkies.
J says on 5/Feb/15
I saw him about 10 years ago on a plane. He sat right in front of me. I was amazed how short he was. I am only 5'1", s
stompy says on 2/Jan/15
I'm 5'7" and Bill was pretty close to my height so I'm guessing 5'8"
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Sam says on 27/Oct/14
Just saw Kingdom of the Spiders and for some reason Shatner looked nearly six feet next to 6'4" Woody Strode...I think by that time (1977) Strode could have lost some height but hardly seemed to have aged from 10-15 years earlier. I think the more likely explanation is that Shatner had lifts in or on his cowboy boots, which fits everything we know about Shatner and his personality.
Rey says on 7/Oct/14
Those who claim that Shatner was 5'5"in the 70's...either never met him or cannot judge height.
Rey says on 5/Oct/14
Yes, due to age and a lot of horseback riding,the Shatman has lost a lot of height. Fine nine is extremely generous. I have followed his career since I was a kid. I have met him on several occasions. He had hip replacement and he is noticeably bow legged now. Five seven and 1/4 would be about right. In his prime he was close to five nine.
Robby D says on 22/Jul/14
Joan Collins in her biography described him as thick set and tall on there first meeting but on their second she noticed how short he was and says on set he wore shoes which elevated his height by three inches.
diavolo says on 21/Jul/14
In their book, Herb Solow & Bob Justman wrote that Shatner wore lifts to achieve his advertised height of 5'11". If you look at the Columbo episode he appeared on you can see how enormous lifts he had those days.

In the first season of Trek most of the other crew wore ca. 4 cm tall heels with Shatner wearing 5 cm (2-inch) heels plus lifts. Joan Collins mentioned how much shorter he was without his Captain Kirk boots.

Shatner was 5'8" in his prime, nowadays he is 5'6".
MtGunstock says on 29/Jun/14
He's no more than 5' 5". I'm a little less than 5' 5" and I've met him when he was doing summer stock in the 70s. I was much taller than he is. At least an inch or more.
Brad says on 4/Jun/14
I should ask him this month but I need him to complete my '68 cast poster, he might get pissed. Nice guy in '75, '85, '90 when I met him but wouldn't sign. 5' 8.75" peak.
Ali says on 27/May/14
About 5 six. He is a short man. 5'8 is laughable.
diavolo says on 12/Apr/14
In The Brothers Karamazov, Yul Brynner (listed here as 5'8") was taller than Shatner (listed here as 5'9" in his prime). Of course, Brynner probably wore lifts or heels, but that still makes Shatner around 5'8" in his youth.
Merch says on 19/Feb/14
Shatner is very active on twitter, asked him a couple of times about his real height and the use of shoe lifts, never got a reply.
[Editor Rob: probably so many @tweets he only reads a small amount. fans keep him very wealthy, always sells a lot of autos/photos at events.]
avi says on 19/Dec/13
5'7 range now
diavolo says on 15/Nov/13
Herb Solow & Bob Justman wrote that Shatner wore lifts in Star Trek to achieve his advertised height of 5'11". He was ca. 5'8.5" back in the day, now in his 80s, he's closer to 5'6".
Meltdown says on 11/Oct/13
Most men lose their first inch between age 55 and 60, and then an additional inch every 15 years from then on. So if Shatner is over 80 now, he easily lost 2 inches. I'm going to say about 2.5 inches.

So if he was 5'9 peak height then he would be about 5'6.5 now. Time + Gravity = Shrinkage.
lyss says on 7/Oct/13
He is the height of 5 feet ten inches.
Rey says on 8/Jul/13
I met Bill back in 1992 at Star Trek convention. I would like to thank my Sgt. for allowing me to go to the Astrohall to the convention on my lunch break. Got to take a pic with him --only because I was on duty as an officer. He was reserved , but kind. He was wearing flat Italian made shoes. He was about 5'8" 1/2--my partner and I were asked to walk Shatner and Nimoy to their limos and we did. IT was an experience I will never forget. And I do have a picture.
Damascus says on 30/Jun/13
Lol I always thought he was 6 ft and Chris Pine would be 5 ft 9.
Nick says on 16/Jun/13
I'm surprised he's that tall, I always thought he was in the 5'6 area.
Brad says on 7/Mar/13
5' 7 3/4" '13. Elevator customs on Star Trek. DiFabrizio is correct.
Maximus Meridius says on 18/Jan/13
@leonari 82 and still going omg what's his secret.
leonari says on 15/Nov/12
I say he is below 5'8" these days. I mean come on the man will be 82 in march!
Parker says on 15/Nov/12
Vegas says on 15/Nov/12
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Well its a bad angle,but using Avery's eye level Shatner, in his 80's, still looks close to 5'8 IMO.
Vegas says on 15/Nov/12
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shatner and brooks end of october 2012 Click Here
leonari says on 8/Nov/12
Nothing below 5'9 during OST in the 60's. Lost substantial height.
Vegas says on 24/Oct/12
rob did you get down the convention over the weekend with all the star trek captains??
[Editor Rob: wanted to, but couldn't afford it]
RisingForce says on 14/Oct/12
Shatner definitely didn't look more than 5'8", imo by the time he appeared on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air when he was 64. He didn't look that much taller than Alfonso Ribeiro who is probably between 5'5"-5'6", and Will Smith, who I think is 6'1" had at least 5 inches on him. But a good comparison would be Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in recent years since Rob met Leonard Nimoy.
Daniel says on 4/Oct/12
Watching the Shatner ep. of Columbo (which also features Walter Koenig), Shat. is quite a bit taller than Peter Falk, but there's a line in the show where a guy calls Shatner's character below average in height, or about the same size as Columbo. Also, in the scene between Koenig and Falk, Koenig is at least 1.5" taller. I've tried hard to look out for Shatner's shoes, but haven't seen any good shots. I don't know what any of this means, except that Falk must've been pretty short (which, in my opinion, just makes him even cooler) if Koenig was 5' 5"... And Shatner must be at least 5' 6".
avi says on 4/Aug/12
hes like 5'7 best now Rob never a true 5'9
BigT says on 27/Jul/12
Mr. R says on 19/Oct/11
Shatner is 5-6. I was with him at a movie premiere.

I thought he was 5´6" as well, but how does he then appear to be over 6´1" Jonathan Sadowski´s eyebrows in S*** my dad says? Either Shatner is taller or Sadowski is much shorter than 185 cm. Unless Shatner´s wearing lifts on the show and Sadowski is barefoot. How tall would you say Sadowski is?
IDK says on 17/Jun/12
Idk, but Shatner always looked like a strong 5'8" guy, at his peak, imo. Maybe a 174cm out of bed kind of guy.
RisingForce says on 10/Feb/12
Danimal says on 18/Oct/11
The average 80 year old male loses 2" in height. So whatever his peak height WAS, he is 2" shorter today.

Not necessarily, that's juat what the average loses. Some will lose mess, and some like Clint Eastwood will lose significantly more than the average 80 year old man. I'm not saying Shatner hasn't lost 2 inches, but I'm not sure he has either. He's definitely lost some height.

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